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  1. Battlefield 2042

    Game pass is pretty ridiculous for value. So many games, a lot of them fairly new or even day one including ea play and bethesda games.
  2. Frostpunk Series

    i never played the dlc. I only played it because it was on game pass.
  3. Frostpunk Series

    Was a fantastic sleeper. I echo your experience in a lot of ways. People in tents for endgame..rough. going to play 2?
  4. Battlefield 2042

    I get that most people ain't got time for half an hour of a man talking, but this perfectly sums up how i felt about the beta.
  5. Battlefield 2042

    Agree. At least this creates a month buffer between beta and release now instead of the ebte being early access for pre-order. But i worry what could make the game get delayed so late that they didn't fix in the years leading up to it. Rams and i have been giving bf4 a spin the last couple of nights and it felt instantly familiar so maybe we just go back to that?
  6. Age of Empires andĀ Age of Mythology Series

    Aoe2, the remake.
  7. KOTOR Remake

    I Remember two having more variety in the places you go. But i honestly am having trouble separating the games in my mind now. Bioshock twist was so good. But that boss fight at the end felt so odd next to the rest of the game.
  8. Post Your Gaming Rig Specs

    oh wow, i know that piece actually. A jazz band i was in made me play it like 3 years in a row.
  9. KOTOR Remake

    I only played it once on the original xbox. It's weird i remember little moments but honestly apart from the twist i remember very little of the story. i do remember the solution to one random side quest vividly for some reason.
  10. Gaming And Software Sales

    3 is the best one because 4 and 5 are pretty much just 3 again. but 3 is on a topical island so you can pretend the pandmeic doesn't exists.
  11. Gaming And Software Sales

    Every time you have a weak moment,Just remember, you will never get around to it.
  12. Post Your Gaming Rig Specs

    What sheet music is that?
  13. Company of Heroes 3

    The introduction of the tactical pause bottom is a godsend. Looks like they are very heavily influenced by total war (which i am a fan of). I tried to get into coh2 recently and was really wanting a pause bottom so i could work out how to play without failking the mission and starting again.
  14. KOTOR Remake

    I saw this and went to post it and it's already here. i am keen.
  15. Movie Club

    NOT A COMEDY. Movie is made by Safdie brothers, who also mad e amovie called "good time" both are similar but both make you think "why the fuck do you keeo doing that" to the main characters