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    That's like saying you had your first root in months after going to a brothel... factual but not impressive.
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    travelled out to see the Voyager probes. 2.3 million light seconds away from earth. Now to track down New Horizons.
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    Congratulations Predz Congratulations Predz, and welcome back to Roll The Dice. We would like to welcome you to full membership within Roll The Dice and look forward to gaming with you long in to the future. For your information and as a refresher you may wish to look at the following threads which you now have access to. These will tell you a bit more about the clan, as well how to apply for squads etc. if you are interested: Clan Code of Conduct - now more than ever it is vital that you know our Code of Conduct. In representing Roll The Dice as a full member it is expected you will follow this at all times and set the right example for newer members as well. Clan Announcements - a new section of the forums which you can now access, where we announce new information to the clan. Clan Positions - this shows all the positions within the clan, what the roles do and who currently holds them. Useful if need to contact the right person about something. Clan General Discussion - just a place for us to discuss general, clan only related topics. Squad and Ladder Information - everything to do with our squads can be found here, including the links to the respective teams. If you wish to join one of our squads you will need to read up The Calendar - we expected all members to use the calendar to sign up to Clan Trainings and Scrims. The Round Table - this forum is where all members can have their say within the clan. All opinions are welcome, from the newest to the oldest member. New Forum Posts - this link will show you any unread posts on the forums. This might be worth bookmarking as it will help you keep involved with current discussions. Again, congratulations on full membership and hope to see you on the battlefield soon.
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    Some deep-core asteroid mining in action! What a sight! Cheers to @TheLaw, @Phobos & @Noods for a good night of credit-making goodness!
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    Well I got the Vulture last night. I had forgotten how bloody quick that thing steers, so easy to keep anyone within targetting range. Also I had forgotten just how shits its fuel tank and jump range are... lots of short jumps with lots of fuel scooping. Thanks to @Predz and @TheLaw for the extra credits last night when sharing missions... helped me with getting the Vulture up to a respectable spec.
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    Recommendation: Dont travel over 300 light years to get a vital component for a mission to then swap your cargo hold for a fuel tank on the way back so the return trip goes a bit quicker, only to find out that said important component must have been in the cargo hold I decided to swap out
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    So, Frontier just dropped some new info about fleet carriers at Gamescom, Also, a new community goal has started, https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/
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    Yeah, according to EDDB, I found that its anywhere between 30-50LY for pretty much anything required from Chamas. Did a few runs in my Type-9 yesterday (which for the duration of the community goal, transferred to Denton Dock so then I can fly a smaller ship there, then switch to the "brick" for the deliveries, collecting about 740 tons each run), but I'm planning on doing more since I was in the Top 10%, but fell back to the Top 25% (currently at 5,108 total delivered), and it's still only at Tier 2, so the numbers will more than likely keep going up, necessitating the need to complete more trips if I want to be in the higher bracket for the higher credit reward. For Grain and Fruit & Vegetables, I went to Cooper Station in Salibala (44.84LY) For Fish, I went to Wakata Port in Indras (44.99LY) For Synthetic Meat, I went to Melvin Terminal in Asturindjin (43.03LY)
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    Welcome Predz. I might even make it back into some ED 1 night... Probably before Shrive's does though
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    I didnt root a shemale that night btw she was a female but you can never be too careful
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    So, I've disbanded the squadron that TheLaw and I made, with plans to create a new one that those of us that play could join, and to prepare for the planned release of squadron fleet carriers in the December update. Any suggestions for a name? P.S - TheLaw voted for Team Super Cool P.P.S - I still voted for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
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    Just finished The Boys Definitely binge watch worthy. I loved it. Homelander is my fav. What a psycho lol
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    So, I saw my first Thargoid Interceptor (A Basilisk variant) And then it flew up to me and said "Hi!" from my right side window, with a nice little scan, seeing if I'm holding any of it's race's property in my cargo hold... Sure, I had nothing, so it just flew off and went back to attacking the megaship and... *proceeds to speed off with as much boost as possible and supercruise outta there* "Now that's what I call a close encounter!" - Captain Steven Hiller, Independence Day
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    That looks amazing. I have been getting my brother into it lately... Managed to find a short trade route doing Basic Meds currently where we are buying for 230cr and selling for 4,900cr... And it is a quick trip both ends and only about 7ly between the solar systems. It is very nice making about 460,000cr per trip in my T6 Means we have managed to get him into a Cobra, making the game way more fun for him.
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    Thats a cool shot!
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    I should have listened to my own advise... The AK Racing chair that I bought only lasted 12 months or so. From day 1 it was uncomfortable af. I just finished setting up the same chair Nev bought, much better choice. Bought it from here for those interested; https://www.ebay.com.au/itm//202065325605
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    Size comparison of my Anaconda and SRV (Planetary Vehicle)
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    They've only said "large amount of credits". Considering that it's a personal ship (one per CMDR) rather than a squadron/group ship, and the Imperial Cutter is around 208 million (currently the most expensive ship in the game), I would definitely think the cost will be in the billions for sure. They have said that after the September update, they'll go into more detail on the financial side of things. And the support ships are separate, and accompanies the carrier, which can be swapped out for specific operations. They'll determine what is available in ship outfitting, as well as services. So with the mining support vessel for example, it would be cool if it included a commodities market, so you could park in a system, mine nearby rings, head back to the carrier, sell what you mined, rinse and repeat.
