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  1. Gaming And Software Sales

    After Shrivey forcing us to buy a Worms game that didn't work, I think I'll pass on this round
  2. Tech News

    Oh man, that's so bad - makes you wonder how many critical production servers are running on top of some awful deprecated backbone or how many systems in the world are held up solely by hopes and prays.
  3. Post Your Gaming Rig Specs

    Ah spinning rust! I remember my first 1tb HDD, and thinking I would literally never fill that.
  4. Among Us

    Seems interesting, I've seen a few videos of it being played.
  5. Rocket League

    Nice one, I'll jump on too. I'm surprised how much I enjoyed watching bits of the last round - didn't think I'd enjoy it as much
  6. Monitor Investigation

    You've got 2 lungs for a reason, ya know?
  7. Gaming And Software Sales

    That's a fun little game actually, certainly worth a go at that price
  8. Monitor Investigation

    I like the 1600 pixels H, as I have noticed that 3440 x 1440 feels a bit cramped in height sometimes. I find myself wanting to scroll out more in games, just to see up and down a bit more.
  9. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    But only sometimes, and also the servers might crash. Decent fun little game though, worth a play with friends.
  10. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    I get an extra 20% from Humble Bundle that I can share (first come, first serve, one only) if anyone wants to use it: https://www.humblebundle.com/subscription/activate-discount?gamekey=6Y7ZnwpyxWcSaerF I might pick it up, as it's under $20 bucks. It does look like good fun.
  11. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    I've seen a few videos of it, looks like all right fun. Haven't bought it though.
  12. Gaming And Software Sales

    Well the price is right, could be worth a go.
  13. Hell Let Loose

    I've owned it for ages, and never really played it. I'm reinstalling now, so would be keen for a game at some point.
  14. NBN

    That might just be my favourite totally 100% real image I've ever seen. Faster than 197% of AU? That's impressive stuff.