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    Awesome turnout! Was good to see/hear many voices! Will have to do it again!
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    Yeah man, keen. For anyone installing it for the first time, make sure you go and grab the free DLC's for it too, Night Operations and Community Operations and Legacy Operations, or you won't have access to all the maps.
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    Battlefield 4: Friday Night Games! Date: 22nd of May 2020 Time: 6pm - late Requirements: BF4 + DLC (Premium Edition is $49.99) So its been a while since we’ve had a clan game night, and I miss the good ol’ days of a clan pub stomp! And seeing as BF4 has picked up more popularity since DICE announced that BFV would have one more major content patch and that is it. I figured why not get the gang together for some shenanigans. Plus seeing as we are all on lockdown what else can we do? (besides renovations and eat loads of food) I hope to see ya’ll there!
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    I have an account that got hacked and played on by some Russians for like 2 years before I bothered getting it back... I don't think I could ever spend the money they accumulated on that account... Also it is funny that Rockstar didn't even reset the account at all, so I have a large base building and lots and lots of money I also grabbed it again on Epic though
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    I'll bring the ammo! I'm keen!
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    I found a list of recommended story arcs. Alot of shit in season 1 if superfluous. And fuck R2 (come at me)
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    So, I did jump into the first Fleet Carrier beta a few weeks ago, and since the beta was it's own thing, I sold off most of my ships to afford the carrier to take a look at it's inner workings. Here's a picture of the carrier. They have changed a few things since the first beta (https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-beta-1-feedback-changes.542193/), - Tritium, the fuel resource, is 2x more effective (Old: 1t per LY, New: 0.5t per LY. So with the full 1000t fuel tank, it can do 2000LY before requiring a refuel, and you can store more Tritium in the carrier's storage, useful for long trips) - Cooldowns for jumping have been reduced (Old: 1 hour spin-up/1 hour cooldown = 2 hours per jump, New: 15mins spin-up/5mins cooldown = 20mins per jump. The old numbers I found as way too high, and kinda defeated the purpose of using it to travel long distances. With the changes, it opens it up to being useful to jump to places like Pleiades Nebula, Witch Head Nebula, Guardian sites etc., maybe taking up to 40mins one-way, rather than 4 hours.) - Upkeep costs have been reduced (This was something that was also a major crutch, as fully kitted out, the costs were 147 million/week... Yeah nah mate, that's a bit much! Fortunately, they have seen fit to reduce the core costs by 50% = 10mil to 5mil/week & additional services costs by 80-90%. While it's something that shouldn't be a thing, I can at least be thankful that they reduced the upkeep. Rather have it at least reduced than still be at original levels) - Originally, Universal Cartographics were not available for carriers, but they have since added it as part of the Redemption Office add on, so bounties, combat bonds & exploration data can be sold on a carrier, hence making a carrier better for exploration) The 2nd beta has been confirmed to run from May 11 - 26 (https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-update-beta-2-date-announcement.543972/). Your CMDR in the beta will be as they were on the 30th of April. I'll be jumping in this one as well, to check out the changes they've made, because I do want to get one when they go live in June (unless they get delayed), as I know of a few trips these could be useful for. And with the delay of the 'New Era' paid update into 2021, this is pretty much the only content we'll be getting this year it seems (there might be other patches, but they'll be more than likely be bug fixes and stuff like that).
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    Elite Dangerous Deluxe is currently on sale for $21.23 AU or $10.73 AU for Horizons.
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    https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-update-beta-blowout.545392/ There will be a 'Beta Blowout' from the 21st to the end of the current Fleet Carrier Beta (May 26). Fleet Carriers will cost 1 million credits, with all optional internals/services for 100 credits each. It's for those who wanted to take a look at carriers and didn't have the full 5 billion credits (plus 1 billion+ for extras) to buy one & fully kit it out. I've jumped into the current beta, and the improvements are a step in the right direction (especially the reduced FSD jump spin up/cool down times), but there might be some more changes between the end of the beta & planned live release in June. I'll be sure to relay any updates post-beta. Also, I've graduated to playing the game with a HOTAS (http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/t16000m-fcs-hotas). It is a very different experience from the KB+M, that's for sure.
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    Yeah, I grabbed it the other day & started a 2nd online character. It also includes the Premium Online Starter Pack, including 1 million GTA$ (it took a few days after the first login for it to show up) & some other free stuff.
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    I am very interested.
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    Wow. they actually did something about the hackers.
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    As long as it takes for a new cod to come out. I just really wanted to play a game with people and my overwatch crew switches to cod. I highly recommend the single player though. There are a few missions that are close to all ghillied up level.
