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    Is it sad that when you opened with 'So I have a new saga' that I rubbed my hands with glee and anticipation?
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    There is some Worms themed update for this game. Grab a slabby from you local and lets make a weekend of it.
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    FYI. Not sure how many of you bought a 1 year pass of Origin Premier Access when BF5 was coming out, but mine just finished up. I noticed a week or two ago that the pass automatically updated the game in my library to the Year 2 Edition, so I opened it up and claimed all the shipments that were available in the Armory. I figured I'd still want to play the game from time to time, so I bought a copy off cdkeys.com, and all the content that I claimed earlier from the Year 2 Edition was still on my account, even though I only purchased the base game.
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    i did a thing... and just for lolz, i came across this one i had forgotten about on my alt google account;
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    I'm glad there have been so many positive things said about this game! I'm planning on getting through it over the next few weeks
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    Well they're not gonna lose too many brain cells, worth it hahaha.
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    I still haven't played much of this, given it pretty shit optimised. Though after the latest game patch and NVIDIA driver, and tweaking the game settings, I've gone from (at 2560x1440) jumping around in the 50FPS, to jumping around in the 70FPS. So I'll probably get into it a bit now, given it's more bearable to play. You can thank Hardware Unboxed for taking the stupid amount of time it would take to benchmark each setting individually.
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    If only you told me that TWO DAYS AGO!!
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    So I have a new saga. At school, we won't be getting the NBN for our internet (because it goes through some other Education Department lines). However, our phone lines still need to be changed over at some point. A few months ago they contacted us to say they needed to send technicians to check out our lines. After numerous back and forth they realised that anyone coming on site would need a Working With Children Check. And after being told this was explicitly the case, of course the first person they sent didn't have one. We allowed him to do his work anyway (although he argued the point, so we could have just sent him away - side note, this was the same guy who actually fixed my line). So he did his initial prep work. Then a couple of months later again we're told another tech needs to come out to do more work. Again, we emphasise the WWCC. We book an afternoon appointment. No one shows. I sat there until 5pm with no contact from them at all. So they got an angry email. They then apologised and we booked another appointment for a few weeks later in the morning. At the last minute, the nearest technician has a family emergency. Optus at least contacted us this time to say he couldn't come, but that they are organising another tech as quickly as possible for the afternoon. In their wisdom (organised from Sydney), they decided to send a technician from Adelaide (five hours drive). Old mate arrives, no WWCC (because he's from a different state), and he's as confused as anyone as to why they sent him of all people. Anyway, he does his work, but there's one final step to go. So we make one "last" appointment for the changeover. Again, a month or two ago we made the booking set for today. Today is report writing day, so if they screwed it up then at least we wouldn't have kids at school and parents trying to ring us. I shit you not, this is what happened: Telstra cut the lines from their end in preparation for the appointment (standard procedure). Technician cannot make appointment (also standard procedure). Telstra cannot get the lines back up and running. Optus (our provider) try to contact us to tell us our phones are down. How did they try to contact us you ask?They tried to ring the school to tell us that our phones weren't working! After realising that this wouldn't work, they sent me an email to apologise and assure us that they are trying to get our phones back up and running as quickly as possible. I replied that we want compensation. *sigh*
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    Direct off Battle.net. That's good enough for me, going to grab the standard edition.
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    TL;DR They told iiNet not to do it again.
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    completed it over the weekend really enjoyed the game and would recommend lack of auto travel was painful at times as you have to go back over the maps several times as you power up to get all the hidden crates ect so a lot of time wasted running around particularly on Dathomir and the maps are pretty big there is no planned dlc from what i have read so longevity after initial play through is limited.
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    https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/january-update-beta-announcement.530478/ Frontier has announced the dates for the January Update beta (27/11 - 2/12). The update itself is scheduled for release towards the end of January. Some of the fixes/changes have been highlighted in the post, as well as confirmation of proper patch notes, that should be released sometime next week. While there are some fixes that are good to see, wing mining with seismic charges malfunctioning isn't one of them... It's mentioned for future updates, but still... Also on the Community Goal front, contributions for the Feds (Tier 7/8, I've delivered just over 12k for the Feds myself) are more than doubling the Imps' numbers (Tier 4/8). So at this rate, anyone who wants a Federal Corvette, the upcoming double navy rank earnings in December will be very helpful.
