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Expected Behaviour on Forums

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Expected Behaviour on Forums

For members of the public: You are more than welcome to participate on our forums for whatever relevant reason. You may just wish to socialise and get to know us; you might have a question about gaming; you may have a suggestion in regards to our servers; or you might be from another clan wishing to challenge us in a scrim. We appreciate any company and posts from people outside the clan - but all we ask in return is that you please obey the following rules. If you choose not to, your account may be suspended at the discretion of the Clan's Leadership.

For members of the Roll The Dice: It is expected that our members will always abide by these rules, not only on our forums but the forums of others as well (including other clan's, GA and CG). You are not to get dragged in to slinging matches etc. on these forums any more than you would here. If you choose not to abide by these rules, in any circumstance, you may find yourself losing forum access or being removed from the clan at the discretion of the Clan's Leadership.

Forum Rules and Regulations:

  • All people on our forums are to be respected, regardless of who they are, where they are from, whether they are a member of the public, a part of RtD> or a member of another clan. Abuse towards anyone will never be accepted, for any reason. These forums will not be about flaming, stirring up trouble or criticising others.
  • Inappropriate language is generally not accepted on these forums. We do not appreciate those who swear and thus take our forums in to the gutter. We do have a filter on the forums which is turned on by default. This does not give people the right to be excessive, however. Deliberate abuse or circumventing the filter will see the offending account banned.
  • Please consider your context while typing. ie, don't use all capitals, don't highlight or change font size of particular words and don't put a dozen question marks in a sentence to make a point. All of these come across in a demanding and negative way - which we do not want.
  • All discussions are to take place in the appropriate area. Gaming in the gaming area. Recruiting in the recruitment area. Clan only business is to stay in the clan only section.
  • All forum names must be appropriate when you sign up and it is preferable that they match your gaming name. Inappropriate names will be changed/deleted.
  • All forum signatures must be appropriate. Members from other clans are welcome to add their clan name, website and XFire/Steam details to their signature if they so choose. However, if we think a signature is out of line or too big then we will change it.
  • Everyone is welcome to have an opinion on these forums if it is expressed in the correct location and in the correct manner. Discussions themselves can be very productive - as long as people do not get personal nor off topic. If this occurs, the topic may be locked and the perpetrators could find their accounts banned.
  • No offensive or illegal material is to ever be posted - in any form. Inappropriate images or comments of a sexual, racial or religious nature, the posting of illegal software/games/music, or the discussion of where to source these, will see the offending user account suspended.
  • Posting the same message to multiple boards and/or topics is not allowed. Multiple & duplicated posts will be deleted and the offending account most likely banned - without the posted topic even being addressed.

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