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Expected Behaviour During Scrims and Training

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Expected Behaviour During Scrims and Trainings

Members of Roll The Dice will always abide by the following rules when scrimming or training, on top of the Expected Behaviour in Game Server requirements.

When Training:

  • Always follow the instructions of the person running training.
  • Always stay in spec until you are asked to join a team.
  • Obey the orders given by your Squad Leader during training - especially if they are inexperienced at leading. Don't make their job harder for them - and while you should feel free to make suggestions, do not force your ideas upon them (even if you know they will work).
  • Turn up to training in time for the warm up if possible and make sure you are on TeamSpeak for the duration of training.
  • Do not go AFK during training - leave the server if you have to go away for even just a couple of minutes.
  • Please make use of the calendar to sign up to trainings so we have a rough idea on numbers. Even if you cannot make it, please note this down.
  • Once the practice scrims at training start, please also abide by the scrim rules written below.

When Scrimming:

  • The Squad Leaders orders should be followed at all times. For the duration of the scrim everyone will follow the instructions of the person in charge.
  • You are required to stay for the duration of the scrim, unless there is someone ready to swap with. We realise that at times things come up - but please don't start a scrim knowing you have tea half way through it! Generally, a Friendly Scrim will involve two maps.
  • Try to be on TeamSpeak, XFire and Steam at least half an hour before the scrim is due to start. Also, if there is a Pre Scrim Training involved, please turn up to that as early as possible.
  • Do not use global chat, other than to be friendly with the opposition in regards to GL, HF and GG. Some clans, whom we get on with well, we may chat with more often.
  • Do not use team chat at all. You should be communicating using TeamSpeak. People have fallen in to the trap of thinking they were saying something in team chat only to discover they were using global chat - and thus they said something about the other clan which should never have been mentioned.
  • Sign up for scrims on the calendar when they are posted and note down whether you can or cannot make it.
  • Always be sportsman like and never make any accusations towards the other clan. Ever.

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