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  1. Elite Dangerous

    I got the carrier back to Colonia last night. TheLaw has docked on the carrier once again. I might try to do some Tritium mining this week, though I'll keep an eye out for any carriers selling the stuff & buy it from them if I can afford it (provided it's not some ridiculous amount). I'm doing some combat missions as well to get the money for that, if the opportunity arises.
  2. Elite Dangerous

    No problemo Mini. And don't worry, I got lost heading back to the carrier the other night, with that many systems around the core, I jumped to a different system before finding the right one. So with that, I'll probably start the jumps back to Colonia either tomorrow or Monday.
  3. Elite Dangerous

    Here's another pic of @TheLaw in the fighter,
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Welp, despite everything, the carrier has made it. And finally, after all this time... what a sight!
  5. Elite Dangerous

    I've got about 4-5 jumps left, so I'll be there in a couple of hours, and I'll invite @TheLaw through multi-crew, so he can at least still see the centre in some capacity. I'll hang around out there until @MiniSanders gets a chance to see the centre & anything else around there. Once he's good to go, I'll be heading back to Colonia to mine the Tritium to refuel the carrier, make sure Law is docked on the carrier when that's done (this is important), then we'll head back to the bubble from there. I'll be coming back from the galactic core with less in the hold, so the fuel usage per jump will be lower.
  6. Elite Dangerous

    Starting the jumps now. Trip will take about 8-9 hours, so more than likely we'll reach our destination sometime tomorrow. Itinerary - https://www.spansh.co.uk/fleet-carrier/results/E690D718-D6CB-11EA-ABC3-4FAC94EB4526?destination=Stuemeae FG-Y d7561&market_capacity=11782&module_capacity=5900&source=Ogmar&tritium_fuel=1000&tritium_market=0
  7. Star Wars: Squadrons

    After watching that vid, I gotta agree, looks average (no real variation on objectives in Fleet Battles, imagine if some Black Sun/Hutt Cartel fleet interfered once in a while to mess with things, at least it would mix it up a bit). If there's an open beta, I'll give it a try. But, unless they reverse their 'no post-launch content' stance, even the reduced price of $50 is too much for me to justify for what's in the game. Probably leave buying it till it's around $30 in that case.
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Welp, it seems the patch has fixed some of the mining related issues. I managed to get about 100t of Tritium in about an hour, which is better than 32t in the same time frame before the patch. Tritium is still single digits in Colonia stations, hopefully they might normalise over the next few days. In better news, while I was mining, I started taking to another CMDR who just got to Colonia with his carrier. I mentioned that I'm trying to get the fuel we needed to do the trip to Sag A*. So, he ended up selling me 4k of his Tritium for my carrier, and now thanks to him, we are go for the Galactic Centre trip! I'll probably be departing either today (after I wake up) or Wednesday. The return trip is about the same distance as the Bubble-Colonia one-way, so I should be able to jump the carrier out to there in one day, head out for a bit so you guys who came along can see the centre, then we can either head back to Colonia, hope the stations have restocked their Tritium (or mine it) & fill it up again to head back home. Or, I try to mine it near the centre, fill it up that way & head directly back to the bubble from there. Either way, I'll post the itinerary when I start the trip.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    The Fleet Carriers Update - Patch 4 drops on the 3rd of August* @ 9:00pm AEST, with downtime of approx. 15 mins. Patch notes - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-update-patch-4-patch-notes.551646/ *Originally was scheduled for release on the 29th of July. They found errors during testing, hence the delay.
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Nice! I've been out to Witch Head a few times, doing Search & Rescue when the Thargoids first attacked the colonists sent to the sector (as well as checking out some of the Thargoid surface sites in the area) & to max out the engineer there. Furtherest I've gone in that general direction was the Orion Nebula. If the Horse Head Nebula wasn't permit locked, I would have liked to travel out there. In current happenings with the trip... the latest patch has made Tritium (the Fleet Carrier fuel) harder to get, especially out Colonia way. So I'm currently doing some combat missions to get some more credits, since I blew through a fair chunk buying Tritium for the carrier pre-patch. I'm hoping that the markets might normalise in a few days so that these stations have more than a couple of tons in stock. If it doesn't fix itself, I'm probably gonna have to scrape together enough fuel to get the three of us back to the bubble and leave the trip to the Galactic Centre (Sagittarius A*) until another time. Update: FDev is aware of the Tritium shortages & is now working on another patch. No current ETA on when said patch will be released.
  11. Elite Dangerous

