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Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

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Still yet to give it a go, but looks like it copies most of two with a dash of three.

But what i really want is age of mythology 2. 

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Haha, I agree. AoM is still my favourite.


Jebus and I had our first MP game last night - 3v3. Came away with a win in a pretty close mid-game engagement. Definitely good fun, but it took us 1:15 minutes.

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Still can't believe I wiped out out a player with out meaning to.


- Arrive at island - Shit some one is already here. I'll come back with a bigger army.

- Come back take island and start destroying enemy buildings.

- Player eliminated... wait what! this was their main island... whoops, I wiped out a whole civilisation without realising :|



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On 11/6/2021 at 10:31 AM, MasterShrive said:

For those of us giving this a crack, here's some info on build orders: https://www.gamesradar.com/age-of-empires-4-build-order-aoe/


Based on that, I'm spending too long in the first age. And I need to use my sheep before I go to the berries.

Build orders are what put me off playing StarCraft multiplayer :P 

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