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    Played a bit of Dirt Rally recently. This one hit home, I always cut too @RallyMan Oh, while I found that, in case anyone hasn't seen this either. It made my week:
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    So FS has been given away free on Epic... Who is up for some tractor racing?
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    I am so up for Farming... as I already own it on Steam anyway... Also with FS19, you can setup multiple farms on the same map, so everyone can have a million $'s to waste on a single tractor to race/smash around the map
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    haha always love me some dirt rally. (dirt rally 2 is even better! ) as it happens this was testing my first ever sim rig I built (nothing compared to my current one ) same stage as the dont cut video (2:16 in this one) set the 21st fastest time in the world in this run, think from memory i had the 5th or 6th fastest time on this stage
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    @MasterShrive you want a free farmsim? How about you come over and try the fergo farms mod for free.
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    Oh god, I'm still working through the trauma of our last multiplayer farming adventure. My therapist says no, but my body, oh my body says yes.
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    Lol, perfect. So it is a big rip to void opal mining I don't understand the devs goal, it isn't an MMO so they don't need to have a high retention on players by making them grind. The game feels like it should be somewhat accessible with a small grind for most parts.
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    yeah using a acer predator 34" ultrawide now. not as much side view but easier on the graphics card and better for everything else. (3 monitors is a pain for normal life) ideally would love to go VR but the graphics in them is to low for my liking
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    Oh yeah! Another game I really wanted but don't have time to play
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    Bump!.... Free now till the 21 Feb.
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    Yeah, tis the end of an era for Void Opals, now they're hovering around 650k/unit since I last posted about them, and the one instance there was a station selling for over 1mil, it only lasted about 2 hours, so unless you had some ready to sell right away, yeah nah, the regular payouts now are shite! Low Temp Diamonds are pretty much the only one above 1mil/unit now, and it does have the advantage of being both surface & deep core mining. But yeah, I don't get what Frontier is trying to achieve with these sort of changes either. It's bad enough they reduced the value of the high end minerals, but then they don't make any of the other money making activities more appealing. Like, if they wanted players to do more missions like cargo/combat/passenger etc., I don't see why they couldn't have given them some higher payouts, to compensate for the mining taking a hit. Some days before this patch, I'd rather spend hours mining for Opals to get a nice chunk of change, than engage with the missions that sometimes require more work to complete. It's like when I used to do those wing cargo missions a while back (sometimes solo). It was only later that I realised that they some of them had some abysmal payouts for the amount that needed to be delivered (sometimes in the thousands of tons), and it was worse if the destination was further away & threat of pirates as a secondary objective, constantly interdicting you when you entered the destination system. While pirates were a thing in mining, it was nowhere near as intrusive & didn't become a crutch. And it doesn't help when the Wing system is constantly been ignored by FDev, and are still not working as they should. Doing the pirate massacre missions while in them is a nightmare, when the nav lock still likes to drop you out hundreds of km away from your wing mates, each member of a wing sees a different mission target, so we pretty much can't all converge on the same point and drop in at the same time, which is what it should have been when they first introduced it. But nah, let's not fix that, let's nerf stuff that didn't need to be, or at the very least, not to the extent like it has. While I still jump on and play every couple of days or so, if the Fleet Carriers & the 2020 update don't have anything substantial to add & mix up the gameplay (especially being a paid update), the game will either not progress any further and be stuck in a grindy stalemate, or just keep getting nerfed without something else being buffed to compensate.
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    It's not here quite yet, but from the 31st of Jan to the 7th of Feb you can get Farming Simulator 19 free on Epic Games Launcher. I missed the last time the clan played this, but from what I can tell we're doing ourselves a disservice if we don't jump on board!
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    Emu war! Now I feel how grandad did when he saw we played WW2 games for fun.
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    Welp, I've been playing since the update & the subsequent patch (the original update added stuttering issues) And of course, one of the things that was a concern, was the changes to high-end material mining. Last night, I started doing some mining for LT Diamonds, as Void Opals have dropped in value (from around 1.6-1.7mil/unit pre-update to around 770k/unit post-update), while the diamonds are still reaching values of 1.1mil/unit. I managed to find a triple LT Diamond hotspot, which was pretty good for finding them. After gathering 400t, I travelled to a station about 170ly away from the hotspot system to sell them. Here's the results, So yeah, unless things change, some mining has dropped in value. Some reasons point to bringing it more in line with other in-game money making activities, some think the nerf was justified because it was paying out too much. Whatever it may be, those Fleet Carriers better not be some exorbitant amount, or else the grind for creds will be one for the ages.
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