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Expected Behaviour on TeamSpeak

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Expected Behaviour on TeamSpeak

For members of the public: Guests are more than welcome to join us on our TeamSpeak channel and may receive our TS details and the public password from our forums or one of our members. However, if you do not abide by the following you will be asked to leave. This place is our home, where we go to game and have fun. If you choose not to be a part of that and wish to disregard the rules then you may very well be banned from our TS without any further warning.

For members of the Roll The Dice: This TeamSpeak channel is our home and it is a place for all of us to sit back and have fun. Guests are more than welcome to join us and they should be treated the same way you would welcome someone in to your own home. It should be noted though that you are responsible for any guests you bring in to TeamSpeak - so make sure they know and understand the rules before you give them our details.

Most importantly, clan members are to be respectful of each other and any clan business. Be mindful of who else is on TeamSpeak and be very careful that whatever topic you are discussing (whether it be general gaming, clan trainings or scrim squads) is being discussed in the correct location.

Finally, Roll The Dice members will abide by the following in all TeamSpeak servers they visit. However, be mindful when you are a guest of others - as their rules may be even stricter than own and it is their rules which must be respected.

TeamSpeak Rules and Regulations:

  • All people on TS are to be respected, regardless of who they are, where they are from, whether they are a member of the public, a part of Roll The Dice or a member of another clan. Abuse towards anyone will never be accepted.
  • Inappropriate Language must be watched at all times. This does not mean you cannot swear (we all let slip on TS occasionally) but it should not become a regular occurrence. In particular, the C word is completely out of bounds and other similar words should be kept to a minimum. If any swearing crosses the line of the first rule then it will be dealt with at the discretion of the Clan's Leadership and/or Senior Members.
  • At all times, members of the public should follow the instructions of Roll The Dice Clan Members. If you feel you have been harshly treated you may contact one of the Leadership and/or Senior Members to follow up the matter.
  • No user of TeamSpeak is to log in to someone else's account nor should they ever use someone else's gaming name. Guest accounts are also not allowed (please rename to your gaming name instead).
  • Non-clan members are welcome in most of our TeamSpeak channels. However, to get there, they should be moved by a TS admin. They should never be given the password to any clan only channels. If a scrim or training is about to take place non-clan members will be asked to leave the particular channel. This will also be the case if important clan business needs to be discussed.
  • The Clan's Leadership may create new channels as required. General Members can create temporary channels if they wish. However, exclusive channels will not be created and all passwords must remain the same as the standard clan password. TeamSpeak is a place for everyone.
  • Please note that our TeamSpeak may be recorded at times, especially if members are recording footage from in game. Members will always strive to do their best to inform people before recording starts.

For clan members: If you ever feel someone's behaviour is becoming out of hand please tell them. All clan members have the right to pull someone up if they have over stepped their bounds (this includes other clan members or members of the public). The best way to do this would be a polite message over XFire or Steam. Members should never take offence if someone has asked them to settle down - just take the message on board. However, one clan member should never publicly shame another clan member on TS as that is very disrespectful. We are a united bunch of gamers here and that is the image we will always present to the public.

Creating Your Own Channel:
Registered members on our TS (ie, not members of the public) can create their own channel if they wish. For example, if you wanted to play some co-op with a mate who isn't in Roll The Dice or if you want to join a different gaming server to where others are playing, you could join our TS and then you can create your own channel so you have your own place to go.

The above rules and regulations will still apply to your own channel in regards to attitude and swearing, but it does mean you don't have to worry about being disturbed by other members of the public (or other clan members) if you don't wish.

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