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So I bought a VR Headset today (Samsung Odyssey+) and now looking into VR games. This is a Windows Mixed Reality headset, but "should" work with most Steam VR games. 

So far my plans are Project Cars 2, Beat Saber, Superhot VR and No Man's Sky. 


Anyone else have VR and have some game recommendations that are must plays?

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Played some of the "Lab" stuff on Steam and some Beat Saber over lunch. 

Very good fun, and I could wear my glasses under the headset which helped heaps (Even though the instruction booklet says don't do this)

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So after a couple of days here is my rundown...


The Lab

  • Little mini games that are good fun to get used to the motion controllers and the headset.
  • Couple of them have some replay-ability, otherwise it was a cool thing to try.

Project Cars 2

  • This was insane, so amazing driving using a wheel and pedals, and being able to look around the car.
  • Always felt nice and smooth, and just amazing.

Minecraft VR and No Man's Sky VR

  • Both almost made me vomit
  • The motion sickness feeling caused by these was huge.

Beat Saber

  • I suck at it
  • I love it
  • Amazing fun, especially after modding it so I can import any song I want

Superhot VR

  • This was frustrating, fun and a cool concept all in one
  • Shooting and grabbing stuff felt great
  • Throwing stuff was hit and miss



Next on the list, getting Tabletop Simulator to work in VR so I can play some board games. Trying out Elite Dangerous to see how it feels, will be interesting to see how the controls work.


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Superhot was a great little game - I'd be interested to see what that looks like in VR.


Given the kids a go? Or are they already beating you and you didn't want to mention that?

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