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    I just finished the final season of The Expanse. Very, very sad to see it go. I'm tempted to pick up the books in the future. Definitely one of my favourite TV shows and a high quality sci-fi.
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    Borderlands 3 is free on epic
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    Yes, me ten years in the future had forgotten everything I'd read in this thread previous. But as of yesterday, approximately five years after starting, I have finally finished ME1, ME2 and ME3. Now, to be fair, I really haven't done this series justice. My playthroughs have been stop start, sometimes six months between picking it up and running again. So it was disjointed through my own actions, with ME3 dragging out over three and a half years (and 50 hours). But nonetheless it was still a blast and I am glad I've played through one of the most important and critically aclaimed series of all time. To start at the end... I'm still a little confused about the ending. In particular, about what I chose and how I chose it. Some background: I ended up buying an EA pass and finished the game via the Legendary Edition over the past two months. Before that I was playing ME1, 2 and 3 via Origin with 4K and controller mods (and all DLCs). The mods stopped working, so in the end it was easier to just sign up to the game pass and transfer my ME3 save. So the ending I received is the one where everyone lives in harmony. I walked towards the light and then everyone turned a tinge of green, organics and synthetics merged together. I thought this may have been the extra DLC ending, but from further reading here https://masseffect.fandom.com/wiki/Mass_Effect_3:_Extended_Cut I've worked out what was in the original and what was not. I didn't realies that by walking into the light I was making a choice, but I know I could have also either sacrificed all synthetics to stop the Reaper attack, or I could have sacrificed myself to take control of the Reapers. These came up in conversation, but I kept the convo going expecting two or three "final" choices to be presented. I didn't realise these choices were made by walking to the three different destinations (as Blue points out below). I can see now why people may not have been happy with the original ending. The Extended Cut certainly gave a bit more context to everyone and certainly seemed necessary. Reading through this thread I'll make a few points as I go: Who survived for me? Well, I think I had everyone available going from ME2 into ME3. At the end I scarificed Shep into the light. Anderson was assassinated by Shep under the control of the Illusive Man. The rest of my squad seemed to be around when my plaque got put on the wall. I did find the ME3 ending interesting in its commentary on AI. Something unexpected, but I thought it tied the events of all three games together very nicely. I took Ash and James with me on the last mission - I figured that being the two humans on my team they could come and defend Earth. Garrus was my usual go-to though. I chose a few renegade options - definitely shot Udina when required, and went renegade anytime someone was really pissing me off. My final ratio was maybe 90/10. Through all three games I played as stock-standard Shep. Never really considered changing anything. *Just found out we have a separate ME3 spoiler thread (the only thread on the forums I've never read), but I'm going to continue here because the game is ten years old* Romance wise I went down the Miranda path; but because of my disjointed playthrough I'm not sure I did it service. I'm glad people have clarified regarding James, as I really wasn't sure where he came from and thought my playthrough gaps meant I'd just forgotten him. I also completed almost every side mission I could. In particular, I made sure my companions were happy and there was nothing left there. Going around to the different planets was a bit of a pain though, especially once the Reapers controlled most systems. Blue makes some good points about the ending. The Normandy sweeping in did seem a bit strange. I figured taking Ash and James with me on the last mission odds were one or both weren't going to survive. I played all the games on the easiest level - I was here only for the story. Trying to aim with a controller was also very hard on the early games (via mods), so I think I would have become very frustrated if I was playing on hard. Some of the boss levels would have been incredibly difficult. Walking towards the beam I honestly didn't know A and C were an option, lol. I thought the Keepers were going to do something cool too! Nope. Playing through this series has (obviously) reminded me of KOTOR. That was the first game I ever really played with multiple endings and decision trees. With this in mind, what game should I pick up next? Final question - has anyone played Andromeda? In summary, this has absolutely been worth the effort. The Legendary Edition in particular would be great for people new to the series. Highly recommend, and the series could easily place within my top five games of all time.
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    TV shows I'm on at the moment: Foundation - excellent sci-fi series. Definitely worth a look, especially if you enjoy digging into lore etc. Shining Girls - just started this one, but will definitely mess with your head. Serverance - also an interesting one. Sarah in particular liked this. I feel a bit dirty saying it, but all are on Apple TV (which we got for free for three months).
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