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yeah Law I play this occassionally, and also Post Scriptum, which is basically the World War II mod version for Squad, aas a stand-alone game. It's pretty nice looking, and fun.

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Free Weekend of Squad this weekend if anyone was keen to try this out.


Latest patch has added some training/bootcamp things you can run through to get your head around the game if you're new.


This is one of the best Mil Sim/FPS out there at the moment in my opinion. Some of the moments you have when playing with a good squad are amazing. I find when Im bored of all other games this is the one I keep coming back to.

The devs seem committed as it gets regular big patches adding new maps, vehicles weapons and game modes and the most important thing is there is a really good player base in aus.


If anyone is keen for a game sometime on the weekend hit me up

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7 minutes ago, NevilleBartos said:

im keen for a few tonight!

Sweet as mate, Im just grinding some ED, but let me know when U jump in and I'll jump on Squad

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