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Clan Policy on Membership in Other Clans

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Clan Policy on Membership in Other Clans

Members are not allowed to be in any other clans for any of our Official Games where we currently compete. If they wish to join another clan in one of our Official Games we would request that that member talk with someone in Leadership.

For games which we do not cover, the member may participate in another clan, however;

  • That member, if ever caught glitching, scripting or hacking in that game will be removed from Roll The Dice.
  • Any member who is a part of another clan must still fulfil all of their requirements in Roll The Dice. For example, if you are in one of our squads, or if you run trainings, you must put those roles before any other gaming - just as you would be expected to do regardless of whether you are in another clan or not.
  • If Roll The Dice expands in to other games and a current member has membership in one of those games, then that member will be required to choose between clans.

All of the above points are negotiable at the discretion of the Clan's Leadership. If members are open and honest then agreements can usually be reached.

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