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That feature only matters if you

1. Strongly customise the mouse and settings to your liking, and

2. Often take the mouse with you to use on different computers.


If you don't do that, it doesn't matter.

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I found that you can only reassign keys, assign scripting, write and assign macros etc when in PC mode, but if that is not a requirement then doesn't really matter

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I saw at Mwave (in Sydney) they had this for $160, price has dropped at a few different retailers. Note that Kogan product is often grey import (particularly with the mobile handsets where you end up with a foreign charger and an Aust adaptor) but I cannot imagine too much of an issue with a mouse even if it came from overseas

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It wasn't until I put this list together just now, of mice that I own, that I realized just how many I have.


My daily mouse at the moment is the Nixeus Revel. The Xai, DeathAdder Chroma and FK1 have had use, but all the others are brand new in boxes still.






Ducky Secret


Finalmouse air58 Ninja (Cherry Blossom Blue)


Glorious Model O (Matte Black)


Glorious Model O (Glossy White)


Logitech G Pro


Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex


Logitech G403 Wired


Logitech G403 Wired


Logitech G502 HERO


Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse


Ninox Venator


Nixeus Revel


Razer DeathAdder Chroma


Razer DeathDadder Elite


Razer Diamondback Chroma


Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition


Razer Mamba Elite


SteelSeries Rival 600


SteelSeries Sensei 310


SteelSeries Sensei Professional


SteelSeries Xai




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I have just grabbed a Corsair Dark Core SE (2.4GHz wireless / Bluetooth / and Wired)

Will be giving it a trial run tonight, but feels nice so far while I have fiddled with it at work.




I'm moving on from a Thermaltake Ventus Z (http://www.ttesports.com/productPage.aspx?p=219&g=ftr#.WzMvKop9jRY)

Which has always worked, but just didn't feel quite right for some reason


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Was $135, and has felt nice so far. I got the SE version which comes with the wireless charging (I didn't realise this until after the purchase... it was the one I found and tested)

Need to fiddle with the Corsair software and configure what all the buttons do and set it up a bit better. But so far so good.


The wireless tech seems to work really well, no drop outs or lag input that I have noticed, was very smooth to use tonight.


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I picked up the Corsair Dark Core SE three weeks ago through warranty from JB HI FI, coming from a Logitech G900, under the impression of trying something different. I just couldn't warm up to it, the "sniper button" was obnoxiously big, and the forward/back buttons just weren't placed well for me.  I had to go buy another Logitech but a G903 this time. I wanted to like the corsair, it is a very well built mouse. I hope it works well for you @MiniSanders .

PS... Im selling a Corsair Dark Core SE if anyone is interested haha

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So far so good, I will agree that the Forward button feels too far forward on the side. The "sniper" and back buttons are perfect for me though. 

I really like the weight, size and feel of the mouse though. Really happy with it.

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Ok new mouse time and wondering what most people have or can recommend. @Duckz looking at that list above you can probably give me a good rundown lol.


Currently have the Logitech 502 and have found I have to use claw grip due to it being smaller for my hand. First mouse I had was a death adder and the larger size felt better but it just lacked a few features I was after.


I have pretty big hands (you know what that means @Dallyfergo :wink:) so looking at larger Mouses. Think Logitech 403, SteeSleries, Zowie EC, FinalMouse kind of all look about the size I'm after. Have pretty much written Corsair off as there sniper buttons all look to be in the worst spot.


Just wondering If anyone has used any of these? Kind of eyeing off the SteelSeries 600 atm but still very early stages.


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@Noods you're a big gloves kinda guy to ayy?


I've gone back to my Razor Deathadder its pretty good. Can set whatever DPI you like. I was using a Razor Hex but I wore a hole in the rubber pad.

I've always been keen to try a Zowie FK1. says its good for those who are claw grip and is the larger sized model. Down side is you're stuck with the preset DPI's. However a lot of people stand by them for FPS games.

Or maybe a Finalmouse. they are very light weight but down side is they're pretty pricey and rarely available or in stock.


All of the above can be set to a 400 DPI which is perfect for R6 siege.

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And a big mouse kind of guy!


Yeah Im pretty much on 400 dpi so Im not worried about getting too fancy with dpi editing.  It's more about the size and feel in hand I guess. But I don't mind a dpi switch for when I'm back to windows browsing 


Looked at the FinalMouse and yeah hexy as and no stock anywhere in Aus. So only option is to pay upwards 200 on ebay, which aint happenin. They only have 4 preset dpi's which I think you can only change for the mouse. Considering it has no RGB and other fancy shit it seems like your paying just for the name. I don't know how much R & D would have cost them to figure out to put holes in the casing to make it lighter! 


I think the FK series is smaller then the EC series?


Not sure if peeps have heard of this guy but his reviews are pretty comprehensive 





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Have you checked out the Duckz box of random mice shop?


I’m sure he’ll have something to suit.


P.S. I have much bigger hands than you. Just saying...

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