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    sold a few parts here over the years, might be worth a look. https://forums.overclockers.com.au/forums/for-sale-pc-related.15/
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    i have brought it and it is amazing!! Combat feels really good, Plays well, The game itself looks amazing. without a doubt well worth a play 9.5/10
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    ^^What Shrives said take a look at what they are going for on eBay, also you might have some luck on the PC buy/swap/sell pages on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bsscomputers/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/auspc/
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    I have game pass, I could be convinced to lose a night to losing a game
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    @NevilleBartos is it cruel we let two low IQ people do this for our own viewing pleasure?
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    Let me guess, Friday you have Pre-Pre-Season training for footy so you are fit enough to bench warm? On topic though... the addition of land mines and shit looks like lots of fun... So what time are we aiming for? 8.30? 9?
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    The Vulture is amazing for 1 thing, and that is hunting... Jumping between systems, cargo or anythign else it sucks at. But get it in a situation where you can go hunting pirates and it will just destroy most things with ease. I love my Vulture, but with it being so limited I don't use it as much as I would like. And that paint job looks awesome... I really should jump back in, but time for games seems so small lately.
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    oof, that does look good!
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    I thought for a change of pace, I'd post something a bit different. So a while ago, I finally bought a Vulture. And... now I can see why they are good!. Found a build with 2 Engineered Grade 3 Plasma Accelerators, and while they're fixed, if I can get a pirate in a large ship, close the distance with them and out of their weapon's sight lines & mess them up something fierce!. I jumped on tonight and I had some ARX built up, so I though I'd take a look and see what's on offer, and I found this paint job for the Vulture. Quite a nice one if I do say so myself!
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    I just finished watching Ad Astra. I'd like the last two hours back please.
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    I'm fed up with this world! *Blows up Alderaan* @TheLaw And yes, the Windu reaction face was priceless in that scene!
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    @Predz shared this on his personal Facebook today and i gotta say i chuckled at it one scene for alot longer than i should of. Tommy: Where expecting! Yoda: Hmmmm Windu: Windus face in that scene was just perfect hahaha
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    So when are you becoming an English creative arts writing teacher Shrives? Also AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    If they ever get rid of cable I'll refer to this thread for inspiration and hope
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    Does 88k even make a dent to telcos?
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    Yeah that's exactly standard. I reckon I hit them with stronger words myself, numerous times. And while iiNet only left me without internet for three weeks... that's only because I changed provider after those three weeks and it took Telstra another two months to get it sorted (albeit while using their 4G backup service). 12 months on the saga still haunts me, but at least I was able to get a small amount of cash or upgrades out of both of them.
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    I sent them one, but they said they didn't want to turn away readers
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    Hey nice work Shrive! Finally a news article about you that isn't accompanied by a mugshot.
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    All new Star Wars Jedi Game
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    Hi everyone, So pretty much 12 months to the day after my NBN saga started, the ACMA emailed me today to say they had concluded their investigation: https://www.acma.gov.au/articles/2019-11/iinet-penalised-after-customers-nbn-migration-goes-wrong
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    Probably felt like he just dropped a slab outside the local.
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    https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/ "And that's all she wrote..." Imperial CG Tier 4/8 1,713 contributors 5,597,738t contributed Federal CG Tier 8/8 3,828 contributors 15,000,061t contributed (14,036t myself) And with that, here's a recap of the rewards, - A Federation-affiliated Outpost will be added to the Upaniklis system. - From 5 December to 16 December, any Federation Rank will be earned at an double rate alongside a discount to Federal ships. - A Rare Good, Apa Vietii, will be introduced and become available for purchase at the new Outpost. - 'The Golconda' decal will be available to commanders who dock at the Outpost or the Federal megaship from 5 December to 16 December. Definitely gonna pick up the Federal Dropship & Assault Ship to complete my collection when the discounts come into effect. Maybe even another Corvette for good measure.
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    dying to that in a million dollar tournament, poor bastard LOL.
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    I had to turn it off because Origin is a piece of garbage too.
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    That's good timing I guess. Just randomly received an email from EA saying thank you for redeeming an Origin Access Membership Code ID: ausduckz Membership Plan: Origin Access Premier Membership - Non-recurring 1 Month Triple checked it wasn't a phishing email (though I didn't need to click on any of the links inside the email anyway). Opened up Origin, and my account name in the bottom left corner has the Premier logo there again now. Downloading Fallen Order and NFS Heat. Thanks EA EDIT: Turns out it was some sort of promo by EA. Anyone that had 2FA enabled on their account before October 31 will get a similar email and receive one month free Origin Access; https://help.ea.com/en-au/help/account/login-verification-and-origin-access/
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    Phase 2 has started, and as of posting, the Feds are in front. I'm planning on doing some runs for them over the Imps, as I know some who would like some double Federal Navy rank-earning goodness (Being pledged to an Imp powerplay faction is mainly for the Prismatic Shielding).
