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Red Dead Redemption 2

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It wasn't that long ago! I've only been in Nhill for 12! Probably ten years back, when the air show was on and we had F15s flying overhead as well.

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Apparently alot of peopel are having pc problems with this game.

Alternatively, apparently the graphics settings are numerous.

i saw it running on a 4k monitor utilising a 2080ti and oh boy those this game look phenomenal.

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I still haven't played much of this, given it pretty shit optimised.


Though after the latest game patch and NVIDIA driver, and tweaking the game settings, I've gone from (at 2560x1440) jumping around in the 50FPS, to jumping around in the 70FPS. So I'll probably get into it a bit now, given it's more bearable to play.






You can thank Hardware Unboxed for taking the stupid amount of time it would take to benchmark each setting individually.




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