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Hell Let Loose

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So I know a few have this already; and it's currently free to play for the weekend?


What's the recommendation?

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I've owned it for ages, and never really played it.

I'm reinstalling now, so would be keen for a game at some point.

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Its pretty good.


Runs well and wasn't too buggy when I played a bit way back. Think I like it better then Post Scriptum but both very similar. Think I just liked the gun physics a bit better. But I get over WW2 settings pretty quickly. Most guns unless sniper only have iron sights from memory. And maps are massive and look pretty.


Really need to play as a squad and have a good squad leader for it to be really fun other wise you just get stomped on.


If I wasn't getting over an ear Infection I'd be keen as to jump on with a few peeps as its one of those games I keep meaning to get back into.



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