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  1. Hell Let Loose

    I've owned it for ages, and never really played it. I'm reinstalling now, so would be keen for a game at some point.
  2. NBN

    That might just be my favourite totally 100% real image I've ever seen. Faster than 197% of AU? That's impressive stuff.
  3. NBN

    I knew you guys would like that! Just wanted to share and make you happy! Always happy to host Shrive, we've got 400mbps up currently and ping times should be quite short with FTTH. Also happy to host physically, cause we've got a guest bedroom (after 2 weeks quarantine)
  4. NBN

    So they've started rolling out what's known as 'HyperFibre' in some parts of NZ recently. Country wide roll-out expected to happen in September. It utilises our existing fibre optic network, just an upgrade to the terminal installed at your house, and their switches. Someone posted this SpeedTest result after switching over to it recently: If you can't be bothered pulling out a calculator, that's 526MB/s down, 604MB/s up. I'm so tempted by it - but it would require a full upgrade of every piece of network kit I have, which is all limited to gigabit currently.
  5. Battlefield 4

    Technical issues preventing Shrive from joining? Colour me shocked.
  6. Battlefield 4

    I'll be on after dinner, likely 7pm NZ time onwards.
  7. Battlefield 4

    Yeah man, I'm in - last time was great fun.
  8. Blaster is back

    Hey Blaster, that's a name I haven't seen for a long time. Good to have you back mate.
  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I saw that Sony has delayed their upcoming announcement about the PS5 as well.
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical, but when this sort of announcement happens, I can't help but imagine a meeting happening in the Marketing team where they go "Wow, this is a terrible time to launch our next season, no one will buy it!" It always feels like a sales decision rather than an actual social justice statement.
  11. Battlefield 4

    Yeah man, keen. For anyone installing it for the first time, make sure you go and grab the free DLC's for it too, Night Operations and Community Operations and Legacy Operations, or you won't have access to all the maps.
  12. Tech News

    Mostly Apple, but some newer Windows PC's have been coming with it too.
  13. XCOM 2

    No worries mate, will PM you on Discord.
  14. XCOM 2

    I've got a spare key for XCOM 2 if anyone doesn't own it and wants it? Free to a good home.
  15. Total War Series

    Good lord, I think you're right with that game, that would be years ago though. I'm keen for a game for sure though.