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  1. Battlefield 2042

    despite all the issues, i am enjoying it! Once all the major issues are ironed out it'll be a pretty decent BF game
  2. Battlefield 2042

    Seems others on the newer generation of cards are struggling to maintain stable frames. Where others (like myself and @Predz) are having stable frames. It's also interesting to note that crossplay is forced on the Xbox Series X... and they are not happy whereas PC/PS5 get the option to disable it.... it kinda funny, for years we asked game developers to give us the ability to play with console players and now that we have said ability... you have people bitching to have it removed. 2 new bugs i noticed today. - About once every 5th match, i get a direct x error and the game hard freezes my PC.. i actually have to hard reset my PC.... like what is this? 2005? - seems hit reg is broken on any of the scopes above x1.25 (which is the default zoom even on iron sights) - hovercrafts are OP as fuck and are practically a tank that can climb buildings.... yes you read that right, hovercrafts that can CLIMB buildings and leap from said building to another... just like spiderman! Video of spiderman hovercrafts - I hope they dont remove the ability but more so just nerf the armour and damage they do.
  3. Battlefield 2042

    i7 10700k and 2070 Super
  4. Battlefield 2042

    5 hours total playtime so far. In the short time I've played, I've had more fun than I did during the 271 hours I put into BFV... Couple of bugs that I've noticed that I have come over from the beta. - the Q menu will just stop working altogether and the only fix is to restart the game. - getting out of a tank or jeep after an EMP grenade goes off broke all my weapons, I could not shoot even after the "effects" of the EMP wore off.. had to force respawn. - the hit detection is a little wonky atm, you can put 2 - 3 bullets into someone before the game registers that you have shot them. - got killed, got revived, and couldn't swap to my secondary. - when adjusting a slider in the menu it gets louder as if you are adjusting the volume. Those are the few I've encountered. Overall I expect a patch either in a few days or on the 19th when the game officially launches. Performance-wise I'm running it on high and getting a solid frame rate which I'm happy with. I give it a solid 8/10. I am still yet to try portal mode.
  5. Battlefield 2042

    I uh preordered it a day before the beta...
  6. Battlefield 2042

    Do they still do boxed copies of PC games? The last proper boxed game I got was GTA 5 in 2015
  7. Battlefield 2042

    Battlefield 2042 will be using the same anticheat as Apex and Fortnite, which iirc is Easy Anticheat. So we'll see how that goes i guess. Beta dates have been released too. 6 - 9th of October. So for us aussies, Thursday to Sunday based on timezones. Preload is available Wednesday.
  8. Company of Heroes 3

    Gameplay reminds me of the battle of the bulge campaign they had for CoH2 very Total War-style, which i liked.. will be interesting to see
  9. Windows 11

    So to run windows 11 you need a TPM module and have secure boot enabled. Overall couple of features that seem pretty nifty like the android apps integration, and the new window snapping layout selection... Think ima wait a bit for getting this. On newer computers just enable PTT (Intel) or fTPM (AMD) once you've done that, boot back into Windows winkey+r type tpm.msc and you should (in theory) have this
  10. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    So..... @MiniSanders and I were pretty keen on the new Dark Alliance game... Played it for roughly an hour and a half this afternoon. Unfortunately, this game is so broken that it doesn't register in Shadowplay as a game... it registers as "Desktop" and the best part? The desktop icon shortcut isn't named "Dark Alliance"..... Anywho here is the link to a cheeky youtube video I made from the highlights of this afternoon session.
  11. Battlefield 2042

    This was the pinnacle of BF3, the ultimate chad setup.
  12. Battlefield 2042

    Wait for the beta i guess. Gotta remember aswell this footage is pre alpha :/ the subreddit had an aneurysm over everything shown in the trailer haha
  13. NBN

    *Cries in fixed wireless speeds*
  14. Mechanical Keyboards

    So my K70 Mk2 about 2 months ago decided it wanted to play silly buggers and not show the correct RBG lighting format I selected, so I've FINALLY sent it back to PCCG for an RMA and hopefully, I get either a full refund or a replacement, however in the meantime for the last 2 months I've been using the Kogan mechanical keyboard its got Outemu blue switches and for $45 (what I originally paid) I haven't had a single issue with the keyboard, tho finding the actual software to change the RGB lighting was a pain. I did recommend the keyboard to @MiniSanders after had issues with his Corsair keyboard as well. Having said that Mini ordered some double-shot keycaps for his as the default font on the default keys was a bit of a pain to try and decipher what it meant, after seeing what they looked like I also ordered some and installed them this morning. They feel and add a bit of different sound compared to the default keycaps. Default keycaps Double-shot PBT keycaps
  15. Grand Theft Auto V

    @Predz and I tested the load times last night. I used to have to wait around 7 - 10 minutes to load into GTA Online, now it's cut down to about 2 minutes. They also did offer him a job apparently but he's only 16 from what I've heard so naturally, he had to decline the offer.
  16. NBN

    So I got a call from Barnaby Joyce's office today. They rang Telstra and have organized compensation for us. we are getting $375 in credit on the bill. $25 off our plan till the contract ends and they aren't charging us for the modem. Our case manager should call either dad or my step mum today to confirm this.
  17. NBN

    100% agreed, we got quoted $29,000 by the NBN Co directly to have FTTP installed, we also found out that was the quote to have the entire street done, not just our premises, Dad said he'd be behind the idea if it was just us.
  18. NBN

    I notice when it is peak usage time cause my speed will drop from 70 to about 60 - 55, from around 5ish until 10pm. Had no major issues at all since installing it. This weekend I'm getting a 30m cable and going back to wired rather than wireless.
  19. NBN

    We are in Pop's house as Pop has been moved to the hospital full time as he's too fragile to live by himself. Pop never had the NBN installed at all, so there was no pre-existing cable or dish on the roof. When Nan was alive they did have ADSL 2 but that was the extent of it. They assumed that we were gonna be happy with having a spotty 4G connection and a little 4GX dongle... So that's why it was a massive fight to get them to come out to install it. The installation process for fixed wireless is pretty simple. He put the dish in a spot where it has a clear line of sight at the base and tower with no obstructions at all.
  20. NBN

    Manilla, probably a little bit bigger than Nhill. At least our power doesn't shut off at 2 am The way the NBN Co installed the NBN here was bloody weird. Red pin is where i am, we are in a "fixed wireless area" and the solid shade of purple is all FTTC. Originally the town was supposed to get FTTP but it was soon changed to FTTN then FTTC with the rest geting Fixed Wireless.
  21. NBN

    Well we are already getting the max speed we can get on fixed wireless! waiting on the case manager to call so we can start another fight for refunds.
  22. NBN

    TBH mate I have no clue, I was so caught up in hearing the shit that old mate has had to deal with from the NBN Co lately I forgot to ask. But he did say that the job was listed as important and that it needed to be done before days end.
  23. NBN

    BOOM! the techy we had come all the way from Dubbo, ended up being here for 4 hours.
  24. NBN

    Barnaby Joyce's office rang me today. They wanted the account number for our Telstra account as they are going to escalate this as we asked for compensation this morning when our case manager rang my step mum to see if anyone was going to be home, and the case manager turned sour and snapped and said "I'll see what I can do, but I doubt it" in a shitty tone. Told the MP's assistant this, they assured me that we'd be awarded some sort of compenstation, as it's been 3 months since this all started and we've been paying $99 a month for a service we can't really use. Having said all that, the end is near fingers crossed this time tomorrow I'll have some sort of fixed internet service.