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  1. Total War Series

    Put a dozen hours into it and am absolutely loving the combat. Micro managing and setting up a smaller force and taking out a larger force is so satisfying. I did not realise the turn based part was so in depth. Already failed 3 campaigns because I didn't understand things properly ( most recent campaign got destroyed by Christian's taking over Wich surprised me) A lot more diplomacy than I thought for a game called total war but once I learn the systems I can tell I'm going to loose a couple weeks to it.
  2. Total War Series

    Xcom series is my "wait is that the sun?" game . Just bought shogun 2 on the steam sales for $8. I heard its the best one to start on.
  3. Total War Series

    I Have never played one but have been keen to give them a go.
  4. Age of Empires andĀ Age of Mythology Series

    I Played 3 and enjoyed it thoroughly. But mythology was definitely my fave. I installed AoE 1 and 2 remasters and started playing through the campaign of 1. They have really done a lot of work with the graphical upgrade, but still has that classic AoE1 pathing ai. It was painful to watch my enormous army finally be defeated by a random tree cluster in the middle of a path. Got them nostalgia feels but i probably won't bother finishing the campaign even though they have done a lot of work to it, the roots of it are still an adjacent RTS. Will try 2 soon. Did any of you try Battle for Middle Earth 2? Probably my favourite old style RTS
  5. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    It lost me in season 3. Is it worth returning?
  6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    My personal favorites were house clearing and embassy
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    As long as it takes for a new cod to come out. I just really wanted to play a game with people and my overwatch crew switches to cod. I highly recommend the single player though. There are a few missions that are close to all ghillied up level.
  8. XCOM 2

    Chimera squad has 11 characters and you can only pick 8 per play through. They have set load outs. Max 4 per mission, small swat style rooms with beaches. It is way easier, that's why I recommend Chimera squad for newbies. Going back and playing WotC shows lot of its flaws that they fixed up for newer players ( shots feel more consistent to hit, no fog if war and stealth dodgey as fuck overwatch system? Gears tactics was quite good as well. I love the more action orientated feel. Also in gears if you plan your moves you can piggyback an entire playing field without taking a scratch, but you can also get mega fucked in the same way if you are sloppy
  9. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I found a list of recommended story arcs. Alot of shit in season 1 if superfluous. And fuck R2 (come at me)
  10. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I want to start from the beginning and end it with 7 but i remember lots of children age episodes that i would rather skip. What do you guys think, worth it from the start again?
  11. XCOM 2

    I knocked out chimera squad in 4 days so i wouldnt clash with gears tactics wich came out 4 days later. Currently 5 hours into war of the chosen and i have phonix point installed ready to go. Chimera squad is a fantastic entry for people who havn't played xcom before. its much smaller in scale and design. Still xcom, but simple.
  12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I also picked this up one my Aregntinian account while it was on special. The time to kill feels close to cod4 promod (on normal) so i think hardcore is ridiclous in this one. You can 1 shot kill people with pistol chest shot, very very spammy. Explosion radious is huge, i am frequently getting killed inside a building when an rpg goes of outside it. The singe play was awesome though, some great mission. My over all review i, it's cod.
  13. Emu War!

    New clan game?
  14. Movie Club

    Correct,it's a "1 shot". They have some unbelievable camera tracking. I would love to see how they managed to do some of those shots.
  15. Movie Club

    Just watched 1917. Very, very good movie. Highly recommend. The cinematography and storytelling via framing is impeccable. Made by the director/cinematographer duo that made Skyfall (Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins respectively)