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    So two nights ago I had an hour to kill before going to bed. I decided I'd fire up Frostpunk, which I'd had in my library for quite some time. This was a mistake. Hours later I was still battling to keep my people alive. Numerous times they kicked me out, even though I think we were heading down the right path. I'd load a saved game and then continue from there, going down the religious path.
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    Just in case anyone missed this on discord (also you can do it directly from Origin) RtD>MiniSanders — Today at 2:30 PM open beta for 2 day, if you pre-order you get an earlier 2 days as well If you go to the Steam shop page for it, there is an option there to request beta access which will then let you pre-download the client
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    Here's two videos of me running around like a headless chook in the last circle. Unfortunately my Shadowplay still wasn't recording my mic, but you get the gist thanks to BP and Jebus. In the second video I planned to throw a decoy smoke grenade, which didn't work out. But it did start an interesting chain of events where I needed a lot of bullets and an extended mag in the M249.
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    Game pass is pretty ridiculous for value. So many games, a lot of them fairly new or even day one including ea play and bethesda games.
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    Battlefield 2042 will be using the same anticheat as Apex and Fortnite, which iirc is Easy Anticheat. So we'll see how that goes i guess. Beta dates have been released too. 6 - 9th of October. So for us aussies, Thursday to Sunday based on timezones. Preload is available Wednesday.
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    EA Play? Depending which version of EA Play it comes out on, it might be included with the Microsoft Gamepass... I enjoyed the Beta, there were issues, but to me nothing game breaking or anything that destroyed my fun. I am not playing competitively though, and I suck at shooters, so for me it was about fun, and I had that
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    I ignore the forums occasionally...
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    So after playing the queue simulator of Amazon's new MMO - New World... I finally got on and played a couple of hours, enjoying it so far, looks to be lots to do for now. Anyone else around here picked it up? What servers did everyone end up on?
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    yeah im enjoying it alot, Im on Hawaiki
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    Agree. At least this creates a month buffer between beta and release now instead of the ebte being early access for pre-order. But i worry what could make the game get delayed so late that they didn't fix in the years leading up to it. Rams and i have been giving bf4 a spin the last couple of nights and it felt instantly familiar so maybe we just go back to that?
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    oh wow, i know that piece actually. A jazz band i was in made me play it like 3 years in a row.
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    I have been able to verify that statement for 15 years now. I might see about the Microsoft option, as that would give me AoEIV as well. Of course, I have also Googled boxed copies for both games...
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