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Battlefield V

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31 minutes ago, Duckz said:

@MasterShrive Did you create a Platoon during the Beta?


I'm pretty sure the only way to get clan tags on in-game, is to be part of a platoon, which in turn, has a clan tag set.


I'm guessing you made a Platoon, because Roll The Dice comes up, and you're the only member of the platoon. So hurry up and get the game already... :good:

Well on the one hand, that seems like something I would do. But on the other hand, I don't recall doing it. Can I get to it via a browser?

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31 minutes ago, MasterShrive said:

Also, I think JB Hi-Fi just sent me my key. If only I had internet to download it...

This makes me sad :(

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so im assuming that if you join origin premier that you will get all the dlc ect as its released as well?

might be worth a year trial to see how it goes if thats the case


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With Premier, you get Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, so you get whatever that gets.


It also updated some of my bought games too... Battlefield 4 got updated to Premium Edition and Battlefield Hardline updated to Origin Ultimate Edition.


And there are some decent titles in their vault which you have access to. From the looks of it, if there is a Special/Deluxe/Premium version, it gives you access to that.


Looking forward to Anthem early next year too.

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Correct, subscribe to Origin Access Premier for $19.99/month or $129.99/year, and get access to their evolving collection of 132 games, this includes Battlefield V Deluxe Edition and all the other games listed on the site.

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so i figured out what the V stands for in Battlefield V


V=vomit as after 60 mins of the most ridiculous head bobble ive seen in a game thats all i wanted to do...


is it really that hard to put a setting to remove it.


purchased premier and looks pretty good for the money

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so something in the 17GB patch yesterday fixed my motion sickness problems :)


really liking the game so far. will be really good with proper squads and coms.

not a lot of servers at the moment for all the game modes but given it is in pre release still not to bad

if anyones keen for a game let me know

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3 hours ago, NevilleBartos said:

yeah the game is suprisignly good, but there doesnt seem to be any server browser or any way to change squads in game?

when you go into multiplayer screen click advanced search in top right corner and you can server browse from there and select what ever you like


you change squads by pressing esc and select the squad button. you can make one i believe from there or change them over

also there is always 1 squad commander that gives orders. you need these for the squad points to get the v1 rocket ect.

pressing q brings up command tool ( i think its q qill check) you can request command and if the squad commander doesnt give one within 60s you promote to it and take charge which is really important for the bonuses


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yeah cheers Rally, Duckz jumped on this arvo and showed me how the command stuff works, game is solid though boys do recommend it, i'll be on most the weekend if anyones keen for a game.

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Ay phobs, dont forget to share the account deets ;)

All jokes a side i will be picking this up either Thursday or Monday. Whats the download size? 

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