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    I should point out in the 16 odd years I've known Mini I've never been able to convince him to take up CoD.
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    I also picked this up one my Aregntinian account while it was on special. The time to kill feels close to cod4 promod (on normal) so i think hardcore is ridiclous in this one. You can 1 shot kill people with pistol chest shot, very very spammy. Explosion radious is huge, i am frequently getting killed inside a building when an rpg goes of outside it. The singe play was awesome though, some great mission. My over all review i, it's cod.
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    This, Shrivey. This is why it was so good in all the other CODs. That and wall banging people with the G3A3
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    Don't you know Roman numerals? Pfft...
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    I don't remember much about that aside from it being a real pain.
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    Pretty sure it has play by "email" style in it now too... so you have your turn then it pings the next person and they jump on and do their turn at any moment... might make the game take 5 years to finish though
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    My keyboard G512 had the numpad 9 LED die, sent it back to Mighty Ape and got a full replacement keyboard. Honestly, Logitech are pricey but it's worth spending the money. My nephew is getting into PC gaming and is all about Razer haha
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    Yeah I've been on the Logitech bandwagon for 13 years now. The only device to die on me was a G15 keyboard which had a red wine incident (not me).
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    Picked up a G502 wired version today! Deffs an upgrade from the G402!! Just having trouble trying to decide on how many of the weights I should put in. Pretty much all my peripherals are now Logitech!
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    Yeah fantastic night. A good bit of fun.
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    Free on Epic games at the moment Civilization VI
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    I really need to test the VR setup and this game... but I think I would require a HOTAS to be able to control it
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    i'll be jumping on in about 30 minutes for some warm ups!
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    People may not be aware, but GTA V is now free on the Epic store for a short time.
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    Awesome! I figured a weeks notice should give enough time for those to download it. There are those sites that have it cheaper then Origin for those who don't own it.
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    @Noods Turns out JackFrags also did a video based on the FMJ theory.
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    I'm very glad to see hardware bans in too. That is terrific.
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    Oh yes, I hadn't even thought of that with Warzone. Sounds excellent.
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    I'm not going to lie, it's tempting. Maybe when I know for sure if football is canned for the year.
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    @MasterShrive Game is currently on sale.
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    My personal favorites were house clearing and embassy
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    A major issue found in Thunderbolt. https://www.itnews.com.au/news/unfixable-thunderbolt-flaws-bypass-computer-access-security-548003
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    Chimera squad has 11 characters and you can only pick 8 per play through. They have set load outs. Max 4 per mission, small swat style rooms with beaches. It is way easier, that's why I recommend Chimera squad for newbies. Going back and playing WotC shows lot of its flaws that they fixed up for newer players ( shots feel more consistent to hit, no fog if war and stealth dodgey as fuck overwatch system? Gears tactics was quite good as well. I love the more action orientated feel. Also in gears if you plan your moves you can piggyback an entire playing field without taking a scratch, but you can also get mega fucked in the same way if you are sloppy
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    We have mainly been playing Normal COD multiplayer. All the old favs TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination etc. So over the Battle Royal format. You actually get to do some shooting in normal COD. Have been getting the Battle Pass and been really fun unlocking all the Gun Attachments and Skins etc, so been plenty of content to keep the interest up. By the end of one Battle pass you usually have accumulated enough COD Points for the next one so have only needed to buy the first one so far. Plus there really is nothing else new that has come out to take me away from the game at the moment so has lasted a lot longer then I thought a COD game ever would considering I'm usually into the more Hardcore Tactical shooters like Squad and Escape from Tarkov.
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    I think the same every time I hear there's a new movie out I recently watched the last one - kinda glad I didn't see it in the movies. Never rolled me eyes so much. I'm sure we'll see Ezra and Thrawn again. They left it pretty open. Feels like they have a plan for it....the movies, not so.
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    Yeah just finished it last night. Typical Clone wars. Starts off meh then finishes like a master piece.
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    I need to get onto this!!
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    So with the issues that happened with the new patch that dropped over the weekend, IW have decided to give us 3 days of 2XP on everything!!
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    No worries mate, will PM you on Discord.
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    I've got a spare key for XCOM 2 if anyone doesn't own it and wants it? Free to a good home.
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    Good lord, I think you're right with that game, that would be years ago though. I'm keen for a game for sure though.
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    The Total Warhammer games were amazing, but I always struggled with how long it took between turns waiting for every enemy army to go. I need to set apart the best part of a day and just play it, but that hasn't been available lately.
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    Cassie and I started this a week ago and finished it last night, good god the central US is a lawless place 😂 Watching this show has proven to me that Australia despite some flaws is in fact one of the best countries on the planet 😂
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