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    And now the thread you have been waiting for... un clásico! jajajajaja
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    He sent me one the other night that shows a softer side of bp that I've never seen before. Really touching stuff actually
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    The best home defence is a good offence. I hightly recommend the Beretta under and over with a new set of whammy shells.
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    +1 for the Logitech C922. I believe @Predz uses that for his streams.
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    It's been some time since anything worthwhile was released by FDev, but the next update has been confirmed for June, which will include the release of the Fleet Carriers https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-content-reveal-announcement.539505/ Just going to highlight some key points from the announcement, - One of your most frequent questions about Fleet Carriers was: How much do they cost? Fleet Carriers will be a lucrative investment, costing 5,000,000,000cr at launch. - Fleet Carriers are individually owned and feature 16 landing pads (of varying sizes) for other players to dock at. - Fleet Carriers use a new fuel, Tritium, to jump from system to system. - Fleet Carriers have a max jump range of 500LY at one time, with the ability to jump whenever the owner wants, however, they will have a build up and cool down period between jumps. - You can manage your carrier's finances by setting tariffs and adjusting the buying and selling prices for commodities traded in it's market. - Frontier will be doing a livestream on April 2, which will reveal the carriers in-game, the customisation options & more. - There will be two betas to test out the carriers, with the first one starting on April 7 (PC) & another in May (PC/Console) I'm currently at 3.5 billion credits, so I'm gonna need to do some serious mining again, especially with it not paying out as much as before... Hooray!
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    As long as he gets matching bracelets.
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    I already knew I have small hands but now I feel both entertained and self-conscious.
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    And now the moment you've all been waiting for....un clásico! jajajajaja
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    Yikes. I don't think I played with the old changes, so I'm not sure I'd notice any difference. I'm certain this isn't the first time DICE have made major TTK changes and then realised they got it wrong. That's a pretty big change to make to a game so long after release.
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    So I bought a VR Headset today (Samsung Odyssey+) and now looking into VR games. This is a Windows Mixed Reality headset, but "should" work with most Steam VR games. So far my plans are Project Cars 2, Beat Saber, Superhot VR and No Man's Sky. Anyone else have VR and have some game recommendations that are must plays?
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    Played some of the "Lab" stuff on Steam and some Beat Saber over lunch. Very good fun, and I could wear my glasses under the headset which helped heaps (Even though the instruction booklet says don't do this)
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    The John Wick movies just get better and better. I was a bit "meh" on the first one the first time I watched it. Felt like another tied old action movie (maybe I had made my mind up before watching it) But the last two made me go back and re-watch it and I was so wrong. Love the Hit Man lore they have in it and the action and stunts are up there with the best. No. 3 Just takes it to a whole new level!
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    For streaming, I currently have it set to 720p@60fps, but previously I've had it at a lower res, and the quality was still good. I've tried it with 1080p/30fps, but I would say I preferred the higher FPS for the webcam, where Streamlabs OBS is also set to stream at 720p/60fps when I'm live.
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    Yeah, I bought the C922 back at the end of 2018 when I started streaming, and couldn't recommend it enough (max res - 1080p@30fps/720p@60fps). If you don't need 4K (like the Brio), then it's more than enough.
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    It was definitely a lot easier to manage once we enabled that option that gives you a starter town to work with - my main issue was learning when and where to expand or not expand. In the first game I just floundered and was always out of resources, but in the second I had a good base to work from and actually enjoyed it. Also, having the AI on seperate teams rather than all working against us is probably a good idea.
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    Logitech C920/922 seems to be, or was, the go to "base webcam" for streaming and the one I have used. They are pretty old now tho. You could easy get away with the 920 tho or if you want to lash out a bit and were seriously thinking of getting into streaming they have a 4k cam out now. Sure there are other models out there worth a look I've just never used em. This guy has heaps of vids out on Webcams for Streaming.
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    I've seen that trick before.
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    Yeah I had a few games yesterday with BP and Jebus. There's a bit to work out with perks, weapons, vehicles, etc. but it could have potential. The Gulag is a great idea, as is being able to buy back in team mates. Highest we got was third.
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    LOL just because your application to join was rejected no need to nasty.
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    No one would give those odds, you're asking to lose money there.
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