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Marvel TV & Cinematic Universe *Contains Spoilers*

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Got around to watching Endgame... although I think I have missed atleast 50% of other Marvel movies... including Captain Marvel, Antman and Wasp, Thor: Ragnarok and even Civil War...

I enjoyed the movie, but something felt odd about it and I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the other ones. I think I enjoyed Infinity War more

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Those are some major gaps to fill in.


If nothing else, go and watch Ragnarok. They boys will probably enjoy it too.


Civil War is also very good, but a bit more serious.

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I just finished the latest and final season of Agents of SHIELD.


I really enjoyed it. At the end of season six I wasn't sure if they should go around again, but I'm glad they did. Great cast of characters and it always scratched the itch between movies.

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