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How The Dice Will Roll - Clan Code of Conduct

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How The Dice Will Roll
Clan Code of Conduct for Members and the General Public

Below you will find information regarding Roll The Dice, including policies and behaviour expectations of both its members and guests.

By submitting an application using our Recruitment Form, you adhere that you have read and understand these policies, which are set forward by the Leadership of Roll The Dice.

Important Information:

If a Clan Member wishes to discuss any of the above points they are welcome to create a new thread in the Round Table forum where it will be addressed openly and honestly. All members will be given the opportunity to voice their opinion.

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A Quick Shot of How We Roll
Code of Conduct Summary

Please read the following before applying for Roll The Dice. If you have issue with any of these points then Roll The Dice is not the place for you. If you would like anything clarified further, you may speak with one of our Members or read our more detailed Code of Conduct found via the links above.

Members of Roll The Dice are expected to abide by the undermentioned:

  • No hacking, glitching or cheating in any game. Ever.
  • No abuse of other players in any game.
  • No swearing on other forums nor any game server.
  • Use TeamSpeak respectfully at all times.
  • Wear the correct tags for Roll The Dice in all of our Official Games, on TeamSpeak, Steam and XFire.
  • Always protect the reputation of Roll The Dice and show dedication, respect and loyalty towards the clan.
  • Use and be active on XFire, Steam, TeamSpeak, the Forums and vWar (minimum one forum post per month to maintain membership).
  • Be active in the clan when possible and attend clan events when available.
  • Always play in the spirit of the game.
  • Respect fellow Clan Members and the General Public.
  • Do not expect more than you give.
  • Have fun, but not at the expense of others.

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