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  1. Elite Dangerous

    They've only said "large amount of credits". Considering that it's a personal ship (one per CMDR) rather than a squadron/group ship, and the Imperial Cutter is around 208 million (currently the most expensive ship in the game), I would definitely think the cost will be in the billions for sure. They have said that after the September update, they'll go into more detail on the financial side of things. And the support ships are separate, and accompanies the carrier, which can be swapped out for specific operations. They'll determine what is available in ship outfitting, as well as services. So with the mining support vessel for example, it would be cool if it included a commodities market, so you could park in a system, mine nearby rings, head back to the carrier, sell what you mined, rinse and repeat.
  2. Elite Dangerous

    So, Frontier just dropped some new info about fleet carriers at Gamescom, Also, a new community goal has started, https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/
  3. Elite Dangerous

    Nice. I went back in the other day and got myself to 10,360, moving me back to the Top 10%... for now. Though Top 10 CMDR's is more than approx. 39k total to achieve that. And with it being at tier 4/8 with just over a day left, hopefully the numbers don't jump much higher, but if I had to, I'll get a few more runs if there's time left. The Community Goals section on Inara usually has the estimated numbers required for each bracket, which is useful for getting a general idea of how much you'll need to deliver for each tier.
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah, according to EDDB, I found that its anywhere between 30-50LY for pretty much anything required from Chamas. Did a few runs in my Type-9 yesterday (which for the duration of the community goal, transferred to Denton Dock so then I can fly a smaller ship there, then switch to the "brick" for the deliveries, collecting about 740 tons each run), but I'm planning on doing more since I was in the Top 10%, but fell back to the Top 25% (currently at 5,108 total delivered), and it's still only at Tier 2, so the numbers will more than likely keep going up, necessitating the need to complete more trips if I want to be in the higher bracket for the higher credit reward. For Grain and Fruit & Vegetables, I went to Cooper Station in Salibala (44.84LY) For Fish, I went to Wakata Port in Indras (44.99LY) For Synthetic Meat, I went to Melvin Terminal in Asturindjin (43.03LY)
  5. Elite Dangerous

    For those interested, a new community goal has started, running from the 15th to the 21st, unless the requirements are met earlier. https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/
  6. Elite Dangerous

    So, I've disbanded the squadron that TheLaw and I made, with plans to create a new one that those of us that play could join, and to prepare for the planned release of squadron fleet carriers in the December update. Any suggestions for a name? P.S - TheLaw voted for Team Super Cool P.P.S - I still voted for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
  7. Welcome Predz

    Glad to be back! Cheers guys! And @Noods, more wing missions for sure!
  8. Elite Dangerous

    So, I saw my first Thargoid Interceptor (A Basilisk variant) And then it flew up to me and said "Hi!" from my right side window, with a nice little scan, seeing if I'm holding any of it's race's property in my cargo hold... Sure, I had nothing, so it just flew off and went back to attacking the megaship and... *proceeds to speed off with as much boost as possible and supercruise outta there* "Now that's what I call a close encounter!" - Captain Steven Hiller, Independence Day
  9. Elite Dangerous

    Some deep-core asteroid mining in action! What a sight! Cheers to @TheLaw, @Phobos & @Noods for a good night of credit-making goodness!
  10. Elite Dangerous

    I used to have the Dolphin, twas a good little ship (Had the Beluga Liner twice, overheating turd, though I didn't do much in the way of engineering in an attempt to mitigate the heat when using the FSD. Plus it's hobby is getting stuck in station doors). Nowadays for passenger runs, I just use the Anaconda or the Corvette (if I need to cook some pirate fools along the way...) Passenger missions can be pretty good money. I've mostly done the bulk ones (Transport Tourists, Politicians, Prisoners etc.), couple of jumps, get a mil or two out of them. Always have a laugh when some pirate faction offers me around 20k to sell them as slaves... *J Jonah Jameson Laugh* You Serious! I used to do sightseeing ones (can be a decent bit of money), but thankfully I didn't blindly take the ones who are going to Colonia (22,000 LY away). Travelling to the Guardian sites (up to 1,000 LY) are enough for me right now. In saying that, I do want to try and make the Colonia run one day. P.S. - TheLaw was docked in Spring Gateway, and he tells me he heard weapons fire in or near the station. Originally, I thought it might have been a fight outside the station with someone who got scanned. So I'm coming in for auto dock, when I see a chunk of metal fly past the entryway. Once I get inside, there's this hunk of what used to be a Beluga Liner (the previously mentioned "overheating turd") floating around the docking bay... sounds about right with those big asses on them, probs got stuck. One got stuck in the station exit a while ago, had to push it out with the nose of my 'Vette (nearly got fined myself while doing it!)
  11. Elite Dangerous

    I'm already on the grind, but I'll be playing tonight as well.
  12. Elite Dangerous

    True dat.
  13. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I can agree with the side quests, it's like the bonus series on some planets I sometimes skipped if I hated the planet enough (eg. Republic Taris). And yea i'd be keen for some game time at some point.
  14. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I finished the Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and the Sith Warrior. My next highest is a Sith Inquisitor, but I tend to play different characters instead of focusing on just one at a time, unless I want to finish that character's storyline. But the grinding can be a deterrent to play it more often. When I first got it, I played it non-stop, then in the last year or so (after my former guild went quiet), I ended up taking months off at a time, with a brief play here and there. Though I'm looking forward to the Galactic Strongholds expansion, so it's the reason why I've kept my subscription for it. I know it's F2P now, but with all the restrictions, I can't stand playing it unless I'm a sub. Due in most part when I started playing was before the change to F2P, so I was used to all the features.
  15. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    That's understandable. I only play every so often, managed to finish my Sith Warrior the other week, which is the 4th class story I have completed.