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  1. Movie Club

    This one's a bit darker yeah? I liked Click the best out of all his films because there were some pretty dark and sad moments as opposed to his kind of over the top comedy style.
  2. Battlefield 2042

    It was so dumb but so satisfying 😂
  3. Battlefield 2042

    I just hope they let me put slugs and an 8x scope on shotguns to counter snipe people like you 😝
  4. Battlefield 2042

    See I still think Overwatch is the best FPS I've ever played and I still don't love it enough to play it consistently 😂
  5. Battlefield 2042

    Certainly looks interesting and I'm keen to play it with clannies but I've found my taste for FPSs is waning, any one else feel the same? Either way I'll wait a week or two for all the busted shit to get fixed a la BF4 launch 😂
  6. Grand Theft Auto V

    Best to not dwell on these thoughts lest you be overcome with existential dread 🙃
  7. Grand Theft Auto V

    I'm sure he'll stay on their radar in the future. Even if they forget about him, he could mention it in a future job interview with Rockstar and they'd take him there and then! 😅
  8. Gaming And Software Sales

    Depends if you want to play the games or read the equally as good books.
  9. News Topics

    This is mental on so many levels that they were able to pull it off 😂
  10. Gaming And Software Sales

    Hell that's not bad for a game to just drop into and play
  11. Movie Club

    Nah you post the Wikipedia link, the demons won't come after me for mocking them then...
  12. Movie Club

    True! The story and characters were a bit flimsy 😅
  13. Movie Club

    If I remember correctly we both jumped as well 😂
  14. Movie Club

    Cassie and I actually saw this release week in an actual cinema with other people in it!! It was an interesting concept and I feel like it was well executed, not a sci fi action movie that many could watch and enjoy but overall all really good!
  15. Your First PC

    I can quite vividly imagine your parents wondering what they'd paid for 😂