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On 5/9/2020 at 12:27 PM, Blueberry said:

I knocked out chimera squad in 4 days so i wouldnt clash with gears tactics wich came out 4 days later. Currently 5 hours into war of the chosen and i have phonix point installed ready to go.

Chimera squad is a fantastic entry for people who havn't played xcom before. its much smaller in scale and design. Still xcom, but simple. 


I did see you in XCOM yesterday. I need to give War Of The Chosen a go, and then I'll move onto Chimera Squad. Do they add content to each other, or is Chimera Squad completely separate?


I've just started Phantom Doctrine, as after finishing Homeland I wanted to get into something spy related.

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Chimera squad has 11 characters and you can only pick 8 per play through. They have set load outs.


Max 4 per mission, small swat style rooms with beaches. It is way easier, that's why I recommend Chimera squad for newbies.


Going back and playing WotC shows lot of its flaws that they fixed up for newer players ( shots feel more consistent to hit, no fog if war and stealth dodgey as fuck overwatch system?


Gears tactics was quite good as well. I love the more action orientated feel. Also in gears if you plan your moves you can piggyback an entire playing field without taking a scratch, but you can also get mega fucked in the same way if you are sloppy

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