    After all the jumps, manual refuels, startups & cool downs... We made it! Colonia was a bit chocker with carriers (it is the system for buying them in these parts after all), so I jumped the carrier to the Ogmar system (about 8.62LY away). Checked out Jaques Station (a station with FSD capabilities, originally built in the bubble) Once I've had a short break after all that travel, gonna get the engineering stuff done, travel around the region a bit & prep for the trip to the galactic centre.
  12. Elite Dangerous

    Today, 12:42pm AEST, first jump plotted. 3 CMDRs (@TheLaw, @MiniSanders & @Predz) 1 Fleet Carrier 45 Jumps Colonia, here we come! Itinierary - https://www.spansh.co.uk/fleet-carrier/results/ABF77A32-BDA1-11EA-A386-F1DB94EB4526?destination=Colonia&market_capacity=11578&module_capacity=5900&source=LHS 215&tritium_fuel=1000&tritium_market=
  13. Elite Dangerous

    Welcome aboard @TheLaw! I might begin the trip on Saturday if it's just the three of us. I'll wait and see if there are any other takers today (Friday).
  14. Elite Dangerous

    Welcome aboard @MiniSanders! After talking to @TheLaw (who is also going), I've decided that I'll start the jumps on Sunday, as to allow a couple more days for him & anyone else who might be interested in going to hop aboard. I was thinking of maybe doing some update posts while making the trip & when we get there. Based on a trip planner for carriers, it worked out at around 15 hours (approx. 44-46 jumps) to get there, so it could take 2 days (doing all-day jumping, at least 8 hours a day) or 3 (split them into smaller blocks, maybe 5-6 hours each).
  15. Elite Dangerous

    Patch 2 has dropped for the Fleet Carrier update - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-update-patch-2-downtime-and-patch-notes.549577/ Also, with everything pretty much gathered that I need for the trip to Colonia, I'll be heading out there in a few days/this weekend coming with the carrier. The trip will take 3-4 days with approx. 40+ jumps, each taking 20mins. I'll have to spend time in the game making the individual jumps, as I can't plot a long range route with the carrier like you can with a ship (because there's no way for the carrier to fill it's fuel tank with stored Tritium automatically, I'll have to manually transfer it to a ship's cargo hold from the storage, then to the fuel tank). I plan to be out there for a couple of weeks when I get there, as it's not only about the Colonia engineer unlocks, but I also want to see the galactic centre (Sagittarius A*). If you want to get back to the bubble before I head back, there are a few possible options, 1. Fly back with a high jump range ship, but this could still entail hundreds of jumps. 2. Some player groups are setting up some 'ferry' services with their Fleet Carriers. I'm not sure if they're in operation yet, but I can look into it. 3. Store your ship at a station, buy a Sidewinder, get blown up, spawn back in the bubble. This however, can lead to a very expensive transfer of your ship, depending on the ship model & modules installed (eg. an Anaconda took 2-3 days to transfer back, at a cost of more than 300+ million credits). If anyone is interested in making the trip, let me know (either here or DM me in Discord/Steam) & dock your ships on the carrier (SFS-FC Phoenix, currently in LHS 215). Shipyard & Outfitting is available, so you can also bring any extra ships/modules you want, as transfer times & costs between the bubble & Colonia aren't cheap & take ages to move.