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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

  2. Movie Club

    "I hope it's a puppy!"
  3. Elite Dangerous

    I think someone fat fingered the price. Normally $189.95 according to other retailers.
  4. Clan Related Video Thread

    That's like saying you had your first root in months after going to a brothel... factual but not impressive.
  5. Clan Related Video Thread

    So you waited 3+ minutes to join a SEA Solo TPP game?
  6. Why yes! You can move them. Traps ahoy.
  7. Some random nights you can get OC FP games. It's odd. We were only getting about 50-70 people in SEA FP servers the other night.
  8. Exploding gas cans anyone?
  9. World War 3

  10. @Dallyfergo Get excited!
  11. M.2 Drives

    Do you want it pre-installed with Win95(a,b & c), 98(SE), ME, Vista, W8(.1) and W10 or will you be supplying your own corrupted OS?
  12. Clan Related Video Thread

    Watch the replay! Yeowie's name lines up perfectly with Mr Baddie! I just happened to look at him for that split second.
  13. Windows 10

    diskpart.exe > select disk 0 > clean Should get rid of the folder for you!
  14. Battlefield 3

    I'd be keen if you can get a few more. Semi-casual eh? I can bring the casual side of things and @Dallyfergo always has a semi on hand.
  15. Apex Legends

    Wait... you're not playing her to help the team? Sheeesh!