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  1. Elite Dangerous

    So I should get back to core mining until I get a few billion credits? Have they said how much they will cost and to outfit? They look amazing. I didn't know there was "smaller" ones, like the mining and mercenary.
  2. Clan Related Video Thread

    If only I could thumbs down your post for 3rd person in 2019..
  3. Elite Dangerous

    Building an Asteroid base, noice
  4. Elite Dangerous

    I'm happy with either name
  5. Welcome Predz

    Grats mate, welcome back !!
  6. Elite Dangerous

    We need to kick some bug butt xD Very cool though, I've seen some vids years ago about how they look. I'd be boosting out too.
  7. Computer Chair

    Spill the beans on where you got it Is it an Aeron? if so, get ready to rip the loudest and cleanest farts
  8. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I hear good things about it. On my list too
  9. Movie Club

    I can hear @Mr Spontaneous singing High Way to the Danger Zone on TS in my head already...
  10. Roll The Dice Clan History ~ Volume 18

    Good to see we're still rolling on. The whole Stadia cloud thing could be the future for single player games. It's going to be an interesting next decade..
  11. Hey Fish, Nev and I have been getting into some Post Scriptum currently
  12. Gaming And Software Sales

    Titanfall 2 SP & MP
  13. So what's the go these days with PUBG? Able to get a game of first person or is it still dead?
  14. Oh nice, I'm keen to try that too!