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  1. Elite Dangerous

    Phase 2 of "The Scourge" is underway - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/the-scourge-overview-of-phases.526250/post-8089219 And with this phase, they have discounted the Type-6, Type-7 & Type-9 freighters. It should be in effect at all stations that have them in their shipyards.
  2. Elite Dangerous

    Patch 3 for the September Update is out - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-patch-3.526140/ Also, a new Interstellar Initiative "The Scourge", has begun. Phase 1 (10/10 to 16/10) - Pesticides, synthetic reagents and grain to be delivered to Watson Station in the Orerve system, and Shifnalport in the Diso system. - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/the-scourge-overview-of-phases.526250/
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Players like me, the 1-year Survival Mode exclusivity was one hell of a kick in the teeth! In that case, I'll just play MW3 for that instead. Since by the time it comes out, next year's CoD will be close to release, and the majority will move over to it...
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Another patch was just dropped (about 115MB - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-patch-1.522857/), which I can confirm, fixed engineering!
  5. Elite Dangerous

    No worries mate! Yep, it's still good for the creds. I managed to find one hotspot in a pristine ring with a good number of Void Opal cores. Sitting at over 1b credits, and since I found a couple of systems with a lot of courier missions with bonus rep to get my Imperial Navy rank to Duke a couple of weeks ago to buy the Cutter (completing the "Big 3", along with the Anaconda and the Corvette), I'm basically now building up for fleet carriers in December. Still got no idea on the price, but in the meantime, I'll keep at it.
  6. Elite Dangerous

    https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/celebrating-35-years-of-elite.522356/ - Frontier have given us the chance to buy the Retro Thargoid Bobblehead for our ship's dashboard for 1 ARX, in commemoration of Elite's 35th anniversary, and there is a competition to win a retro paint job for the Cobra Mk III. Both end on the 23rd of September. Earning 1 ARX shouldn't take long, like a few jumps to discover unexplored systems, sell a load of commodities at another station etc. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-known-issues.522203/ - They have also been doing some server-side fixes for some of the issues that arose with the Update's release. So far, they have fixed, Missing Commander stats from Codex Stored engineered modules not displaying modifications Disconnections while mining They're the most relevant for the PC version. And while I can confirm the mining is working again (went and mined about 400 Void Opals last night) along with the other two fixes, the rest of engineering is still broken, and the UI still locks up when trying to upgrade a module. Here's hoping that some more fixes will come through sooner rather than later. Some of the other issues present currently in-game can be found at the 2nd forum link above.
  7. Elite Dangerous

    Welp, servers didn't come back online until 4:30 this morning, patch waas about 3.4 GB, downloaded it and had a bit of a look before I ended up going to bed, then had another go when I got up today. And... they done broke engineering (Both remote and on-site). If I try to do any engineering, the UI locks up and then requires a re-log or opening the engineers menu from the right hand panel takes me back to the station menu. Some players have been able to do experimental effects without problems, but I haven't gone to an engineer base yet to attempt it myself. There's also a visual bug that makes it look like any stored modules you have engineered are stock again, though I managed to transfer the module to a ship, and the engineered stats were there as normal. And to see how much ARX I got while playing, I took 4 Pirate Assassination missions in a neighbouring system. I ended up doing a few jumps, as 2 of them required finding a contact to get the traget's new location, which was another 2 systems I needed to jump to. After destroying 6 ships, jumping around and that. I ended up with 29 ARX when I turned the missions in, then made another 11 doing some mining, totaling about 40 in about maybe 3-4 hours of play. It has reset the weekly limit for me with the Thursday maintenance earlier. And speaking of mining, it's broken now... When I jumped back on after maintenance, I started getting a server error whenever a collector limpet would bring a mined material back to the cargo scoop, and after it happened 3 times with Void Opal Cores, I went and sold the rest of the opals & LT Diamonds I had from earlier (which gave me another 16 ARX by the looks of it, as well as 2 for Exploration) and gonna take a break, and hope that FDev can get a patch out to fix some of the issues.
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Patch notes are out! - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-downtime-and-patch-notes.521859/ Servers went down at 6pm for the update, and won't be back up until around 3am, so if I'm still up, I'll be taking a look at the changes. I'm curious to see the rate ARX are given. Also @TheLaw, they've fixed AI's not appearing after they interdict you (Hopefully it stops the interdiction banging drum solo with no payoff...)
  9. Elite Dangerous

