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  1. Emu War!

    New clan game?
  2. Movie Club

    Correct,it's a "1 shot". They have some unbelievable camera tracking. I would love to see how they managed to do some of those shots.
  3. Movie Club

    Just watched 1917. Very, very good movie. Highly recommend. The cinematography and storytelling via framing is impeccable. Made by the director/cinematographer duo that made Skyfall (Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins respectively)
  4. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Don't get me wrong i thoroughly enjoyed it, but the whole time i was thinking that they did a middling job of explaining the world properly. Season 4 of man in the high castle is the best season by far in my onion.
  5. Movie Club

    JoJo Rabbit and Knives out and John wick 3 where my highlights of last year. John wick had the freshest action ideas i have seen in a long time.
  6. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I think the speeder Chase at the end of the Previous episode was even better. What a great way to ratchet tension and a fantastic reveal to how it ended. I Still think the last Jedi is the best actual film in the whole series (except maybe episode 5). Except for casino planet. That whole section can die in a fire pit.
  7. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    The Mandalorian was pretty solid. Quality dipped a bit in the middle but finished strong. The person who Designed Baby Yoda needs a pay rise though, think of all the merchandise sales.
  8. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I have seen TROS. If i could describe is in one word, fine. It's just fine. Plot holes and rushed forced narrative using macguffins aplenty. It seems like they were trying so hard to retcon what the last jedi retconed but also tried to finish the saga in JJs mind that he totally had in his mind from day dot. I think the biggest disservice they have done is not having the story arch thought out from the start. It really shows in the sloppiness of the story telling. Which is a shame because i think the cast of characters they created are quite good. Had some decent action and some pretty cool force abilities, but felt more like a mediocre pacifier to star-wars fans rather than a solid wrap up to a 9 movie Journey.
  9. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I finished the expanse season 4 in a day, couldn't stop watching it. I feel sorry for people going into the witcher with no background on it because that show is confusing AF. I spent my Christmas day fielding questions from my cousins about things not explained in the show. Non spoiler help to Understanding the show. None of the stories are chronological except for ciri's, the episodes jump years back and fourth.
  10. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I got it and played it through twice. Very very good, better story than the newest movie.
  11. The Outer Worlds

    I heard the game was easy so i played on hard. Firs couple hours were real rough. But once i looted enough gear it started to come together. I started a second play through 2 as a dumb melee strong woman and people are just crumpling to melee weapons in one hit.
  12. The Outer Worlds

    I Have been using game pass for a few months now and have demolished a whole bunch of games i never got around to playing. Worth the value. Outer worlds is really good and is similar to fallout in a lot of ways but do not expect a new fallout. I did absolutely every side quest, never skipped dialogue and only fast travelled in the last couple hours of the game and i still finished it in 30 hours.
  13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I think i will do what i do almost every year, wait until the new one comes out and buy last years on sale ( CoD: WWII is currently $35) and play the SP.
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Apparently alot of peopel are having pc problems with this game. Alternatively, apparently the graphics settings are numerous. i saw it running on a 4k monitor utilising a 2080ti and oh boy those this game look phenomenal.
  15. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Interesting that you mention this. You would think Disney would be more concerned about a company who has held the license for 10 years and have done nothing but cut projects and make 2 gambling sims. They must be making enough money some where along the way, maybe mobile? Separately, The only reason i am considering a Star Wars game by Ea is because of Respawn; Headed by the duo who also headed CoD 1,2 as well as Modern Warefare 1 & 2 before leaving and forming Respawn. I'll wait for the reviews and decide.
  16. Star Trek

    Also being directed by William T. Riker himself, who also directs Orville episodes.
  17. Star Trek

    With discovery You think season 2 is worth checking out?
  18. Star Trek

    Who woulda thunk that the best star treck show available right now was created and staring the family guy dude. I never started season 2 of Discovery. Ill try Picard though, even just for Patrick Stewart.
  19. Battlefield V

    This warmed my cockles
  20. Red Dead Redemption 2

    That's a pleasant surprise. Idk if a year is long enough time to re-play such a huge game, however when i upgrade my rig (probably within the next year) ima test it with this bad boy. The ps4 pro version is hands down the best looking game i've ever seen so i can't wait to see how it looks on PC.
  21. Battlefield V

    What games?
  22. Battlefield V

    How many peeps still play this?
  23. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Yikers that GoT finale season. I recommend the documentary "the last watch" , really shows how much work the behind the scenes people put into that show (the snow in winterfell all season was real, no cgi). Also makes you realize how much the writing is really what ruined it.
  24. Roll The Dice Clan History ~ Volume 18

    Nice write up . i occasionally visit re-watch the Sunday Shenanigans videos for memories. Also enjoy showing people our shoutcasted match in the bf4 quarter-finals. I love Underdog wins.
  25. Sorry i missed this. I was reminded and subsequently forgot within a 24 hour period.