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Rainbow Six Siege

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If I remember correctly, there was a Humble Bundle with guaranteed beta access to this that I bought, so I'm looking forward to it.

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What's your intention to play this - I was waiting for The Division, but given its delays, now thinking of investing in this.


Official Pricing:


Art of Siege $110 - game, beta access, unlocked weapons, tactical guide, collectors case

Tactical Elite $130 - above + season pass

Gold - $110 - game + season pass

Std - $90 - game


Discounts through the usual channels. Can only see keys for std and gold editions (which makes sense given other editions contain physical material)

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Pricing was not so much the point - plenty of alternative methods, anyone getting this?

There was a Humble Bundle not too long ago that gave beta access to this, so I'll decide after I've played it.


Closed beta starts 24/09/15, btw.

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Rainbow Six Siege, which was originally scheduled to come out on October 13, has been delayed. Ubisoft announced today that the game will come out on December 1.

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Claimed my beta key last night - there is some training "missions" you do to claim. Basically html game where you are presented with several options and click to play. No real game play.


Hope that it is just the limitation of the html platform, otherwise the game play, sound and graphics were something akin to BLOPS1

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I'm keeping a bit of an eye on this one to see if it might be any good. Is the Beta actually out yet, or have you just gone about getting your key?

23/09/15 :) 

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