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  1. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Yeah, feels just average? Feels like a very casual game, jump in here and there. Not something to play every night. No aim assist, that's something at least.
  2. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Not sure if everyone has seen the gameplay footage by now?
  3. Battlefield 4

    Keen bean!
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Mini has joined the big leagues, nice! Really enjoy the Python
  5. Star Wars: Squadrons

    110% arcade Think of the aerial side of Battlefront. Same sort of thing imo $49 on Steam. So I guess a very small game then. Wonder about the replay value
  6. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Yeah, 1st person only is a weird choice...
  7. Elite Dangerous

    Been reading that Tritium trading to stations is the current craze, about 100M credit per 30mins or so. Might need to look into a T-9 and fill that sucker with cargo racks, hmmmmm... https://eddb.io/trade/loops shows me close to a 5,322cr buy to 54,852cr sell in a 45 ly loop. Yummy!
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Nice Predz, grats on hitting that 5B! Curious to see the upkeep cost when you get it. So, LTDs are the way forward for mining now? I watched an Obsidian Ant video last night on carriers, started to get that ED itch again. My head tracker has been getting cold
  9. Blaster is back

    Good to hear back, Blaster. Hope all is well
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Oh wow, going on foot! Early 2021
  11. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Yeah, if you're doing it because you enjoyed it. If it's because you want to refresh, not so much....Pretty long haul.
  12. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I think the same every time I hear there's a new movie out I recently watched the last one - kinda glad I didn't see it in the movies. Never rolled me eyes so much. I'm sure we'll see Ezra and Thrawn again. They left it pretty open. Feels like they have a plan for it....the movies, not so.
  13. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    The last season of The Clone Wars just finished. Amazing work in the last 3 episodes. The sound track, the visuals. Spot on.
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    This, Shrivey. This is why it was so good in all the other CODs. That and wall banging people with the G3A3
  15. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    Ah nice! I remember this build of yours. Have you considered replacing the monitors with 1 ultawide now that the tech has caught up?