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    Judging by Nev's comments I assumed he had had a few drinks and put it down to an old man rant...
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    So in a rather odd turn of events. I thought I'd do a speed test tonight to see how shitty the 4G backup speeds are. Now as most of us are aware Telstra cap the 4G back up to 5 down and 2 up IIRC, but it seems they have lifted/removed said cap? Either that or because I live in a country town with a population of 2,550 (as per the 2016 census) and no one is using it at this hour of the night. Now Dad is going to ring them on Tuesday (as he forgot that he is also listed on the account with the highest permissions) to see whats going on, and if we'll be connected before 2020 is out. Also having said that I will be there for the Xmas/NYE celebrations!
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    So after receiving a number of messages from BP showing off his old tech, I thought it could be an interesting endeavour for people to post older specs of PCs they have built or used in the past. Below is the very first PC that Nath and I ever had in our house. It's main purpose was for Dad to complete the farm books on. This lasted two weeks, and he never touched a computer again until the introduction of SuperCoach about 15 years later. But it did provide a great gaming opportunity for the rest of us. It was a Christmas present, and on Christmas morning of 1996 there was a desk sitting in the kitchen area with a sheet over the top of it. I was 10 and Nath was 4. We were told it was new furniture for Nana and Pa, who were joining us for Christmas lunch. So we didn't think twice about it. The adults were expecting us to eventually take a peek under the sheet and thus see the surprise - but we were very well behaved children and none of us even considered looking. Hours later they finally told us we could take the sheet off, and our lives changed forever. This PC served us for five years, until it was finally traded in for $100. In that time it did literally blow up; the PSU (possibly full of dust) crapped itself and there were actual sparks and smoke. Somehow this didn't take out the rest of the hardware. When the computer was repaired and returned, Dad wouldn't let us play the demo disk we'd been using when disaster struck as he figured that was the cause. I remember collecting the machine after it was fixed and there was a giant poster for MechWarrior 2 on the wall - which was very impressive for the time. Some highlights from this build include: 100Mhz Pentium CPU 16MB RAM 1.2GB HDD 1MB PCI Video Card 8 x Speed CD ROM Drive 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive Some software included: Windows 95 Webster's Encyclopedia Microsoft Dangerous Creatures Microsoft Works (which from I can tell was a poor man's Office) Final cost: $2283.95 - which probably isn't too bad for the time. This machine was never connected to the internet, or any network for that matter. If I remember correctly, it came with a Turbo button and we had no idea what its purpose was. It also met the bare minimum requirements to play Age of Empires, which was promptly put on my birthday list in 1999 after playing it a friends house. And that is how I got into gaming.
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    Righto so, we have a case manager now, I believe it's someone from Melbourne *shock horror* she got appointed to us a week before Xmas. Since being assigned to us the following has happened. - She's called either my dad or step mum every 2nd day giving us updates on what's happening and if there is anyway she can help, - We finally got ahold of someone at NBN Co who have blamed Telstra for not calling them to arrange a connection date - Telstra have pointed fingers at the NBN Co saying that they have rung them and arranged a date (which they haven't) - Our case manager is sending out a 4G Connection dongle free of charge and will apply our connection to the Simcard. - Case manager is also sending out a new modem (Gen 2 i believe) - Case manager has also wiped last months and this months bill so far - Case manager is looking into giving us a free speed tier upgrade until the end of our contract - Step mum has FINALLY started writing everything down including employee delta numbers (mine was D435032 when I worked for them) plus conversation numbers - Step mum will be calling the TIO tomorrow to lodge a complaint against Telstra.. Our case manager even told us to do so. - Have also been told that the job is marked as to be completed by the 28/01/2021 which imo is friggen ridiculious. With that said. Dad and my step mum have reneged on switching providers still trying my best to convince them this would never have happened with ABB. Its been 6 weeks now with no internet at all. So hopefully in the next week or so i should/will/maybe have internet? Who knows at this point.
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    That's the only one I have installed, so yes, BF4.
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    Are you playing on PC or console? Also I can't wait for the ACCC ruling and court case that goes after CDPR, it's bullshit that big developera think they can get away with sending out broken content to consumers and then "patch" it down the track
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    oh 100% mate, i wrote down the numbers for both the TIO and the ACCC. I told my step mum you cannot let them walk over you, just because they throw the blame on to NBN Co who funny enough throw the blame on Telstra. I'll see if i can catch up with my step mum before she heads off to work asking if I can lodge a complaint on her behalf.
