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  1. Welcome Predz

    woohoo! Congrats buddy!
  2. Elite Dangerous

  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I lost interest after Black Ops II, but this one has me keen.
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    All aboard the hype train!
  5. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Finished watching The Boys this morning before heading to the gym. Was rather interesting, the last episode definitely had a plot twist that I didn't see coming. The character development of Anthony Starrs character was particularly interesting. Keen for season 2.
  6. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    This was a pretty cool thing to watch, specially the projection on too the monument itself.
  7. Elite Dangerous

    Size comparison of my Anaconda and SRV (Planetary Vehicle)
  8. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I watched that on the weekend just gone, freaking amazing. as for The Boys, im 2 episodes in, and its pretty good.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    Nah all good Mini! Happy to help you guys out and get some credits to get those better and sweeter ships!
  10. Elite Dangerous

    travelled out to see the Voyager probes. 2.3 million light seconds away from earth. Now to track down New Horizons.
  11. Elite Dangerous

  12. Squad

    Yeah im keen boiz
  13. Elite Dangerous

    Shrive's auto docking computer had a hissy fit and wasn't working, so the digger had to land manually...
  14. Elite Dangerous

    -__- Its okay Mini, now i have to go back to where we all met up with Noodz last night.
  15. Elite Dangerous

    F's in chat boys for Mini! Well i'll be around from 6ish til late again if anyones up for a grind!
  16. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah man it was great, more than happy to do it again. Yeah hurry up Shrives, put that gaming list aside and come join the grind!
  17. Elite Dangerous

    I straight up asked Predz before i started playing, do i need a HOTAS or joystick in order to play? Straight up said no, keyboard and mouse is fine. I think the kb&m is more precise allows you to fine tune your movements, specially against the harder AI too.
  18. Elite Dangerous

    Oh god no, its a great little starter ship, but once you get the better ones you cannot help but laugh and say "was i really flying that around?"
  19. brooooooooooo the amount of times ive managed to go and do things while traveling to a place thats 500,000+ light seconds away is do damn high! I'd been keen to do some runs with you and anyone else
  20. Fishy boi! with BFV i do believe most of us played it at launch, but due the buggy mess that it is, i haven't played much since late april. Ive been playing Elite Dangerous and recently started a playthrough of Kingdom Come, oh and Tarkov once patch .12 drops!
  21. Gaming And Software Sales

    was told it was the "better" one, tho im gonna be picking up 18 this weekend.
  22. Gaming And Software Sales

    I ended up getting Elite Dangerous, F1 2016 and Insurgency Sandstorm. Gonna look at getting Stellaris next week.
  23. Insurgency Sandstorm will also be free this weekend too!!
  24. Have we got a setlist of games that we are playing for sure? Just so i know which ones to download prior to Saturday
  25. World War 3

    Perfect timing too, seeing as we have the ten year celebration event this weekend, id be keen for a game or two.