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With Streaming becoming a thing, I thought it might be worth us creating a list of our own channels. Put a link to your channel (or anyone else worth viewing) and maybe a few clannies can follow along.


I think this is mine, not that I've done any streaming yet: https://go.twitch.tv/mastershrive/

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Bumping this topic back up. 
Thought I would ad in what I am currently streaming and when. 


Monday night starting 8.30ish - Racing in Assetto Corsa (1 week is race week (tonight), 1 is practice and ad-hoc racing)

Tuesday night starting 7.30pm - weekly Dungeons and Dragons session

Friday night starting 8.30pm - Commentating an online racing series with @TheLaw


Edit: Also of note is that I hit affiliate last week, which gives people access to subscribe to my channel now

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23 minutes ago, MasterShrive said:

Nice work mate. We'll put all the clan's funds towards a subscription.

You really like spending those clan funds on anything... all 10cents of them?

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