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  2. Elite Dangerous

    https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/january-update-beta-announcement.530478/ Frontier has announced the dates for the January Update beta (27/11 - 2/12). The update itself is scheduled for release towards the end of January. Some of the fixes/changes have been highlighted in the post, as well as confirmation of proper patch notes, that should be released sometime next week. While there are some fixes that are good to see, wing mining with seismic charges malfunctioning isn't one of them... It's mentioned for future updates, but still... Also on the Community Goal front, contributions for the Feds (Tier 7/8, I've delivered just over 12k for the Feds myself) are more than doubling the Imps' numbers (Tier 4/8). So at this rate, anyone who wants a Federal Corvette, the upcoming double navy rank earnings in December will be very helpful.
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  4. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    sold a few parts here over the years, might be worth a look. https://forums.overclockers.com.au/forums/for-sale-pc-related.15/
  5. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    dying to that in a million dollar tournament, poor bastard LOL.
  6. Last week
  7. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I had to turn it off because Origin is a piece of garbage too.
  8. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Oh man. I think I had that turned on briefly, but because Origin keeps logging out on my computer and not logging back in automatically I turned it off again. I'll try it once more for security reasons and see if it works.
  9. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    That's good timing I guess. Just randomly received an email from EA saying thank you for redeeming an Origin Access Membership Code ID: ausduckz Membership Plan: Origin Access Premier Membership - Non-recurring 1 Month Triple checked it wasn't a phishing email (though I didn't need to click on any of the links inside the email anyway). Opened up Origin, and my account name in the bottom left corner has the Premier logo there again now. Downloading Fallen Order and NFS Heat. Thanks EA EDIT: Turns out it was some sort of promo by EA. Anyone that had 2FA enabled on their account before October 31 will get a similar email and receive one month free Origin Access; https://help.ea.com/en-au/help/account/login-verification-and-origin-access/
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Phase 2 has started, and as of posting, the Feds are in front. I'm planning on doing some runs for them over the Imps, as I know some who would like some double Federal Navy rank-earning goodness (Being pledged to an Imp powerplay faction is mainly for the Prismatic Shielding).
  11. Streaming Media: Netflix, Stan, Quickflix etc.

    Every chance I'll get it for the year. I might want a month though as I've got Netflix and Amazon Prime on the go at present. My only concern is Mandalorian spoilers.
  12. Disney+ is now live. $8.99 per month, or $89.99 per year (equates to $7.50 per month). Includes 7 day free trial.
  13. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I'm glad there have been so many positive things said about this game! I'm planning on getting through it over the next few weeks
  14. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    Well I've done it. Bought the game pass for $1. Then bought the game for $18. I saved $4. Planning to have a game now I hope.
  15. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    That kind of sounds like a timeframe I could manage.
  16. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I finished the main story today, took me 26 hrs. I really enjoyed it. Well worth a play for anyone thinking about it.
  17. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    Yikes. Sounds aggressive. I'm interested in giving it a crack sometime today, if I get finished my work in good order.
  18. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    So I tried a game against bots on standard difficulty... (Second easiest) I was surviving, but only just... 1 of the AI's had charged through the first 2 ages and was just sending a stream of soldiers at me.
  19. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Yep love it. Best Star Wars title in years! Get it!
  20. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Well that's certainly a positive.
  21. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    i have brought it and it is amazing!! Combat feels really good, Plays well, The game itself looks amazing. without a doubt well worth a play 9.5/10
  22. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    ^^What Shrives said take a look at what they are going for on eBay, also you might have some luck on the PC buy/swap/sell pages on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bsscomputers/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/auspc/
  23. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Who has made the leap into this? And what do you think?
  24. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    Selling them together? I usually see what they're going for on ebay and price around that. And I might also look at what I paid new and what current parts are worth new with similar performance. If you're not in a rush, aim high and see if you get any nibbles.
  25. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    Usually I price a bit higher as people like to barter. but I have no idea on what second hand PC parts would be worth. Was thinking of asking 400 see what nibbles I get and and leaves a bit of room to be talked down and the buyer can feel good about themselves lol.
  26. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    $300? Not sure on how people price stuff on GT.
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