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  1. NBN

    Maybe Starlink one day, Law Ok, I went back a page and Rallyman got the 600 plan for 6 months from TPG. So I guess since around the start of the year. Interesting interesting considering all the debacle of the NBN network. Probably counting on only a few actually using that bandwidth so it averages out in the end. Still, interesting.
  2. NBN

    Huh, when did ISPs start bringing out plans faster than 100Mbps? Got an email that Optus has given me 6months free 215/20 plan. Looked around, others have similar and even 600Mbps!
  3. Elite Dangerous

    Some more alpha from players coming in from ObsidianAnt recently. It is very alpha, but it's interesting to see how it's going to look/feel. Interesting to see different tools and cutting access panels, using keypads etc. I wish they'll add more little "mini games" like that. More interactive stuff, like Among Us. Otherwise yeah, cutting a panel for 1000x time will get stale.
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Looking forward to how the FPS part turns out.
  5. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I'm trucking through it atm. It does feel rushed but that makes sense since it's the end of the show. Fingers crossed the new Vikings is good. The Last Kingdom is still going strong at least for a viking fix.
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    It'll be interesting to see how Star Citizen pans out after all this
  7. Cyberpunk 2077

    Waiting for reviews, let us know!
  8. Star Wars: Squadrons

    7 hours to go. If timing lines up(slow friday night), might get it and try for the 2 hours to make my mind up. Otherwise waiting for reviews!
  9. Squad

    Who woulda thunk it, finally. I'm keen for a weekend roll out. Also worth noting, it's on sale now but after the sale it's going up in cost to cover the development.
  10. Computer Chair

    Been eyeing an Ergohuman for a while. Let us know how it goes if you get one, Blue.
  11. Hell Let Loose

    Heyo Simo! Sounds good, I bounce between HLL and Post Scriptum. Will try to link up for a round or two!
  12. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Yeah, feels just average? Feels like a very casual game, jump in here and there. Not something to play every night. No aim assist, that's something at least.
  13. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Not sure if everyone has seen the gameplay footage by now?
  14. Battlefield 4

    Keen bean!