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  1. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    That scene was written and acted by Jason Sudeikis, his Wikipedia page was promptly updated so the first sentence described his hitting of Baby Yoda 😂
  2. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Definitely worth a watch, especially if you thought GoT needed more magic in it 😁 The books and games are generally fantastic, this universe is one of my favourite so I'm a bit biased but I feel the show did well portraying the characters from the books even with artistic licence leaned on a bit!
  3. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I'm glad there have been so many positive things said about this game! I'm planning on getting through it over the next few weeks
  4. Sony PlayStation 5

    Does Playstation Now work in Australia yet??
  5. Sony PlayStation 5

    Very interested in getting one of these just so I can play backwards compatible PS4 exlcusives like God of War and Bloodborne!
  6. Movie Club

    I can hear the shrill voice already...
  7. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    Interesting that that's how the old tech used to work, I can remember the AI in AoM always feeling super over-powered at the higher AI levels to the point that you couldn't ever possibly keep up at economic levels.
  8. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    This looks really good!!
  9. New Build

    Looks good mate!
  10. Podcasts

    To add to this, Will Anderson is fucking plastered in most of these! When I went and saw the live show, which was about the Australian Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade, I reckon he smashed at least eight beers while on stage, these podcasts go for an hour and half to two hours
  11. Marvel TV & Cinematic Universe *Contains Spoilers*

    Masterpiece is a bit much Honestly it just felt like standard Marvel goodness for me, nothing more and nothing less!
  12. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I doubt it will be at Sekiro kind of level for combat, I think that's just a bit of misconstrued fan hype (would be incredible though!) at this stage but I am excited for a decent Star Wars single player story driven game again! It has been too long!
  13. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I did just read that Palpatine's actor is on the payroll and had a surprise appearance at a panel over the weekend! I just hope we get an explanation as to what happened to Snoke and who he truly was.
  14. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Totally agree Law, I want to be keen for this but EA has a history of fucking things us up royally just to make a dollar...
  15. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Snoke is back!!