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  1. Hi All have had some beta keys drop in for no reason, nearly back to gaming in the mean time please enjoy... 1) NBJWTN-TMV9-D2GJNH-PTHF-2YGVJN 2) 9FPENN-ZGMJ-P4ZP8M-69D7-BYGZ6P 3) T4ZE27-NZZT-F66JE2-2GNF-JD46TC 4) Y6NRXY-NCEE-GMHFCD-22CH-N66JKB please head to www.battle.net/code if you wanna use em. out for now!
  2. Pho-bio's a marshmelloww.

  3. i hope you fellas have a top night, still still still transient. getting there fellas, gimme a break.
  4. CPU And Motherboard Upgrade

    maybe i need to rtfm, sounds like a clusterfuck if ever ther was one. well... 2c
  5. CPU And Motherboard Upgrade

    anyway / rant. in my experience this is over provisionsing on the board definitely not immuatble but pretty scary. here's what i would do. get the new psu get an old board - i guess there is a proc in it, read yiou need a proc in it. slot in some ram get a display -if on board good if not find known working board- and boot that shit up. no dice? try with teh old psu. get a baseline and work up. your shit isn't working cause you need to rtfm, unelss you are one of those poor ~20 % who have faulty parts. you need to read that mb manual. read the psu supplies and be damn sure of the mb requirements before you 1 slot a proc in and 2 slot a gpu in. are you sure you have all teh correct power supplies running into the board, do you have too many? if you're not sure, stop and start again, after coffee.
  6. CPU And Motherboard Upgrade

    i havent even read this thread, no, no you cant. /jackie chan .jpg why do you even have a pc? im not sure why you're treating something so inherntly simple with such disdain. it's not like you'd rip your car apart and put a potato in the exhaust an expect it to run... gosh Law you are ganna take A LOT of work.
  7. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    please dont - then (months from now) some one record him on TS asking if we're paying to play wow @ RtD, Awesome would pee his pants on hearing it and we would all get to relive in the April foolery again.
  8. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    i lol'd again - annd again just now thinking about Kiwi reading the OP AF. ahhhh. someone get him in front of a pc NAO!
  9. Ramsay's Psychology

    get a new tutor, Rams terminate this non-citing mofo forthwith. violent games w/ negative repercussions.
  10. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    any one care to comment on shameless, the us remake? also watching house of cards s02 yey!
  11. CPU And Motherboard Upgrade

    you want passive or h20/LIQUID HELIUM!!! cooling? me personally providing space is no issue i would just go for the bigger case that can accommodate bigger fans, bigger fans can move more or the same amount of air at slower speeds meaning they are quieter than smaller ones doing a similar job. fan controller plus monitoring sw =
  12. Cleaning up. - SSD

    you know it's shift in the right direction 8.1 i mean not 8 but they've nailed it. has only taken them seven years to get queable file handeling but better late than never, even got a pretty little graph like veeam. wow.
  13. BSOD

    why would she do that when she could by opera and rename it?
  14. Bioshock Infinite

    Not on sale for ten bux closer to twenty.