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  2. Elite Dangerous

    Did some more today, ended up with around 30 mil in bounties. Managed to push to the Top 10% for the CG (as of when I logged off earlier), which is currently on Tier 2/5. My carrier is in HIP 23155 (about 5LY from the CG system). If I don't do more tonight, I'll probs do a bit more tomorrow.
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  4. Elite Dangerous

    I signed up for the combat CG earlier today, managed to get around 3 mil in bounties, which was top 25% (at the time the screenshot was taken). I'll be taking the carrier out there again to do some more over the weekend.
  5. Gaming And Software Sales

    And with it being free on there, hopefully there will be a huge influx of players to get shot by
  6. Gaming And Software Sales

    Hell that's not bad for a game to just drop into and play
  7. Last week
  8. Gaming And Software Sales

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 is currently free on the Epic store... this is the new Battlefront 2 This is also the celebration edition, so it comes with all skins and stuff unlocked I think.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    Thanks for the notification @Predz I will be jumping in over the weekend to shoot some pirates (Or really anyone who moves in front of my lasers)
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Two new community goals have started. One is food deliveries (Trade) & the other is defending the shipments (Combat). Both are based out of Stillman Hub in HIP 22550 https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/ There's also a reward for both goals - 'If successful, the Free Marlinists of Carinae in conjunction with other Marlinist factions will give the top 75% of pilots a fully engineered, focused and lightweight point defence module. The module will be placed in storage at Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system by the 23rd of January 3307.'
  11. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I'm trucking through it atm. It does feel rushed but that makes sense since it's the end of the show. Fingers crossed the new Vikings is good. The Last Kingdom is still going strong at least for a viking fix.
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  13. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    ^That is sadly a series that has fallen by the wayside, but I might pick it up again soon.
  14. Your First PC

    Lemmings was a fantastic game!
  15. NBN

    Sounds very similar to mine. It's pretty stupid they have to send you out a 4G dongle because they can't lift the artificial speed limit on the 4G backup in the router. I had that problem too. Very dumb. (Also, sell the dongle once you've finished with it $$$). Request a free speed upgrade AND a price reduction for the duration of the contract. That's what I've got. They actually tried to charge me full price this month (as it's been two years since my saga). I contacted them and said a] they gave no warning of a price change; and b] I contacted them last month to find out when my current deal ends and I was told June. So they've now extended my deal of 100 Mbit/s for $79 until June. After that I'll probably go elsewhere.
  16. Gaming And Software Sales

    Crying Suns free on Epic. Reviews well.
  17. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Anyone else watched final season of Vikings?
  18. Your First PC

    I believe the first family PC we got was an IBM and it looked very similar to the PC 300PL, came preloaded with Commander Keen 4, Raptor: Call of the Shadows and Lemmings. My first ever PC I got was an ACER prebuilt. i5 2400s 12GB DDR3 1TB WD Green 550w PSU ATI 7570 Compared to what i have now, PC tech has come along way.
  19. Your First PC

    I was definitely too young to have any idea of what was in my first PC. I do remember smashing out some Duke Nukem on it though
  20. NBN

    Righto so, we have a case manager now, I believe it's someone from Melbourne *shock horror* she got appointed to us a week before Xmas. Since being assigned to us the following has happened. - She's called either my dad or step mum every 2nd day giving us updates on what's happening and if there is anyway she can help, - We finally got ahold of someone at NBN Co who have blamed Telstra for not calling them to arrange a connection date - Telstra have pointed fingers at the NBN Co saying that they have rung them and arranged a date (which they haven't) - Our case manager is sending out a 4G Connection dongle free of charge and will apply our connection to the Simcard. - Case manager is also sending out a new modem (Gen 2 i believe) - Case manager has also wiped last months and this months bill so far - Case manager is looking into giving us a free speed tier upgrade until the end of our contract - Step mum has FINALLY started writing everything down including employee delta numbers (mine was D435032 when I worked for them) plus conversation numbers - Step mum will be calling the TIO tomorrow to lodge a complaint against Telstra.. Our case manager even told us to do so. - Have also been told that the job is marked as to be completed by the 28/01/2021 which imo is friggen ridiculious. With that said. Dad and my step mum have reneged on switching providers still trying my best to convince them this would never have happened with ABB. Its been 6 weeks now with no internet at all. So hopefully in the next week or so i should/will/maybe have internet? Who knows at this point.
  21. Your First PC

    That's a decent find @MiniSanders! Although I think you confused roaches with possums. They've made some mess!
  22. Movie Club

    https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/crime/the-victorian-woman-who-died-after-a-fourday-exorcism/news-story/76f34615b6f8a291a5df7f1033c1333a My Mum grew up just south of Antwerp and my Pop ran the blacksmith I believe. Mini, haven't you got relatives around there as well?
  23. Movie Club

    Nah you post the Wikipedia link, the demons won't come after me for mocking them then...
  24. Movie Club

    It's on the list.
  25. Movie Club

  26. Movie Club

    We watched Palm Springs the other night, which is a fun little film. Got a Groundhog Day sort of thing going on:
  27. Movie Club

    @Penchamus - do you want to tell him about the exorcism, or should I?
  28. Your First PC

    Oh that's bloody unfortunate! I'd never even considered that could be an issue. Nice haul.
  29. Your First PC

    In photos of old tech though, my brother and I did manage to dig this box of old stuff out of a shed at mum and dads about a year ago. Everything in there still worked, just had a few cockroaches walking out of the side of everything. This included the original NES, with light gun (Stupid things don't work with LCD tvs), Atari 2600, and a few joysticks for it.
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