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  1. NBN

    Not really surprising.. Depending on what POI you are on and connection type, local latency can be higher than DSL on low latency profile.. I'm a friends place atm on FTTP, and pings exactly same as I get at home on DSL. Sunbury POI gets hauled to Bendigo for some reason...
  2. NBN

    Cheap and nasty, they are fine for local stuff (mostly) but there international routing is rubbish. My pings time on internode have gone up 10-40ms to US/EU destinations since its now going out via TPG links. Prime example is Dubai.. I used to get sub 180ms to Valves Dubai servers, now its over 400ms since return path gets lugged to TPG's HE US transit link instead of coming back via Asia.. TPG's network quality is rubbish.
  3. NBN

    Well if your on HFC or FTTC.. you can avoid iiNet/Internode like the plague, they are resold TPG connections.
  4. NAS, Personal Cloud and Networking

    Which is just linux software raid, shouldn't be to hard to rebuild array under nix distro or use testdisk or similiar for data recovery.. or that.
  5. Doom frustration!!!

    For anyone that doesn't have DOOM. https://www.gamebillet.com/uk/doom.html has it for 18 AUD, set currency to pounds and use BLACK20 coupon
  6. The Division

    1.4 patch is meh imo. match making is broken as shit.. I did an incursion on heroic with just one other person because match making failed to find any other players (it was searching whole incursion lol) NPC's feel more spongy, although that could be because they nerfed crit hit chance and weapon damage on mods dropping my 1.5mil crit hit damage from 1.3 down to 188k~ on 1.4 which is aids. Couldn't even do heroic on clear sky incursion without failing.
  7. Sound Card

    if it's realtek you can just uncheck disable front panel jack detection and it'll play output stream to both rear and front at same time.. $450 for a c-media card? That price inflation, onboard ones aren't even that bad now adays..
  8. Battlefield 1

  9. Battlefield 1

    Yeah so after 20m of playing this.. Think i'll pass, it's full of same old reasons I stopped playing not long after bf3 release. Games gonna end up been just another turd full of idiots.
  10. NBN

    Think you summed it up your self right there
  11. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    FYI TS server was updated other day, if anyone has 3.0.20 preview client you can connect via ipv6 if you have it
  12. Battlefield 1

  13. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    BTW, Season 2 of Mr Robot has started if anyone missed it
  14. Vulkan

    They were? I never had a problem with my 280X getting 50~ on maxed.. DX12 still has once ace up its sleeve against Vulkan and that is MDA. http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/216880-ashes-of-the-singularity-demonstrates-nvidia-amd-gpus-working-side-by-side
  15. Evolve

    They are rebuilding whole game from scratch lol, gone from 40GB to 19GB~ thankgod, it originally had like 20GB of stupid videos and language files..