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    Yep love it. Best Star Wars title in years! Get it!
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    Selling them together? I usually see what they're going for on ebay and price around that. And I might also look at what I paid new and what current parts are worth new with similar performance. If you're not in a rush, aim high and see if you get any nibbles.
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    I like this plan... I might have to stop playing WoW to do it though... (Damn WoW crack)
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    Nice. Sounds like a trap.
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    I think i will do what i do almost every year, wait until the new one comes out and buy last years on sale ( CoD: WWII is currently $35) and play the SP.
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    Apparently alot of peopel are having pc problems with this game. Alternatively, apparently the graphics settings are numerous. i saw it running on a 4k monitor utilising a 2080ti and oh boy those this game look phenomenal.
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    https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/the-golconda-overview-of-phases.528650/ A few days ago, "The Golconda", one of the "generation ships" launched from Sol in the late 21st/early 22nd century (https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Generation_Ship), was found intact. Unlike some other discovered ships, this one has people still living onboard. And with this discovery, comes a new Interstellar Initiative. While it does have some of the usual community goals involving delivering materials to the system where the ship is located (Upaniklis), the 2nd phase sounds pretty good, as both the Federation & Empire want to build a planetary base for the colonists aboard, with the added incentive of rewards for the superpower that manages to get the most materials for the new base. - Phase 1 (8 November) - The independent faction, Upaniklis Vision Incorporated, has tabled a motion to provide much needed aid to the denizens of The Golconda. Meanwhile, criminal elements prepare their ships in a bid to exploit the supply convoys. This will mark the beginning of two Community Goals: Trade Community Goal - Deliver Basic Medicines, Advanced Medicines, Aluminium, Ceramic Composites, and Semiconductors to Fozard Port in the Upaniklis system. Bounty Hunting Community Goal - Deliver Bounty vouchers to Fozard Port in the Upaniklis system. Start Date - 8 November @ 15:00 (UTC) End Date - 14 November @ 15:00 (UTC) Soon after, Imperial and Federation megaships will move into the system and prepare their own plans to support The Golconda. - Phase 2 (18 November) - The Empire and Federation each pledge to help, but with different opposing approaches. The Empire seeks to provide the former colonists with a planetside home, helping them fulfil their original mission. They would provide full member status to the colony and help them become self-sustaining through teaching agriculture techniques. The Federation, however, seeks to honour the colonist's unique culture and provide them with an outpost of their own, allowing them to remain a permanent space colony. Landing pads would allow direct trade and help the colonists remain stocked with medicines and supplies. Two competing initiatives are set up, with the superpower with the most materials received winning the favour of the Golconda colonists. Empire Trade Community Goal - Deliver Polymers, CMM Composites, Titanium, Beryllium, and Thallium to the Empire Megaship, in the Upaniklis system. Federation Trade Community Goal - Deliver Polymers, CMM Composites, Titanium, Beryllium, and Thallium to Federation Megaship, in the Upaniklis system. Start Date - 18 November @ 15:00 (UTC) End Date - 26 November @ 15:00 (UTC) - Interstellar Initiative Rewards - Only one of the two opposing Superpowers may be victorious in this Interstellar Initiative. Backing a specific Superpower will result in different rewards: If the Empire are successful: - An Empire-affiliated Planetary Port will be added to the Upaniklis system. - From 5 December to 16 December, any Empire Rank will be earned at a double rate alongside a discount to Imperial ships. - A Rare Good, Apa Vietii, will be introduced and become available for purchase at the new Planetary Port. - 'The Golconda' decal will be available to commanders who dock at the Planetary Port from 5 December to 16 December. If the Federation are successful: - A Federation-affiliated Outpost will be added to the Upaniklis system. - From 5 December to 16 December, any Federation Rank will be earned at an double rate alongside a discount to Federal ships. - A Rare Good, Apa Vietii, will be introduced and become available for purchase at the new Outpost. - 'The Golconda' decal will be available to commanders who dock at the Outpost from 5 December to 16 December.
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    I have also found a glitching bush which is quite fun.
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