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  1. Battlefield 2042

    This might just be the game that gets me back on the BF bandwagon. Mostly skipped 4, hardline, one and five. Just give me some kind of crows nest that costs a jet to get to and annoys team mates and enemies alike and ill be happy. ....Or some nosehair canals
  2. Elite Dangerous

    https://www.gamesmen.com.au/thrustmaster-t-flight-hotas-one-ace-combat-7-skies-unknown-edition-flight-stick-for-xbox-one-pc someone get on it!
  3. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    I would love DICE to make a BR. but stuck with PUBG for the moment. Its a shit game but its still fun for now. I still enjoy it. Shrive you should come get carried some time!
  4. Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Great game developers: Blizzard CD Projekt Naughty Dog (sony by extenstion) Game Freak Re-Logic (They make Terraria) Mojang (Minecraft only!) Good game developers: Bethesda Nintendo Rockstar Valve Bad game developers: EA DICE (DICE make good games. EA can fuck off) Ubisoft King (Candy Crush Saga) This was off the top of my head so agree or disagree please!
  5. Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Battlefront 3: You are out of ammo. Pay $2 to reload! Please pay $3 to enter that AT AT Bidding for instantly win the round starting at $20 Standard edition $80 Gold edition $100 (random 1 out of all 20 heroes unlocked) Platinum edition $150 (comes with 2 heros unlocked randomly selected (potential duplicates) and 2 classes unlocked) Pot of greed edition $500 (everything unlocked and character is twice as strong) Uh oh looks like you ran out of game time! Pay $5 for 2 more hours of game time. Get 10 hours of game time in our douchebag developer choice pack! Only $50! Oh god, make this thread members only. They might read this and get ideas...
  6. Star Wars: Battlefront II

    I'm not a fan of lvlcap. He is a whiney and annoying. Pretty much my only reason for disliking him. However his video on the situation is a pretty good overview of the problem: (edit: was only 2/3rds of the way through the below video when I typed this. I think he was far too easy on the game and he contradicts himself a few times but still worth the watch) He was straight up wrong about some of the things happening over at /r/StarWarsBattlefront and what /u/EAcommunityteam has communicated but ignoring that. He showcases the pay2win aspects of the game. Which is quite sad because the graphics and the design of the game modes look so good! But that's all thanks to DICE. While I have no proof of this, I would speculate that the loot crate nonsense and pay2win progression is not their idea. Previous Dice games have either had no gambling crates and just straight play to progress or they have battlecase things which you could only get by playing (I believe? Is that correct?) And they certainly didn't make your character stronger than someone else. Maybe better attachments but you could get those by playing anyways. Not sure what they use for BF1. In any case this progression (and character strength) being tied to gambling on the crates is a new system and it needs to fuck right off. It just sucks to see. So many people have wanted a new battlefront game after playing the original battlefront 2 for so long, including me. Seeing it ruined by greedy dickheads who are completely out of touch with their market is just plain disappointing. I want to play the game for the gameplay. But no way am I going to while the current system is in place. If they never change it I guess I'll never buy it.
  7. Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Anyone following the drama on reddit for this game? This comment from EA has almost 600k down votes. Its likely to be the most down voted comment on Reddit for a long time. I was dragging my feet about buying Middle Earth: Shadow of War because I heard it had loot boxes. I jumped on twitch and asked a streamer with 30 viewers what he thought of the loot box system. His answer was he has almost 70 hours of game play, is only a few hours off 100%ing the game and he completely forgot about the loot crates in this game. if you don't believe me there is proof somewhere in the Saturday 11th November VOD: https://go.twitch.tv/moodmant. He said you dont ever need to touch the loot crate system. But you do get random rewards that are the same as loot crate rewards for doing some of the "online Vendetta" missions. Which are optional missions to avenge another player who died. Sure, OK fine. So I bought the game and I have done a few of those missions and got a random bit of gear from it. Those missions are almost always available and I got bored of them to be honest as the best gear comes from tracking and killing the Epic and Legendary Uruks. Whats this got to do with Battlefront?? Battlefront have their in built progression system based around opening their loot crates. They have put Luke and Vader (and a few other characters) behind a play or pay wall. I am OK with unlocking things, even in these multiplayer shooter games. But not the fucking protagonist and antagonist from the Original Trilogy! Their business model is pay-to-win hidden behind the facade of play-to-progress which is really pay-to-progress. The fucking greed is endless. Compare that to the biggest pay-to-progress game I can think of. War Thunder. In War Thunder you can literally spend your premium currency to get levels in countries plane progression. Now you cant endlessly buy levels in countries. you earn "reserve xp" and normal xp by playing the game. The reserve xp is useless if you don't have any paid premium currency as it costs the premium currency to transfer reserve xp into normal xp. Their are also premium planes which you can only get if you buy packs or if you buy them with premium currency. Seems pretty greedy! Except the game itself is free!! EA's model has the loot boxes as core of the progression system... which you can buy on top of paying the cost of the game. Please don't support this bullshit by giving them money. /rant
  8. RimWorld

    Because of how this game deals with time MP would be difficult.
  9. RimWorld

    Not sure about MP. Would be awesome for a MP version! They are both based of Dwarf Fortress. Not the same dev no but very similar in aesthetic
  10. RimWorld

    With this dual colony im running. Last night one colony had a mechanoid invasion while the other had a party.... hahaha
  11. RimWorld

    Thought id start a thread about it. RimWorld! Check it out guys. Its an awesomely addictive colony manager game with plenty of potential. I think bp owns a porno with the same title... The premise is you need to help a couple of people survive on a new world you crashlanded on. You can "win" this game by building a nuclear powered spaceship and getting off the planet. You need to manage your pawns responsibilities and health including their mental health. It can be a brutal game which if you are not prepared you will be destroyed. As you get stronger obviously so do the enemies. You can recruit more people and even build multiple colonies at once http://store.steampowered.com/app/294100/ https://rimworldgame.com/ As per classic indie style its still in "alpha" with a release price tag of $30. It will go on sale as $30 is a bit pricey i think. That said I've already got 90 hours in it... that bloody lot for a bit over 2 weeks... Ive got a collective 3 or so hours in darksouls 3 + witcher 3 which collectively cost me $100+ It feels like a $15 - $20 game but the amount of time i put into it would disagree. Anyways check it out I highly highly recommend this game!
  12. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    I had no issues with resolving just before.
  13. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    It cant be the TS DNS record