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  1. Roll The Dice 2019 Christmas And New Years Party

    splash proof they reckon, I'll be the judge of that
  2. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    sold a few parts here over the years, might be worth a look. https://forums.overclockers.com.au/forums/for-sale-pc-related.15/
  3. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    dying to that in a million dollar tournament, poor bastard LOL.
  4. Golf With Your Friends

    Well they're not gonna lose too many brain cells, worth it hahaha.
  5. Golf With Your Friends

    old barry blindside wont last 2 rounds I reckon, blokes got a reputation for cheap shots, doesnt say much for his character.
  6. Battlefield V

    hmm its been a while, any word on when the patch is due?
  7. I didnt root a shemale that night btw she was a female but you can never be too careful
  8. Welcome Predz

    Welcome back dude.
  9. Computer Chair

    Yeah its good quality, expect to get quite a few years out of it.
  10. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    dont usually watch superhero stuff but this series is great
  11. Squad

    No worries just installing a years worth of windows updates lol
  12. Squad

    im keen for a few tonight!
  13. Roll The Dice Clan History ~ Volume 18

    This sounds like a Shrive problem. I can see a lot of the heavy lifting in games being done on cloud technology in the future, gonna have to find a use for all these crypto farms. But in reality we'll probably still be using technology for shit like this
  14. I may hae some shemale company tomorrow but 'll hop of if we're not too heavily feeling it, xoxo I bought a fucking $200 bottle of whiskey for this occasion so its unlikely I will bail of this.
  15. World War 3

    Might as well give it a crack then.