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  1. Windows Sonic And Dolby Atmos For Headphones

    I just tried with the Windows Sonic on and off and could tell no difference playing music coming out of both headphones and speakers. Will give it a try during gaming. Also it was just a standard thing: Taskbar - Sound - Playback tab - headphones properties - spatial sound
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    You might be right
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    I can't see that other Topic with the Bnet names Mine is Mcpie#1158
  4. TDM was a lot of fun last night! Most fun i've had in PUBG for a long time.
  5. lol!! must have been too good mate
  6. Duckz with the return? I've missed you mate
  7. Pingtest And Speedtest

    Just had my NBN connected today! Beats 3mbs down lol
  8. About time for an introduction

    hey mate! defs keen for some more pubg games with you!
  9. Lol bang on! Duckz and I got railed by a guy at the start and Shrives and Ninja went on for the win!
  10. A pretty solid start to the season! 45% win rate in Squad.
  11. This update is killing me and my shitty internet! Replay function notes: Added Replays menu Added replay function which can record up to 1km around the character Please enable the replay saving in Options before you enter a match When the game ends, the replay will be saved and can be played on “Lobby – Replays” menu Up to 20 replays can be saved. They will be automatically deleted in the oldest order when the number exceeds 20 You won’t be able to watch the replays made in the previous client version. Control Guide J: Time line ON / OFF (Player can move to desired time, pause) P: Pause ↑, ↓: Play speed change B: Back to own character W, A, S, D: Camera move E, Q: Camera height change Holding Shift, Ctrl: Camera move speed change TAB: Open the player list (If you click the ID, camera moves to that player’s view) V or LMB: Observing camera (You can see the view of the selected player) C or RMB: Following camera (The camera follows selected player and you can control the camera angles and zoom) F or SPACE: Free camera (Move to the camera view which can freely move on the map) L: Open the battle list (You can check engagements with and around the currently selected player) M: Map (If you LMB click the player’s icon on the map, you can move to the observing camera of the selected player. If you RMB click any empty area of the map, you can move to the free camera at that position)
  12. Most nights Blue! just jump on TS mate and people will join
  13. Howdy

    Kenny as well! haha the old gang sounds good Shrives.. sadly I disabled my WoW account about a year ago, I used to play to wayyyy too much might see some of you for a LoL game