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I thought I had a topic for this, but a short look couldn't find anything.


Anyone running a UPS on their home set up and/or have any recommendations of getting one? I'm considering looking into it for the main PC. Obviously not so I can continue gaming for a couple of hours; but at least give me 15 minutes or so (usually our power dropouts are less than that in duration anyway).

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hmm no idea really.


We moved on from Hamsters a few years ago down here so Power Drop outs are really a thing of the past!


Sorry (not really) you knew someone was going to go there, may as well get it out of the way early!

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Just 3 posts in and we're already off-topic. Good old Shrivey.


I bought a cheapie no-brand UPS from a local electronics store, which protects our NAS and media server that are running in the cupboard (Harry Potter's Executive Studio under the Stairs).

It does the job, and another layer of protection is always good to have in the event of a surge.

Came included with software that runs on the media server, and automatically starts shutting down system after 90 seconds of running on battery power. It also makes a hell of a beeping noise when this happens, which scared the hell out of the cat.


I should probably look at getting another one to run my desktop PC through, but the server and NAS were the first priority. I'm not sure if a more expensive one would necessarily be worth it? No idea what extra features they might offer.

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