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    Look, I'm not proud of what happened, but a kill's a kill. I got the kill because I was the last person to do damage to the BRDM, which happened when it ran me over. I got confused, didn't realise I was safe, and ran back at it.
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    So to run windows 11 you need a TPM module and have secure boot enabled. Overall couple of features that seem pretty nifty like the android apps integration, and the new window snapping layout selection... Think ima wait a bit for getting this. On newer computers just enable PTT (Intel) or fTPM (AMD) once you've done that, boot back into Windows winkey+r type tpm.msc and you should (in theory) have this
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    It has come to my attention that BF1 is now free with Twitch Prime. I'm certainly not promoting that anyone gets the game, but merely giving directions on how to get away from the game. DO NOT CLAIM THE GAME.
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    The way BP says ... 'Oh my god shrive' is priceless
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    Wasn't expecting this. I guess we will have to bring back Sunday shenanigans....
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    In a bit of a surprise, Company of Heroes 3 was announced today. It looks like Italy and North Africa could be the focus, which are two theatres often overlooked. It's still a while away, but CoH2 is on sale on Steam if anyone is interested.
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    If you're interested in some good Adam Sandler acting: Uncut Gems. Under the radar movie. Felt like 2 hours of anxiety attacks.
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    Yeah, playing the beta first and then mid week of the early access on launch week before I consider buying it. #Don'tForgetBF4Launch
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    Pfft pre-order... would rather buy it day 1 for 10% extra I will be waiting to see what people think from any beta before I look at buying
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    Portal sounds good. Should keep things fresh for a long time. Feeling a little bit hyped now there's interesting things to do in it. Now they just need to not screw up the netcode. Open beta in September.
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    TBH it's just 3mins of me hiding in a bush playing with my spawn becon.
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    Gameplay reminds me of the battle of the bulge campaign they had for CoH2 very Total War-style, which i liked.. will be interesting to see
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    Bit darker, yeah. It's not a comedy but it's listed as a Crime/Comedy - I never laughed during it... Probably from all the anxiety induced from all the yelling in the movie, haha.
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    There's a free arcade racing game on Epic at the moment. No idea what it offers MP wise, but could be fun.
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    https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/crime/the-victorian-woman-who-died-after-a-fourday-exorcism/news-story/76f34615b6f8a291a5df7f1033c1333a My Mum grew up just south of Antwerp and my Pop ran the blacksmith I believe. Mini, haven't you got relatives around there as well?
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