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  1. Escape from Tarkov

    No idea why this is in the "role playing and strategy" section. Request for it to be moved to FPS? But anywho, patch .12 drops within the next 2 - 3 days and the prewipe events have been super freaking awesome! Phase 1 - Scavs have been replaced with Raiders Phase 2 - All traders bar Fence have had there stock wiped (Community driven economy) - Which has driven the price up for alot of things Phase 3 - Secure container test. So with the secure container we can normally put stuff in and take stuff out while in raid and if you die the items in that container come back with you, this phase is testing out a feature in which we can put things in before going into a raid, but cannot take things out or put things in while in raid. <<<<< This is the current phase, all previous phase features are active. Phase 4 - All players will have max loyalty levels with traders and the traders will have unlimited stock and super cheap discounted items. I'll be playing once phase 4 starts as im not a fan of Phase 2 as its 4000 rubles for one round of the best ammo for either your AK platforms or the M4 series, and i'll be playing heavily once the new patch drops. Its also worth noting that the game is currently on sale 25% off on all editions, myself i recently upgraded to the "edge of darkness" package. So if anyone feels like playing, hit me up on discord or the forums https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page
  2. Elite Dangerous

    Predz and i will be doing some void opal mining from now til later on this evening if anyone wishes to join
  3. Battlefield V

    Yeah i play this on occasion with some of my tarkov buddies, and a twitch streamer. Its finally at a playable state, and after being away for about a week.. im keen to jump in and try out the metro remake.
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    The loot boxes have me on a 50/50, wasn't really fussed on the PvE mode but thats still a kick in the teeth to the players who did want to get the game for the SP and the PvE mode. This i agree with, as i mentioned i played a few rounds of the 32v32, this issue being one of my issues with the 32v32
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I had a few issues with the 32v32 mode, main complaint being that no one was PTFOing and just camping on C, however the other modes were as expected, i enjoyed them alot more than "ground war". The SP trailer dropped aswell, and im pretty hyped for the game... first cod game since Black Ops that im actually hyped for,
  6. Elite Dangerous

    If i can break the addiction to Tarkov, i might jump in this weekend for some space stuff.
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    change the region in the battle net app to asia, i got my full speeds after taht, and than once its downloaded change it back to Americas
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Loaded the game up this morning to find out that it was all in german... quick look at my battle net settings and the preferred language was set to Deutsche.... Anywho, after fixing that and downloading 1.8gbs worth of english, played a few rounds of Ground War.. Its not a bad mode, but too many sweaty sniper bois for my liking, so i swapped out for good ol CoD TDM... First CoD game in a while where i find myself enjoying it..
  9. Elite Dangerous

    You mean i wont be able to do this? Nah that's cool, once im better and this viral infection pisses off, i'll jump back into it!
  10. Movie Club

    Just got back from seeing IT Chapter 2, was rather good, i can understand why people are saying it wasn't as scary as the first one, but it definitely has its moments that made me almost jump outta my seat lol. 8/10
  11. Elite Dangerous

  12. Battlefield V

    Chapter 5 isn't due til Nov/Dec. The next patch (4.6) is bringing Operation Underground (the metro remake) is due within the next week or so. They have made alot of improvements both optimization wise and QOL. I can now manage a stable 60fps, thanks to recent nvidia drivers and the last patch. If anyone is ever up for a few rounds just message me, always keen for a game.
  13. Battlefield V

    So the data miner Temporyal has finished mining the latest patch for BFV, and has listed what he has found regarding the "The Pacific" update.
  14. Battlefield V

    Data miner is still going through the recent patch, but has found some interesting things
  15. Battlefield V

    New patch deployed!