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Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

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Rule #1: never EVER trust shrives in AoE. ie. never get involved in an alliance with him, never give him time to build a vast economic machine and never assume he has been defeated.

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Funnily enough I'd trust him as an ally, but maybe thats cause im shit at it and i dont think he'd be that mean.

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Who else is going to run away with one villager and force everyone to search for him before victory is declared.

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Correct. With a max 200 pop cap. I assume that won't be changed.


AoM could allow 12, but it only had two map sizes which made it quite crowded. Harder to make a comeback in AoM as well because you can't just build a TC anywhere you want and there is a limit on houses available. Still very good fun though (and actually my preference to AoEII).

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I think the setting didn't go well with me in AoE3. I did like some innovations, but not so much others.


I like the original (first game I was ever given, I've got the Gold Edition on my shelf still) but no gates was annoying though, lol.

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So I recently figured out how to play Age of Mythology online. Here is the process:


1) go to http://www.voobly.com/ and download the client.

2) register on the vooby site.

3) run the client and log in

4) double click the AoM: TT lobby

5) it will update something

6) If the game is not installed at the default location (mine wasnt) it will run a diagnostic tool begin the diagnostic and apply fix by selecting the location of aomx.exe

7) click this to link then latest download the latest patch (1.03): http://www.voobly.com/games/view/Age-of-Mythology-The-Titans

8 ) run the patcher

9) try and enter a game again

10) revel in the awesomeness

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