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50 minutes ago, NevilleBartos said:

dont usually watch superhero stuff but this series is great 


That looks good will be getting on board for sure!

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33 minutes ago, MasterShrive said:

Nice, might give it a look.


I started watching the Apollo 11 footage that had been restored as well. Simply amazing. Really captures the full tenseness of the situation. Easy to take for granted now what they achieved.

I watched that on the weekend just gone, freaking amazing. 

as for The Boys, im 2 episodes in, and its pretty good. 

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Finished watching The Boys this morning before heading to the gym.



Was rather interesting, the last episode definitely had a plot twist that I didn't see coming. The character development of Anthony Starrs character was particularly interesting. Keen for season 2. 

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Just finished The Boys


Definitely binge watch worthy.


I loved it. Homelander is my fav. What a psycho lol

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