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    New build! CPU: i7 10700k 4.8ghz GPU: Gigabyte Windforce OC 3X RTX 2070 Super Ram: Corsair Vengence LPX 16gb (2x8gb) DDR4 2400mhz Mobo: Gigabyte Z490 UD PSU: ThermalTake 750w Semi Modular 80+ Gold Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX v2 Case: Coolermaster NR600 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 250gb M.2: Micron M.2 Sata SSD 250gb HDD Seagate Barracuda 2tb. Fans: 3x Corsair ML 120mm, 2x ML 140mm Ram will be the next thing i get, along with a bigger M.2 (and NVME not Sata) as its currently holding Call of Duty which as of last night is now 226gb.
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    Jebus and I played a few rounds tonight with some randoms. It was quite fun. Rounds are quick and even when you're "dead" there's stuff to do. Would be great fun with a server full of clannies.
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    After Shrivey forcing us to buy a Worms game that didn't work, I think I'll pass on this round
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    Shrive chipping away at his lists...
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    This would take me 2 years to figure out and definitely reflect my age lol! There would be a lot of Nintendo on this list. Might give it a crack one day!
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    Oh turns out I get it with Origin Premium so looks like I will be getting it after all.
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    I have been playing squad once or twice a week. Had some great games. I'll jump on this weekend.
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    So if you just add Rocket League to your Epic Games library they'll give you a $15 voucher for the Epic Store (which needs to be used before November). Free money, and don't even need to download.
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    Had a few rounds, seems fun, feels pretty old school like BO 1 & 2. also very janky and unrefined like old school, no polish like MW19. Guns hit well and feel good. Ive always loved the BO campaigns so ill get it probably for that, and hope they polish MP which i assume they will.
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    I've played a few rounds. TTK is slower then MW19, Movement is heaps janky, the aim assist for console players is on levels of "is that an aimbot or is he a console player" Overall it runs pretty good but needs some work.
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    I'll admit that was an oversight on my behalf...
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    It damn well feels like that. Doesn't help when we need to watch something to cross it off, and Sarah just wants to put on some normal TV! There's no time for normal TV - if it's any good we'll stream it later!
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    So I watched most of the qualifiers today. Lots of amazing matches, especially in the mid-tier games. So below are the 8 teams that have qualified for the finals tomorrow with a quick description of the teams, and my thoughts. 1. Renegades - CJCJ, Kamii, Siki These guys were the top team in the off season, they won every series between last world championship. They have been one of the best teams in Oceania for the last few years, always around the top 3 position and only missing 1 trip to the world championships. Est Position: 1 2. Cringe Society - Torsos, Drippay, Decka Always the bridesmaid during the off-season, coming in second to Renegades multiple times. This has been Oceania's no 1 team that has gone to worlds the most and got the best results of any Oceania team. Est Position: 2 3. Ground Zero - Julz. Express, Amphis Have been the third best team in Oceania, taking advantage when one of the 2 top teams aren't playing at their best. Est Position: 3 4. Canberra Havoc - SpyDoge, Le Duck, Walcott Went to the world championships last year as Oceania's no 2 team. They never won a match there, and looked completely outclassed by the Europe and NA teams. Have managed to beat some of the top teams on their day, but usually they are just behind. Est Position: 5 5. Mindfreak - Requiem, Fever, cavemanben All players that have been around the scene for a few years and usually come in around the 4th or 5th mark. Always just around the top tier, but just behind them, usually a step ahead of the next set of teams and should come in around the middle. Est Position: 4 6. Vort Central - Snowy, Vortexioz, Tango Final match of the day saw them make it into the finals. Some big plays came out, added with some huge misses that just allowed easy goals against them. Est Position: 7 7. Hazard Esports - Cyrexal, Shmoopernator, Negative Again another new team that has come from no where. Had some huge plays, but also some huge misses. Had some amazing plays today, but they were against other lower teams, didn't have much of a showing against the top teams. Est Position: 6 8. Cowabunga - Joel, eli, Moss I have not seen these guys so far, they haven't been in the top 8 at all, but in the games I saw they aren't quite consistent enough to challenge the top teams. I think they will be happy just making the top 8 at this point. I can't see them challenging any of the teams in the finals. Est Position: 8 Tomorrow kicks off at 11am AEDT on https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague I will be around to watch it and talk shit if anyone wants to watch.
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    Suck at Geography? Good luck with this game.
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    I started making a new list and noticed I already had a list in here... don't remember making one, but anyway New list was over 50% the same games... a few of the older ones dropped off as I forgot about them... replaced by newer things.
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    Rising Storm 2 Vietnam free on Epic
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    I'm going to revise once I finish Mass Effect 3 (so by about 2025).
