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  1. Marvel TV & Cinematic Universe *Contains Spoilers*

    Yeah I quite liked it too! I know there's been a bit of back and forth about what they did with his story arc and making the show about other people but Star Wars plays by it's own rules so people need to calm down πŸ˜‚
  2. Marvel TV & Cinematic Universe *Contains Spoilers*

    We're yet to watch it but it does look good! I feel the same about Boba Fett, it's got the same great production quality of Mandalorian but people are complaining about it quite a bit. Admittedly they've made some weird creative choices but overall it's good.
  3. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    Am I able to use your code?
  4. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Definitely agree, they're like Marvel movies, not great films but good experiences in their own entertainment right! Rogue One is for sure one of the best Star Wars films by a long mile. The last scene is so fucking goooood πŸ˜‚
  5. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    You could use the laptop bays without anyone knowing!
  6. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    I guess anything can be a crypto mining mule if you have enough of them
  7. Battlefield 2042

    Wow, that is nutty πŸ˜‚ Are you enjoying it though Law despite the issues?
  8. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    These are some of my favourite video game trailers hands down!
  9. Age of Empires andΒ Age of Mythology Series

    Build orders are what put me off playing StarCraft multiplayer
  10. Book Club

    Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of lists, I have two in front of me for work at the moment but having a list for video games that are inherently time consuming is kind of silly, you'll never get through it πŸ˜›
  11. Book Club

    Neither but I've been meaning to read Dune for aaaaages
  12. Battlefield 2042

    I'd almost consider buying it outright for $60
  13. Clan Related Video Thread

    Very impressive stuff!!
  14. Battlefield 2042

    The premise for the mode sounds okay, almost like Tarkov in a way. As for the $90 for a gamw nowadays that will most certainly have season passes, that's pretty steep. Do we know how long it will be on EA Play for?
  15. KOTOR Remake

    Haha yes the Atlas boss fight sucked πŸ˜‚ I remember dieing once then beating and thinking if that was it?!