    I've watched the replay of the Content Reveal Livestream from Frontier for the September Update, and here's a few things in regards to ARX (there is the stuff about the tutorial as well, so I'll leave the links to the forum post about the livestream) https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/content-reveal-livestream-september-update-recap.521523/page-2#post-7998002 https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/arx-and-frontier-points-conversion.521520/ A few key points in regards to ARX There is a cap of 400 Arx/week, which can be earned by just playing the game (No word on if any certain activity gives more than others or anything like that) There will be 6 ARX pack tiers: 5.81 AUD (5000), 10.17 AUD (8400 +420 bonus), 18.90 AUD (16800 +900 bonus), 27.63 AUD (25500 +1300 bonus), 58.19 AUD (51000 +3000 bonus) & 87.30 AUD (85000 +15000 bonus) *These amounts are based on the current conversion rate from USD at the time of posting* Buying anything from the Frontier Store website for Elite will require ARX instead of direct Credit Card/Paypal transactions Edit: FDev posted again with the average ARX costs for cosmetics - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/arx-and-frontier-points-conversion.521520/page-15 Here's the amounts if you don't want to check the original thread post, Decals - 50 to 150 ARX Individual Fighter and SRV Paint Jobs - 460 to 3280 ARX Individual Ship Paint Jobs - 620 to 5,520 ARX Individual Bobbleheads – 2,450 to 6,450 ARX COVAS – 8,850 ARX Ship Kits (sold in Bundles) – 11,750 to 13,520 ARX
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Also, the next update has been confirmed for September 18th, and is adding a fully voiced tutorial, the premium Arx currency for purchasing in-game extras/ship cosmetics, which is a re-branding of the Frontier Points that the console versions have used, and the option to buy the items from their website with real money will also be replaced with Arx (FDev has said previously that they would be giving us more info on how we earn Arx while playing the game at some point leading up to the update's release) & the ability to customise your ship's livery from the main menu, even if you're weren't docked at a station when you last logged off, which is good for explorers. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/lavecon-2019-content-reveal.516705/#post-7883919 - Lavecon 2019 Content Reveal, which includes the details regarding the September patch https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/arx-faq.516706/ - Arx FAQ
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah, I was feeling nostalgic and named it "Scarface Squadron", which was from the original Ace Combat game on the PS1 (or Air Combat as it was called here). Unlike the last squadron, I have made this one independent, so you can join any power if you participate in the Powerplay stuff. Whenever you're playing and either TheLaw or myself are online, we can send you an invite to join. I'm sitting in the Top 25% at 3,700 delivered for the CG, it has reached Tier 3 with just under a day and a half left at the time of posting. Inara has updated the rewards for the brackets on the site. https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/
  12. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/wiki/server_merges https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comments/7b2vvu/server_merges_information/ The APAC servers were Dalborra (PvE), Master Dar'Nala (PvP) & Gav Daragon (RP), then were migrated to the West Coast, which any toons from Dalborra for example, were moved to The Harbinger (which itself was a merge of the US west PvE servers as well). They did the last merge in November 2017, as players were complaining about queue times for Warzones and such and that some servers were in low numbers, particuarly PvP and RP servers. So if you had any toons on The Harbinger, The Bastion or Bergeren Colony pre-merge, they are now on the Satele Shan server, which is basically the East Coast server with West Coast/OCE players (the other being Star Forge). Can't see why they just didn't keep The Harbinger and further combined it with the others, or made Satele Shan the new combined US West server, so each coast had a server (but I'm guessing that they wanted to reduce costs by having them both in the one place on the east coast).
  13. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    It's not doing too bad. They did a further migration of the servers some time ago (2 US East, 3 EU - English/German/French, and they've ended up combining all the PvE, PvP and RP servers together, they used to be all separate), kinda pissed they got rid of all the US West servers in said merge (RIP The Harbinger), so pings are for me around 250ms (2, sometimes 3 out of 4 bars). I've seen 100+ on the fleets during US peak, somewhat less during the AU peak (in-game at the time of this post, between 20-50 since 5pm on both US servers), though there is still a few APAC guilds around with active members. Though I'm currently flying solo atm, as I have been on/off playing over the last few years. Last guild I was in during my active times a couple of years back went inactive. And I also like the system where subbing once gives you all the expansions available at the time to keep. I remember when Rise of the Hutt Cartel was sold as a stand-alone expansion for about $25-30 AUD at the time, but then starting with Shadow of Revan, they changed it to the current system.
  14. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    *Dusts off thread again* Not as much dust as last time, but still quite a bit... I thought I would pass on some info regarding the next expansion, https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190826 After it's originally announced September release date, "Onslaught" has been delayed for release to the 22nd of October. Apparently the testing on the PTS hasn't being going well, so they need more time to work out the bugs. Basically, this new expansion is going back to good ol' Republic vs. Empire "Jedi vs. Sith", rather than the the Outsider's Alliance vs. Eternal Throne storyline from KoTFE & KoTET. They started this new chapter in the "Jedi Under Siege" update released in December. https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190827 In light of this delay, the new Nautolan race that was going to be free for anyone who was subscribed on the expansion's original launch, is now free for anyone who is a subscriber at any time between September 1st & October 22nd. Even if you only subbed once in that period, you will get it. Otherwise, it will be in the game's Cartel Market as a species unlock like previous additions. This month's Double XP just finished up about a week ago, but I'm still playing it here and there, trying to get other toons through the story, ready for the new expansion. I'm hoping with the delay, they might give us another round of Double XP next month, would be nice.
  15. Elite Dangerous

    They've only said "large amount of credits". Considering that it's a personal ship (one per CMDR) rather than a squadron/group ship, and the Imperial Cutter is around 208 million (currently the most expensive ship in the game), I would definitely think the cost will be in the billions for sure. They have said that after the September update, they'll go into more detail on the financial side of things. And the support ships are separate, and accompanies the carrier, which can be swapped out for specific operations. They'll determine what is available in ship outfitting, as well as services. So with the mining support vessel for example, it would be cool if it included a commodities market, so you could park in a system, mine nearby rings, head back to the carrier, sell what you mined, rinse and repeat.