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    That is a very specific set of circumstances BP ...
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    Doesn't matter how you get it:
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    I'm pretty sure Duckz's mice breed faster than actual mice
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    Anyone else been hoarding the free monthly games on the Epic Store? Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is currently free, which might interest a few.
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    Glad to be back! Cheers guys! And @Noods, more wing missions for sure!
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    dont usually watch superhero stuff but this series is great
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    Nah all good Mini! Happy to help you guys out and get some credits to get those better and sweeter ships!
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    I used to have the Dolphin, twas a good little ship (Had the Beluga Liner twice, overheating turd, though I didn't do much in the way of engineering in an attempt to mitigate the heat when using the FSD. Plus it's hobby is getting stuck in station doors). Nowadays for passenger runs, I just use the Anaconda or the Corvette (if I need to cook some pirate fools along the way...) Passenger missions can be pretty good money. I've mostly done the bulk ones (Transport Tourists, Politicians, Prisoners etc.), couple of jumps, get a mil or two out of them. Always have a laugh when some pirate faction offers me around 20k to sell them as slaves... *J Jonah Jameson Laugh* You Serious! I used to do sightseeing ones (can be a decent bit of money), but thankfully I didn't blindly take the ones who are going to Colonia (22,000 LY away). Travelling to the Guardian sites (up to 1,000 LY) are enough for me right now. In saying that, I do want to try and make the Colonia run one day. P.S. - TheLaw was docked in Spring Gateway, and he tells me he heard weapons fire in or near the station. Originally, I thought it might have been a fight outside the station with someone who got scanned. So I'm coming in for auto dock, when I see a chunk of metal fly past the entryway. Once I get inside, there's this hunk of what used to be a Beluga Liner (the previously mentioned "overheating turd") floating around the docking bay... sounds about right with those big asses on them, probs got stuck. One got stuck in the station exit a while ago, had to push it out with the nose of my 'Vette (nearly got fined myself while doing it!)
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    Dolphin is great to fly... and passenger trips make some good money without much fuss really... Managed to make 1.5m last night in 3 trips and about 45 minutes. Only had some fun with my last trip as I took it and didn't realise I was taking a wanted person around the stars... had to keep myself from being scanned, but otherwise nothing worrying
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    im keen for a few tonight!
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    I can hear the shrill voice already...
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    While I would agree with that statement, I was actually testing out some stuttering issues I was having and there were no games to join for first-person solo at all
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    If only I could thumbs down your post for 3rd person in 2019..
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    How many mice do you have now? There must be an infestation happening...
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    New toy was at the front door when I woke up today; G-Wolves Skoll
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    He's back ............. Welcome man
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    Congrats Predz Look forward to many future wing missions!
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    We need to kick some bug butt xD Very cool though, I've seen some vids years ago about how they look. I'd be boosting out too.
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    http://www.macks.com.au/product/second-hand-mesh-back-office-chairs/ Office furniture shop in Bendigo... apparently it was $125... still bloody cheap though. Hardest part was looking through their stock to find the one in the best condition. I think they are the older Mirra's (By the looks a few years old)
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    Spill the beans on where you got it Is it an Aeron? if so, get ready to rip the loudest and cleanest farts
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    I got off the hype train after the Modern Warfare 2 station. Yet to see if I'm getting back on.
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    Finished watching The Boys this morning before heading to the gym. Was rather interesting, the last episode definitely had a plot twist that I didn't see coming. The character development of Anthony Starrs character was particularly interesting. Keen for season 2.
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    Haha... right stay away form the Beluga and stay with my little Dolphin... I kept my Cobra just in case I wanted to do some police following / "helping" I'm thinking I might end up selling the Cobra to get a Vulture as my fighter craft... also at this rate I will never get a bigger ship
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    That is pretty awesome that you can go and find these things.
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    Sweet as mate, Im just grinding some ED, but let me know when U jump in and I'll jump on Squad
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    I watched a movie called Concussion on Netflix last night - really interesting from a sports perspective and the impact head injuries can have on players. It's NRL based, but it's certainly an eye opener.
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    Watched and quite enjoyed Season 1 and 2 of Money Heist (note all foreign language so have to put up with subtitles) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6468322/ Season 3 just released.
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    "I'm saving so much money on a game ill probably never play" is becoming a common phrase these days for me. Beats investing into more socially acceptable options like housing or whatever. As for finishing ME3 Shrive, all i can say is i did and it was disappointing, such a kick in the nether region after such a great presentation in the first two games, be prepared.
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