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Clan Related Video Thread

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While I would agree with that statement, I was actually testing out some stuttering issues I was having and there were no games to join for first-person solo at all :(

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That's like saying you had your first root in months after going to a brothel... factual but not impressive.



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Look, I'm not proud of what happened, but a kill's a kill.



I got the kill because I was the last person to do damage to the BRDM, which happened when it ran me over. I got confused, didn't realise I was safe, and ran back at it.


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6 minutes ago, Jebusohmighty said:

The way BP says ... 'Oh my god shrive' is priceless :-P

I mean, he had a point.


BUT, when I turned around to run away, I thought the fence was going straight into the distance, meaning I was trapped. Turns out it was actually turning away (so it was a perspective trick). So that's why I accidentally ran back in front of it - I was very disorientated. But it got me a kill :P

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Here's two videos of me running around like a headless chook in the last circle. Unfortunately my Shadowplay still wasn't recording my mic, but you get the gist thanks to BP and Jebus.



In the second video I planned to throw a decoy smoke grenade, which didn't work out. But it did start an interesting chain of events where I needed a lot of bullets and an extended mag in the M249.



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