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  1. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Transplant went well, started at 10am, only just finished setting it all up. Yet to try out the 2070!
  2. Elite Dangerous

    I present to you, the butthole of the universe! Sagittarius A! Predz ended up inviting me via the ingame "multi" crew function, jumped into one of the fighters docked in the ship and flew around for a bit.
  3. Elite Dangerous

    yeah i do haha otherwise its 273 jumps to where Predz is now lol
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Well................................... I logged to join Predz in doing a couple of jumps..... turns out I forgot to dock with the carrier when I last played.... guess who is stuck in Colonia?
  5. Elite Dangerous

    I can forward on Predz's bank details for you
  6. Star Wars: Squadrons

    !00% feels very average. Seems like something i'd play for a few hours on the weekend
  7. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Hmmmmmm, not sure how i feel about that. Might need to see how it goes if there is an open beta?
  8. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Well, it's ordered, hopefully if all goes to plan I'll be gaming on a new rig by the end of the week! Ended up swapping the 10700KF for the K model as the KF model doesn't have an integrated GPU. Anyone got a rough idea on how much an i5 7600, GTX 1060 and an AsRock H270 Fatal1ty Performance mobo are worth these days? Would ultimately like to sell as one complete package.
  9. Possible GPU Upgrade

    That is the plan!
  10. Possible GPU Upgrade

    I've decided to go all out. and upgrade both CPU, Mobo and GPU. Reusing everything else that is in the current system minus my current GPU. I figured that this should last me a good 5 - 8 years at least. https://www.pccasegear.com/sc/f2qJX8
  11. Possible GPU Upgrade

    I'm worried that with the 3000 series that my PSU won't be compatible as there is a rumour circulating that they will require a 12 pin power cable :/ When I'm home I'll have a look at some reviews and benchmarks, cheers Shrivey!
  12. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Hijacking Mini's thread rather than making a new one, sorry Mini I've recently received quite a bit of money, and I am possibly looking at upgrading my GPU, I am undecided if I should get a 2060 Super or a 2070 Super and I'm also wondering if my CPU will cause a "bottleneck" with my current CPU is an i5 7500 non-K, my current GPU is a GTX 1060 6GB which has served me well over the last 4 -5 years, but I'm noticing its struggling to maintain 60 FPS in any game that was released prior to 2019/end of 2018. Any help or suggestions would be mint 👌
  13. Movie Club

    I recently watched that as well! I loved it from after the first contact! Gave me the itch to watch BoB and The Pacific again
  14. Battlefield 4

    Oh wow! No rush to jump on mate, just tryin' to gauge a time on when everyone will be on.
  15. Battlefield 4

    What time is everyone thinking of getting on? I'll probably be on from 5:30ish also, does anyone have an issue with me streaming the shenanigans?