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    Nice little show with some great characters:
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    Today, we're proud to announce that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC on November 5th, with special bonuses available to players who pre-purchase through the Rockstar Games Launcher starting October 9th. We also want to say thank you to the millions of people who have already downloaded the Rockstar Games Launcher and received their free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC will also be available to pre-order at the Epic Games store, Greenman Gaming, the Humble Store, GameStop and additional digital retailers starting October 23rd with a pre-order bonus of 25 Gold Bars for Red Dead Online. Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC will also be available to purchase on Steam this December. Source
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    Nice write up . i occasionally visit re-watch the Sunday Shenanigans videos for memories. Also enjoy showing people our shoutcasted match in the bf4 quarter-finals. I love Underdog wins.
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    Another patch was just dropped (about 115MB - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-patch-1.522857/), which I can confirm, fixed engineering!
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    Phase 2 of "The Scourge" is underway - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/the-scourge-overview-of-phases.526250/post-8089219 And with this phase, they have discounted the Type-6, Type-7 & Type-9 freighters. It should be in effect at all stations that have them in their shipyards.
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    Ye of little faith! Although probably accurate. Have you tried not throwing it across the room?
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    This warmed my cockles
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    Let me know where you find it and I'll just get my infinite NBN to go nuts as well, haha.
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    You pay the same price on pc for one less mode than than the ps4 version. Loot boxes have been confirmed, and there is a source saying that they may have weapons in the loot-boxes, not just cosmetics. ima go out of my way to pirate this one.
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    I liked it. Probably going to get it. Nothing else really coming out in the near future FPS wise that has me excited and I'm bored of all the games ive got. With a few refinements will be a lot better. Agree with the tanks issues but better map design and a few tweaks will solve it i feel. All the killstreak perks do get to you after a while and make it impossible to go outside but again they just need to adjust it or allow for a few different game modes that really tone that shit down. Best COD i have played in a long time (which isn't saying a great deal) and I got enough enjoyment out of the beta.
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    Like @Phobos, I was extremely pissed about jumping through the hoops of creating an Activision account. However I pushed on and gave the game a go even after being deafened by the intro. The guns and movement of the game felt like normal COD pretty smooth not bad but honestly thats about the only good thing I can say. The Battle field rip off game mode has the same issue as battle field where tanks sit on the edge of the map and are about impossible to destrory without some serious team cordination. I enjoyed other game modes more. However found it pretty frustrating dying to this pussy rockets which basically have no counter. Yes R6 Siege has perks/gadgets but they have multiple counters and are pretty easy to deal with. Finally I dont consider sitting in a corner dark corner with a shotgun sweaty... its sad and it makes me sick to my god damn stomach, that kids think its acceptable. Maybe they should ask mummy and daddy for an uninstallation. Counter stike is sweaty. R6 Siege is sweaty. fistful of frags is hella sweaty maybe even sweatier than sweat itself. COD is basic the dog that ate rat bait and now it doesn't know which way to go. I think I'll be sticking with my request for a mountain bike this christmas.
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    If i can break the addiction to Tarkov, i might jump in this weekend for some space stuff.
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    Funny story, I downloaded it over the weekend. Loaded it up looking for any excuse to hate it....yep, first thing, you need to crate an Activision account to even enter the menu. Yep, that's enough for me. Uninstalled it. Say what you will, I'm sick of making accounts. Don't get me started on the Epic games store "exclusives"..... TotalBiscuit would be rolling in his grave.
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    Fair point. I've moved it across.
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    Patch 3 for the September Update is out - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-patch-3.526140/ Also, a new Interstellar Initiative "The Scourge", has begun. Phase 1 (10/10 to 16/10) - Pesticides, synthetic reagents and grain to be delivered to Watson Station in the Orerve system, and Shifnalport in the Diso system. - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/the-scourge-overview-of-phases.526250/
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    hmm doesn't look like it. Thought u could use a VPN but it doesn't look like it. Only streaming the games as well so sounds like the quality would be pretty crap
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    Sounds like they will break a lot!
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    I enjoyed season 2 of discovery, it got dull in a few spots but feels like it setting up for some good stuff. I am looking forward to watching Picard
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    Oh, this is good news! I played it on Xbone when it first came out, but I'll definitely replay it on PC, and actually play some of the Online side of it too.
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    Yikers that GoT finale season. I recommend the documentary "the last watch" , really shows how much work the behind the scenes people put into that show (the snow in winterfell all season was real, no cgi). Also makes you realize how much the writing is really what ruined it.
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    Sorry i missed this. I was reminded and subsequently forgot within a 24 hour period.
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