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Pingtest And Speedtest

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1 hour ago, Maniac said:


uncapped cable in G-Town does better then the NBN


Oh nice. How did you get faster than the 90Mbps they advertise? Tell us your secrets!

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I think they just advertise that its 90Mps but its actually uncapped when you get the unlimited plan, plus i think it helps that i only live 3kms away from the exchange. 

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Thats the Plan i was on in Norlane, now I'm on the slow old FTTP NBN :(


yeah the old cable doesn't seemed to be capped, maybe not enough people on it for them to worry I constantly got upward to 500/50


Now like @MiniSanders I got a 50/20 plan and it sits around the same just under those speeds but its more then enough for what I need.



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This really does impress me. I am pleasantly surprised by the fixed wireless speeds for the NBN. It's the only pleasant surprise, but I guess it's something.

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