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  1. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Reviews seem decent, i like the idea of having to choose where your power goes, a bit more thinking mans flying possibly. I have to many assignments to get done to try it anyway, but let us know how it goes.
  2. Post Your Gaming Rig Specs

    Looks nice and neat!! Just Because i have recently done a whole bunch of research on this recently for my own build, unless you are transferring huge files on a regular basis (4k video editing, 3d graphics etc) the bang for buck is probably better placed with a sata ssd. There just isn't a lot that can utilize the speeds claimed. Games won't load any faster. But if budget isn't a concern then nvme the best. Also note your board is pci-e 3, just e careful your not paying for speeds meant to run on pci-e 4. They are backwards compatible but you will loose out on that quoted number advertised if you do transfer that girthy file.
  3. Squad

    I actually own this. I have friend who keeps trying to get me into it.
  4. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Only rtx cards
  5. Rocket League

    I was never really good at the game.
  6. Rocket League

    I am now on school break (even though i got three assignments to do over the holidays, wtf!) so i re-installed. When do most people play?
  7. Possible GPU Upgrade

    So apparently, r/pcmasterrace made bots to keep bidding on these cards so no one will buy them. karma
  8. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Dayum, 33 bids on $34,000 card https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NVIDIA-GeForce-Gigabyte-RTX3080-Gaming-OC-10GB-GDDR6X-Ready-to-Ship-In-Stock/124342073472?hash=item1cf35d7880:g:Nl0AAOSwIZZfY-V6&frcectupt=true
  9. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Yeah, he wasn't alone
  10. Possible GPU Upgrade

    So i stayed up for the 11pm launch of the 3080 and my lord. I had 4 sites open ready to buy and they all crashed before 11pm hit. Even had one drop on the checkout page. Some retailers sold out within 15 seconds, all retailers sold out within the hour. I got an email notification form Mwave to tell me they were for sale about 2 hours after they had already sold out. Was super frustrating to have my cart loaded and ready to go, but the website crashed contentiously on payment. PC case gear were still taking back orders so i grabbed one from them and will hopefully get it before Cyberpunk.
  11. Monitor Investigation

    So you want a link then?
  12. Monitor Investigation

    I am starting my onlyfans to fund this monitor.
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

    Lets see if the beta is under 100gb
  14. Monitor Investigation

    I found the monitor, i just can't justify the price. https://www.lg.com/au/it-monitors/lg-38GL950G-B
  15. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Bang for buck the 5700xt is definitely the pick. I am planning on splurging for this graphics card. Ive always gone the 1 generation old GTX **70. But now I have an actual need for a good card so I'll use it as an excuse to buy a brand new one. I already grabbed myself a 3900x so was a bit surprised that they are already releasing a new ryzen chip since it's not even a year old.