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Clan Expectations on Participation

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Clan Expectations on Participation

Roll The Dice is about having fun and it certainly has a social component - however, we do expect our members to be active. We do not expect you to give more time than you can afford to give, as everybody's time is precious, but in general we expect the following:

  • Forums. Pop by the forums every couple of days to check for any important announcements, scrims, trainings, clan events, etc. It is by far the best way to keep involved with the clan when not gaming. Failure to post at least once a month may result in termination of membership.
  • Calendar. Please make use of the calendar whenever possible to note down if you can make a scrim, training or other clan event. We want to know your status for any of these, whether it be "Yes", "Yes/No" or "No".
  • XFire, Steam and Origin. Jump on XFire and Steam or Origin every couple of days - just to show you are still about. Even if you cannot game, its nice to see a friendly face online. Members are required to use XFire while playing any of the Clan's Official Games, and may use Steam and Origin when required. All three programs have a clan group which members are required to join.
  • TeamSpeak. Using TeamSpeak is a huge aspect of this clan. It is where people hangout while gaming and where a lot of socialisation occurs. It is the best way to get to know the members of the clan and also a great way to keep in contact. Members are encouraged to jump on TeamSpeak whenever they are gaming, so they can practice their communication if gaming with someone else or quite simply just have a catch up.
  • Trainings. It is hoped that members will attend trainings whenever possible. This is not a requirement and members will sometimes have to put other events in real life ahead of training nights. However, it is expected that if a member is online and available that they will train - and not just play a different game at their own leisure. It is also expected that they will attend trainings at least once every few weeks, if possible.
  • Friendly Scrims. Members will have the opportunity to participate in friendly scrims on a regular basis. Like training, these are not compulsory. However, it is hoped that members will help out in scrims if numbers are needed and it is also expected they will scrim at least a couple of times each month to keep their skills up.
  • Competitive Scrims. If you are a member of one of our squads it is expected you will make yourself available for the majority of the squad's activities. This includes reserve members. We want those participating in our squads to be available as often as possible to help further our ladder ambitions.

We all realise that things in the offline world can take us away at a moments notice and sometimes we could be absent from gaming for weeks or months at a time. Fact is, there are many more important things than gaming - regardless of how serious some of us may take it.

All we ask is that you try to give your best in regards to time available and if you are going away for an extended period please let us know. If someone has told us they are going away then their membership in the clan can be put on hold. However, if you've just gone inactive for a couple of months without telling anyone you may find your membership revoked upon your return.

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