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Star Wars: Squadrons

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The game was "leaked" a couple of days ago, then EA dropped the announcement trailer with the gameplay reveal coming at EA Play.

Its 5v5, It is set 4 -5 BY after the battle of Endor. Fleet battles are included (so here's to hoping the fleet battle mode is more than 5 on a side) first-person only (big yes) crossplay, VR support $49.99 price tag, launching on Steam, Origin and Epic Games. Also with it launching on steam there will be no requirement to link your steam account to Origin, you will just need an EA account. 

I'm on the fence about it, as i do want more than just four ships on launch. 

Rebels get the following 

Some New Republic ship

Imperials get the following
Tie Fighter 
Tie Interceptor 
Tie Bomber
Tie SK1 Experimental Fighter. 

Oh and no MTs either according to EA all items can be earned in-game... but we'll see about that. 


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I was keen for this when I heard about it but if it's 1st person only, I'll give it a miss because I'll get sick in dog fights 😂

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I think if there is enough outcry they would probably add the option for 3rd person, but the number of people whinging because its OT stuff and not prequel stuff is insane! I'm keen to see if there will be HOTAS support. 

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3 hours ago, Noods said:

My worry is that this will be too Arcade and not Sim enough for me. 

110% arcade :( Think of the aerial side of Battlefront. Same sort of thing imo


$49 on Steam. So I guess a very small game then. Wonder about the replay value

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On 6/16/2020 at 11:02 PM, Phobos said:

110% arcade :( Think of the aerial side of Battlefront. Same sort of thing imo


Yeah that's what I was thinking. 


5 v 5 seems way too small.  Would love a larger scale like the Old X-Wing games then add in Co-Op or Multiplayer, where you have to take on Imperial Star Destroyers and really use team tactics. Have some in Y Wings doing bombing runs while X-Wings provide fighter support etc. 


Who knows might be different to what we think but I doubt it going on the early info. 

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TheLaw linked the gameplay trailer from EA Play in his post.


And here's an interview that Polygon did with game's creative director, Ian Frazier - https://www.polygon.com/interviews/2020/6/18/21295900/star-wars-squadrons-everything-you-need-to-know


- The general idea is that the gameplay will be "more X-Wing/TIE Fighter, less Rogue Squadron".

- Single player campaign (post Battle of Endor), 5v5 'Dogfight Mode' (PvP) & 'Fleet Battles' (PvP/PvE, with solo & coop with AI confirmed)

- Most weapons are fixed, with a few guided weapon options.

- There is no leading reticle, but the targeting reticle will change colour the more likely your shot will hit the target.

- There will be 6 maps at launch.

- First person only is a definite, with only spectator mode & select cinematics/cutscenes featuring anything like third person views.

- Along with VR support, they did mention that on PC, there would be HOTAS support, exactly which ones is unknown, probably more on them will be revealed closer to launch. There will also be crossplay with the consoles.

- Gameplay includes diverting power between Engines, Weapons & Shields, very much like assigning pips to sub-systems in E:D (there's going to be some alternative to Shields for TIE fighters, as they don't have them, possibly more hull points to compensate).


Ship loadout upgrade components in spoiler,




Thus far, it's still only the 8 previously announced ships,


Fighters: TIE Fighter/X-Wing

Bombers: TIE Bomber/Y-Wing

Interceptors: TIE Interceptor/A-Wing

Support: TIE Reaper/U-Wing


Currently, they have downplayed any post-release DLC (more maps/ships) or live service formats, so it's currently implied that it could be a 'WYSIWYG' scenario, with only patches to fix bugs. With it having the lower launch price, I wouldn't be surprised.

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hmm ok


Interest has risen slightly. Cant deny that it looks amazing. and do love the fact that its First Person only.


Campaign and Fleet Battles looks more like X-Wing/Tie fighter games of old then I expected.


Hope the Fleet battles are a bit more mixed bag then what they explained as I reckon that could get old real quick.


Could be worth it just for he single player campaign tho. Just hope they have enough content and continue the content afterwards.



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Yeah, feels just average? Feels like a very casual game, jump in here and there. Not something to play every night. No aim assist, that's something at least.

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After watching that vid, I gotta agree, looks average (no real variation on objectives in Fleet Battles, imagine if some Black Sun/Hutt Cartel fleet interfered once in a while to mess with things, at least it would mix it up a bit). If there's an open beta, I'll give it a try. But, unless they reverse their 'no post-launch content' stance, even the reduced price of $50 is too much for me to justify for what's in the game. Probably leave buying it till it's around $30 in that case.

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The small squadron sizes were the part that shocked me.. I was thinking 30v30 or something... not 5v5. 

For me that feels like they are going straight for eSports rather than getting a good game people want to play that morphs into an eSport. 


To me the flying looks "fine", but that is all, it isn't amazing /spectacular... and agree on the 30 minutes every now and then for a few battles and done with it

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It looks too confined for a space fight/sim.


I remember the old X-Wing/Tie Fighter games you could be having a fight around a Star Destroyer then some other ship would jump in miles away that would be a valuable target (kind of bonus mission) and it could take you 5 to 10 mins just covering the distance to get to it before it jumped out. Felt like you were actually in space and there were moments of calm.

This looks very Arena. 

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