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  1. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    Ah nice! I remember this build of yours. Have you considered replacing the monitors with 1 ultawide now that the tech has caught up?
  2. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    Played a bit of Dirt Rally recently. This one hit home, I always cut too @RallyMan Oh, while I found that, in case anyone hasn't seen this either. It made my week:
  3. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    This guy watches.
  4. Gaming And Software Sales

    Hmmm, screw Epic and their timed exclusives...
  5. Elite Dangerous

    Lol, perfect. So it is a big rip to void opal mining I don't understand the devs goal, it isn't an MMO so they don't need to have a high retention on players by making them grind. The game feels like it should be somewhat accessible with a small grind for most parts.
  6. Emu War!

    After worms, Shrivey. I can't trust you with new game recommendations anymore....
  7. Elite Dangerous

    I've seen lots of alien movies before....so we kill Predz before he infects all of us, right? I heard some mentions that the new patch is bringing in a "resource limit" on the amount of void opals you can sell to a station? Lots of fear this is a nerf to opal mining
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Whoa, those do look good! Not bad damage too
  9. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Speaking of Star Wars. The last episode of The Mandalorian came out this week. Wow, what an excellent show....The first 5 minutes with the speeder troops in the last episode had me sit up as I was watching. Just that scene was better than all 3 new movies Very unique and fresh.
  10. Stick fight was pretty great. Nice pick Rams!
  11. Pretty much Golf with collisions
  12. Elite Dangerous

    oof, that does look good!
  13. Golf With Your Friends

    Sounds good! Aim for Friday?
  14. Battlefield V

    Nice, i'll wait until the pacific is out before jumping back on.
  15. Battlefield V

    Also looks like Wake Island is back!