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Frostpunk Series

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So two nights ago I had an hour to kill before going to bed. I decided I'd fire up Frostpunk, which I'd had in my library for quite some time. This was a mistake.


Hours later I was still battling to keep my people alive. Numerous times they kicked me out, even though I think we were heading down the right path. I'd load a saved game and then continue from there, going down the religious path.



I was just putting along, getting a feel for things thinking I had endless time. Then out of nowhere it threw me into the end game. I was trying to prepare as best I could, but I still had people living in tents. It was brutal. I'd neglected my research. I only had one automaton. Coal had been a problem all game. Stranded people kept rocking up, some of them sick, so I had to make the hard decision to turn them away. And then halfway through the blizzard, while trying to keep the heat on, the people decided they'd had enough and kicked me out anyway.


So today I had another crack, now knowing that there actually was an end game. I researched and scouted early, which made a big difference. I also increased my production of coal, food and iron. I chose the law and order path this time, which was interesting. I built as many automatons as I could, while also caring for the sick (and using the dead as fertilizer). Once the storm hit, I deconstructed some buildings and used those parts to make more automatons. Everyone was in houses and everything was upgraded, so they had a much better chance of surviving. I had enough food, but watched nervously as my coal dropped from 6000 down to 900 in just a few days. I threw all my automatons at my coal production and forced people to work 24 hour shits, and this was just enough to keep my head above water. Luckily, it was enough.


The whole thing from start to finish was nerve-wracking, addictive, and very enjoyable. I look forward to trying some of the DLC.


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Was a fantastic sleeper.
I echo your experience in a lot of ways. People in tents for endgame..rough. 

going to play 2?


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I've been dabbling in the DLC; I'm working down the list and just started the refugee one. I think 2 will definitely get a look in at some point.

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