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  1. Id be keen to continue
  2. E3 2019

  3. E3 2019

  4. E3 2019

    The star wars game will be a slight open world game, much like the lastest god of war
  5. E3 2019

  6. E3 2019

  7. E3 2019

  8. E3 2019

    Thought i would create section for anything that people find interesting from E3.
  9. New Build

  10. New Build

    Build all finished
  11. New Build

    yeah its was poor timing, I was gonna go with the corsair as it does include the $90 corsair commander pro controller and the 3 RGB fans included in the front of the case are about $130 total so the case itself isnt that expensive if you think of whats included. I also really like the look of it. I have heard that the controller in the NZXT isnt the best and can be a pain in the ass
  12. New Build

    I was also considering getting the NZXT 700i instead of the corsair 500D
  13. New Build

    I also don't really want to wait to long as i currently do not have anything to game on as my GPU in my laptop died 2 weeks ago.
  14. New Build

    I did think abut the fact computex is next week i may wait and see what intel and nvidia have to show but would be surprised if they release something majorly new as the had a killer year last year with new gen stuff
  15. New Build

    yeah bit nervous about building it but i should be fine