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    Based on my experience in the social work sector, this is 100% correct
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    Oh man, that's so bad - makes you wonder how many critical production servers are running on top of some awful deprecated backbone or how many systems in the world are held up solely by hopes and prays.
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    uPlay is currently having a sale. upto 80% off on most titles.
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    JackFrags streamed the campaign last night. I only watched about 30 minutes or so before falling asleep at the computer 😂 the first-person perspective doesn't seem as jarring as I thought it would of been. Having said that I'll wait for a few reviews to come out before getting this.
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    Reviews seem decent, i like the idea of having to choose where your power goes, a bit more thinking mans flying possibly. I have to many assignments to get done to try it anyway, but let us know how it goes.
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    Looks nice and neat!! Just Because i have recently done a whole bunch of research on this recently for my own build, unless you are transferring huge files on a regular basis (4k video editing, 3d graphics etc) the bang for buck is probably better placed with a sata ssd. There just isn't a lot that can utilize the speeds claimed. Games won't load any faster. But if budget isn't a concern then nvme the best. Also note your board is pci-e 3, just e careful your not paying for speeds meant to run on pci-e 4. They are backwards compatible but you will loose out on that quoted number advertised if you do transfer that girthy file.
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    I had 80GB in my first build I believe. Then upgraded to a 320GB velociraptor drive. Now I'm filling 14TB on my NAS and about 12TB on my computer between HDDs and SSDs.
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    Ill wait for your review
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    7 hours to go. If timing lines up(slow friday night), might get it and try for the 2 hours to make my mind up. Otherwise waiting for reviews!
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    Ah spinning rust! I remember my first 1tb HDD, and thinking I would literally never fill that.
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    What's that shiny Seagate thing on the left?
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    Looking very nice. Neat and tidy.
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    More Rocket League championship games coming up this weekend. OCE Regional Event 3 will be on Saturday and Sunday from 11am both days. Saturday is the Swiss style qualifiers (Top 16 down to top 8) Sunday is the finals for the top 8. As this is the third and final regional event, the week after will the OCE Major. This will be contested by the top 16 teams which are calculated by the finishing positions in the regional events. Same format is used for the major, Saturday 10th will be the Swiss qualifiers (Top 16 down to Top 8), with Sunday 11th being the top 8 finals. I will hopefully be able to watch most of the games both weekends, but I will be sitting down properly and watching the majors on the 10th and 11th
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    Thought I'd also add the link to the page for RTX Voice, since it was updated to work with non-RTX cards. Download link is there as well. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/guides/nvidia-rtx-voice-setup-guide/
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    I actually own this. I have friend who keeps trying to get me into it.
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    Definitely going to be fun with clannies.
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    Anyone have a copy of this? https://store.steampowered.com/app/945360/Among_Us/ Only $7.50. Could be a fun games night from what I've read. Randomly accusing each other of being a spy seems right up our alley.
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    All I've been doing over the last month is watching Youtube vids of people playing this game. Probably one of the most entertaining games to watch! Would def be up for a game
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    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 free on Epic at the moment.
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    Wow... other people put up with him too... I didn't think there were that many of us...
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    Who woulda thunk it, finally. I'm keen for a weekend roll out. Also worth noting, it's on sale now but after the sale it's going up in cost to cover the development.
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    Yeah my bad, forgot to actually link it.
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    And if you open Steam and link it to your Epic account it will be the same account anyway
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    After 5 years, Squad is officially now 1.0! I'll be deffs checking this out over the weekend! patch notes are here! https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/393380/view/2806262922970119631
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    On the topic of "upgrades" Nvidia also released "RTX Broadcast" a couple of days ago and its actually fairly decent. The "camera" side of things is still in beta, but has some pretty remarkable features notably the "background remover" and the "background blur" the blur is my favorite of the 4 features as it gives the impression that the user is using a DSLR or Action Camera without having to go and spend a high amount of money. They have also updated the RTX Voice to work on the pascal cards without having to remove a few lines of code.
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    I see @MasterShrive is twisting BP's arm into buying games again
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    https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us Another option to purchse Among Us. This way gives the devs more money, and you still get a steam key I have purchased it... haven't got around to a game yet
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    Rocket League is now F2P, which means that you can no longer buy it through Steam. New event coming this weekend starting as a Fortnite crossover event. I really want that battlebus car. Rest of the stuff I am not that worried about, but will be interesting to see how it works. Reading up on it, it seems that there will be challenges to do, each challenge will unlock an item.
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    Watch Dogs 2 currently free on Epic.
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    Turns out it's not for my GTX 1080Ti anyway
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