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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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That's good timing I guess.


Just randomly received an email from EA saying thank you for redeeming an Origin Access Membership Code :dontknow:

ID:    ausduckz
Membership Plan:    Origin Access Premier Membership - Non-recurring 1 Month


Triple checked it wasn't a phishing email (though I didn't need to click on any of the links inside the email anyway).


Opened up Origin, and my account name in the bottom left corner has the Premier logo there again now.


Downloading Fallen Order and NFS Heat. Thanks EA :good:


EDIT: Turns out it was some sort of promo by EA. Anyone that had 2FA enabled on their account before October 31 will get a similar email and receive one month free Origin Access;


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Oh man. I think I had that turned on briefly, but because Origin keeps logging out on my computer and not logging back in automatically I turned it off again. I'll try it once more for security reasons and see if it works.

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completed it over the weekend

really enjoyed the game and would recommend

lack of auto travel was painful at times as you have to go back over the maps several times as you power up to get all the hidden crates ect so a lot of time wasted running around particularly on Dathomir and the maps are pretty big


there is no planned dlc from what i have read so longevity after initial play through is limited.



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I got it and played it through twice. Very very good, better story than the newest movie. 

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