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Clan Related Video Thread

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Clan Video Thread

The purpose of this thread is to house all videos created by, or featuring, clan members. Anyone is welcome to post in this thread, as long as it is directly Roll The Dice related. This way, any new members to the clan (or any members of the public) can quickly see our video collection.

I'll link to the main ones I know of below in different channels, but members should feel free to post any other I've missed as well.

We will also put all clan member channels here so they are easy to find:As always, feel free to comment, quote, and add your own clan related videos to the mix.

At the time of posting, these videos were on the clan's YouTube channel. All of them are worth a watch:


Awesome Asleep on TeamSpeak:

MasterShrive, The Novel:

Roll The Dice 2011 Christmas Party - Part 1:

Roll The Dice 2011 Christmas Party - Part 2:

Sunday Shenanigans #16:

Jet Road Kill:

Impossible Dream:

Sunday Shenanigans #18:

Blue's Battlefield Breakdown - Episode 1:

Chopper Ace:

Yes Dreddy:


Sunday Shenanigans #19:


TeamSpeak Theatre - Episode 1:


Nev's Popcorn House:


Minecraft Tower:


The Hidden Ace Rave:


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I've posted a few from Zen's channel below. However, if you haven't seen his full collection then they're all worth looking at.

























Zen, feel free to add more of yours - I just added the ones I knew. Certainly some fun moments from BF3 there.

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Just to prove you don't always need skill, just an LMG and a good flank.


P.S. sorry for cliché music, just felt appropriate.


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Haha, I'm the life of the party guys!

Weird to hear it from the other side.



I just realized that its not even the full thing..... i left one part out which includes the ending :cry1:

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