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Windows 11

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I wonder if you can update directly to 11 from XP... 


Either way, I think the name 11 doesn't mean as much as old name changes, looks very similar back-end with a change to how data is presented in the front end. 

Hopefully they offer free upgrades like they did with going to 10

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I had read somewhere that it will be a free upgrade, but who knows.


I am confident upgrading will fix any issues with my current system though.

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So to run windows 11 you need a TPM module and have secure boot enabled. Overall couple of features that seem pretty nifty like the android apps integration, and the new window snapping layout selection... Think ima wait a bit for getting this. 

On newer computers just enable PTT (Intel) or fTPM (AMD) once you've done that, boot back into Windows winkey+r type tpm.msc and you should (in theory) have this

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