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    Did some more today, ended up with around 30 mil in bounties. Managed to push to the Top 10% for the CG (as of when I logged off earlier), which is currently on Tier 2/5. My carrier is in HIP 23155 (about 5LY from the CG system). If I don't do more tonight, I'll probs do a bit more tomorrow.
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    I signed up for the combat CG earlier today, managed to get around 3 mil in bounties, which was top 25% (at the time the screenshot was taken). I'll be taking the carrier out there again to do some more over the weekend.
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    And with it being free on there, hopefully there will be a huge influx of players to get shot by
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    Thanks for the notification @Predz I will be jumping in over the weekend to shoot some pirates (Or really anyone who moves in front of my lasers)
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    Lemmings was a fantastic game!
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    Sounds very similar to mine. It's pretty stupid they have to send you out a 4G dongle because they can't lift the artificial speed limit on the 4G backup in the router. I had that problem too. Very dumb. (Also, sell the dongle once you've finished with it $$$). Request a free speed upgrade AND a price reduction for the duration of the contract. That's what I've got. They actually tried to charge me full price this month (as it's been two years since my saga). I contacted them and said a] they gave no warning of a price change; and b] I contacted them last month to find out when my current deal ends and I was told June. So they've now extended my deal of 100 Mbit/s for $79 until June. After that I'll probably go elsewhere.
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    I believe the first family PC we got was an IBM and it looked very similar to the PC 300PL, came preloaded with Commander Keen 4, Raptor: Call of the Shadows and Lemmings. My first ever PC I got was an ACER prebuilt. i5 2400s 12GB DDR3 1TB WD Green 550w PSU ATI 7570 Compared to what i have now, PC tech has come along way.
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    I was definitely too young to have any idea of what was in my first PC. I do remember smashing out some Duke Nukem on it though
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    It's on the list.
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    We watched Palm Springs the other night, which is a fun little film. Got a Groundhog Day sort of thing going on:
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    In photos of old tech though, my brother and I did manage to dig this box of old stuff out of a shed at mum and dads about a year ago. Everything in there still worked, just had a few cockroaches walking out of the side of everything. This included the original NES, with light gun (Stupid things don't work with LCD tvs), Atari 2600, and a few joysticks for it.
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    How High was Nolan when he made this? Cool moments. Poor characters, main character didn't eve have a name (imdb has it has "the protagonist).
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    If it wasn't clear already, it was that day everyone knew I wasn't taking over the farm...
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    Cassie and I actually saw this release week in an actual cinema with other people in it!! It was an interesting concept and I feel like it was well executed, not a sci fi action movie that many could watch and enjoy but overall all really good!
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    I can quite vividly imagine your parents wondering what they'd paid for 😂
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    Well, I can't go into quite as much detail as Shrive can, of course - but I can one-up you in one area! Mine is still running to this day, though it's long since transitioned out as my main machine. It's now in the optimistically titled 'Server Room', which is actually the cupboard under the stairs. Running as our main media streaming server, along with a bunch of other misc stuff. This thing has been running solid for YEARS at this point - coming up on 10 or so I think. Fingers crossed for another 10!
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    Ha, remembering what PC's we had is impossible... Although I do remember us getting a 286 in about 1991/92 (I think) for mum and dad to use for keeping track of cattle and stuff on the farm. This was promptly promoted to kids gaming machine and I'm not sure any farm work was ever entered onto it. But we also started with an old Amstrad that had a full green screen, and an Atari 2600. So there was always some type of gaming device in the house Impressive to find the bloody receipt though... who keeps a receipt from 1996, warranty is well and truly void at that point
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    So my Vulture might be able to make actual money now... Ooooooo... I might have to look into it again
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    Yikes. That must mean I backed it sometime before then...
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    Judy in a wetsuit was better. According to the kataku article, for misleading investor's.
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    I went cyber ninja. I kind of broke the game though. There is a perk that lets your quick hacks do crits. So ive gone hard core crit chance crit damage buffs with a bunch of hacking buffs (20 intel, 16 cool currently). I can take out and entire enemy strong hold with a single contagion hack that spreads most times and anyone left gets a system reset hack. Especially if i take over the cameras and do it all from outside the actual base. Makes me feel super fuking cool. Running around with 1 lethal revolver (johnnis gun) 1 non lethal revolver, 1 sniper and mantis blades. HBU?
