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Here's a few I've watched recently


Grizzly Man

Bowling for Columbine


Hoop Dreams

Paradise Lost

The Cove


The Imposter

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Love a good doc, few more worth a watch.


Born Rich

Cave of forgotten dreams

Examined Life

Fear and loathing in Gonzovision


Jesus camp

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child


Man on Wire

Off the grid life on the mesa

Pink Floyd the story of wish you were here


Storm surfers 3D


The Doors Mr Mojo Rising the story of LA woman

TT3D closer to the edge


Winnebago man


Good mix there lol, some of them wont all appeal to everyone but I think I enjoyed them all.

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Thanks Nev. Quite a few I haven't seen.


The TT doc is worth watching. Those blokes are insane!


Yeah, download all of Louis' docs. All good and quite funny.

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Thor:The Dark World


Thor:The dark world is the sequel to thor and in my opinion is an improvement. The movie has a very basic and generic story that serves as passable platform for the very very strong action. The movie surprisingly had me chuckling more than i anticipated as the trailers made it seem like it was going to be very heavy.


The motivation behind the band guys was somewhat unknown. We know there bad but i have no idea why they want to achieve their goal (of turning the world to darkness). Also a lot of the story revolves around a very far-fetched set of coincidences which made me think "what are the odds of that" more than once.


Not to say i didn't enjoy the movie, this ias actually my 3rd favourite Marvel movie behind the Avengers and Ironman. But it does have it's flaws, mainly in plot.


Acting is strong, particularly Tom Hiddleston as Loki. The back and forth between Loki and Thor is so engaging that you forget how far-fetched the situation is and just roll with it. The end set-piece battle was pretty phenomenal and used the main plot device so well that i forgave the shakiness of plot because it ,ade the last battle so special.


Overall i thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would recommend for any Marvel fans or just general action fans who can suspend their disbelief.


Movie Club rating: 7


Blues rating: 8

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Just watched these two documentries, would highly recommend them both.




An investigative journalist looks into the effects of the US govrnments drone strikes in Afghanistan and Iraq and how the drone attacks have also extended into locations where there is no active war.




Follows a US snow boarder through his career in the lead up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, 2 months before the event he suffers a serious brain injury as a result of a fall, it then charts his recovery. I would recommend to anyone regardless of interest in snowboarding or extreme sports, it's just a very interesting, well told story.

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I've seen the movie and read all the books.

The books are formulaic in that there's a problem, Jack Reacher solves it, kills a few guys and gets the girl in the end. I can think of only a few points in the books where it differs from that basic idea.

That's really my only gripe with the books, I did still enjoy them and devoured them all at once when I got into them.

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They sound addictive, which is a good thing. But you won't be surprised when I say my intended reading list is rather long. Still, I've added them on there.


You ever tried the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva? I highly recommend them.

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I really think they are worth the look. And they're very addictive too. You can start at the start of the series (which I'd recommend), but it isn't crucial either.

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1000/10 Great film. Really enjoyed it. Starts of slow but within 30 - 40 minutes the film takes off! The action sequences were bloody awesome. My brother and some other bloke in the cinema (20 people roughly) were the only ones getting into it! If you have seen this film yet GO AND DO IT. On another note Tom Cruise's new film looks pretty good too.. also on that note the Godzilla film is set to get another 2 films :3 *insert fanboyism here*

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