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    Honestly? You must be incredibly fortunate. I'm closing in on 60 hours and i can't go 5 minutes without something. More often then not its just a small bug, like t-poses on a motor bike or an NC gliding along the floor. I have have had about 5 quest breaking bugs that i had to reload saves on and 1 that was game breaking that got patched (thank lord) in the 1.05. Don't get me wrong, i really like it. But i have chosen to just finish the main quest for now and loose myself to a 100+ playthrough in a years time so epic and heart wrenching moments aren't ruined for me. Just to give people a bit of gauge, I have a 3900x and a 3080 and at 1440p. ultra (phsyco) settings RayTracing on i get about 30-40fps. With DLSS enabled i get a solid 55-75 With ray tracing off i get 90-120fps. Have been finding volumetric fog is a big saver for fps while outside. Shadows and reflections will save you for indoor fps. If you are cpu bound drop the crowd density. I really can't stress enough that i think anyone who hasn't picked it up should wait. Witcher 3 1 year later with mods was the best way to play W3. I just feel bad for all the actual workers. I can just imagine giving 8-9 years of your life on this game, crunching just to get it done, only to be rewarded with a holiday season of more crunch just to fix the game because investors and quarterly quotas needed to be appeased. There is a truly awesome game hidden underneath bugs, glitches and absolutely horrendously underbaked AI.
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    If nothing else the 4G back up should do TS and Among Us. I need my alibi!
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    Will you be that far through your list?
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    I was sitting here today thinking that this was on the 20th and I had missed it... Nope still a few days until I forget about it and miss it anyway (Or you guys spend the whole time playing boring games like BF4)
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    I do quite enjoy when Nev does this 😂
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    The Witcher 3 was pretty damn good Nev!
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    I've been having a blast with the game. Only a couple of graphical glitches here and there that's it. Running i9 9900 and the ol 1070 on high settings and getting around 40 to 50 frames, which is fine for me in a single player game. Graphically it doesn't look that much better then GTA 5 so not sure how its so demanding. Was GTA 5 graphically demanding? Never played it on PC. Maybe it looks way better with that Ray Tracing stuff that I have no idea about. Think a lot of the problems are on console maybe? But couldn't really care too much about graphics as the game play is really fun. Pretty involved game play mechanics and different ways you can take on the missions using hacks, stealth, guns blazing. I usually start out trying to be sneaky then stuff it up so out come the guns! Also the City is really fun to explore and find myself just getting lost so much. Heaps of side missions that are really fun and main story line has been really good so far. It really is pretty similar to GTA just set in a futuristic setting and more RPG elements to how you can customise your charachter with different implants and hacks you can equip.
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    Just read that Sony has pulled the game from their digital store and is offering full refunds if you purchased it. What a shitshow 😂
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    Pench, give them a break. They only had 8 years to work on it.
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    That is not okay. Still feel free to say that compensation is nowhere near enough and you'll be going to the TIO if it isn't sorted immediately. And make sure you've got a log of everything, including dates and what was discussed. Honestly, I'd lodge it with TIO ASAP, regardless of whether they call tomorrow. May as well start the process in my opinion.
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    Here's the gameplay reveal trailer for the Odyssey expansion,
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    Okay so I woke up this morning, to check the speeds, and I noticed my phone was asking me to sign in.... did a speed test and now its back to shit again. 0.01 down and the upload doesn't even register might hotspot my phone for a few hours tonight and come say g'day.
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    Don't think I'll be attending at this point. Still, no internet, and the 4G backup we have is super slow. Hopefully, by some miracle, we do get connected after Xmas but I don't see it happening.
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    Oh boy let me fill you in. Today my step mum was home from work sick with a bad migraine from stress about the move we all just did. She rang them whilst Dad and i were attending a funeral and when we got home she was still on the phone to them. The first excuse we got was something unforeseen, so she hung up on them after arguing with them and gave Aussie Broadband a call, they got the order processing but got told that there is an issue with the exchange here in Manilla accepting new connections and that the NBN sever was also having issues. fast forward 3 hours, she recieved a text from the tech who was supposed to come today saying that the order was cancelled due to flooding, now there is flooding on the north coast around Lismore and the surrounding areas... which is a good 5 - 6 hour drive from Manilla. So back on the ol telephone to the complaints department. They gave her some old 1800 number that the NBN Co doesn't even use anymore (was there "complaints" department) Finally we got on to someone who sounded promising but oh boy were we wrong! NBN Co kept telling them its flooding and that they will call us within the next business day. So my step mum kindly asked for a discount this is what they offered. $10 off the next bill An extra 8gb of data on her and dads mobile phone plans my step mum and dad were not happy. Dad was yelling things in the background only making it worse. So we are going to wait for the phone call tomorrow. get connected and move to ABB Bloody over it.
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