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lol at P and G looks like Bay out to buy a new ferrari or some such.

watched the World's End and was really excited to get into the cinema and see it.

Horribly disappointed.


I just don't think the plot was well thought out enough. Ah the salty language and in-jokes were there but it was hardly enough to get it over the line. Special effects driven in later parts. Just a bit of a cop out i thought after the masterpieces that were Shaun of the Dead and Hotfuzz. Notable characters reappear from the Pegg Frost colab, and few bigger names too.


Final Score: 3


Download it or get it on cheap movie night. Off to see Elysium this weekend. whoop Matt DAMON!


If anyone needs me im off to watch the Fuzz again.

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Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim is a new action movie from Guillermo del toro, who has a pretty decent track record as a director and always delivers artistically and visually. While he definitely delivers on latter, this is mediocre in comparison to his other movies.


The acting is all over the place, with the lead giving a pretty weak performance. Idris Elba and Ron Pearlman give a strong performance and Charlie Day does commendably with what he was given to work with which was really not much. The two Aussie guys are played by and American and a Britt, and boy does it show giving some of the worst accents I have ever seen in a movie (although it may be biased coming from an Australian). All other performances are mediocre to passable.


The story and character development are weak and the movie is very corny and silly. Hover i am not pretentious enough (open to debate) to assume they were going to be strong going into a movie about giant robots fighting giant aliens. Where it falls apart is the pacing.


The movie starts off strong with a decent intro and a strong opening fight scene, however then the movie hits a lul for at least 40 minutes although it felt closer to an hour. The problem with this is that if you are making an action movie that has an hour of just acting and no actors, you need to make sure that not only the actors are talented enough to hold the audiences attention, but also that the substance of your story is appealing enough. Pacific Rim falters on both fronts.


However, this does not mean Pacific rim has nothing to offer. The action sequences were spectacular with some of the best cgi i have seen in a movie. The action sequence in Hong Kong was just draw dropping, especially the part with the ship (trying not to spoil). A particular scene where we go back into one of the main characters memories was also very well done, and showed a snippet of how well done the movie could of been done, and made me long for more daylight fights.


Overall, it is a shame that the only thing holding this movie down for me was the misplacement of scenes. Having a huge chunk of action at the end was awesome, but you have to sludge through too much Lacklustre down time to get to it.


Using the rating scale it is an 8, as you should definitely try to see the action on the big screen.


However as movie it is definitely not the best. On the Blue scale 1-horrendous 2-bad 3-mediocre 4 good/enjoyable 5- top notch movie it gets a 3

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Now You See Me


Saw this movie after seeing Pacific Rim and i have to admit i enjoyed this one a lot more. This comes from a director i had not really heard of, Louis Leterrier. I looked up his past movies on imdb and his past movies all follow a common theme of being very entertaining (clash of titans is debatable), however never reaching great. Now You See Me follows suit.


Now you see me was a conscitenly entertaining movie throughought. All the acting was top notch and everyoen had on screen chemistry. Movie has lots of heavy hitters icluding Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. I loved seeing Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg reuniting after Zombieland, however every performance was good in this movie.


Pacing was good as it had a good balance of talking, action and magic ; and all were just as entertaining as the other. The action was fast paced and well shot, the talking was also fast paced and very well written and the banter between characters was very entertaining. The least impressive was the magic scenes as it may have used a little too much bad cgi, but i did not mind.


I want to preface my gripes by saying i thoroughly enjoyed this movie.Where this move looses points is it's plot. While not a bad plot,it definitely has a few holes, and begins to fall apart after the "twist" ending. I put twist in quotation marks as the twist was the weakest part of the movie for me. While not inherently a bad twist, the way in which it was implemented was not well done.


The main issue is that the movie thinks itself clever for it's twist because there was no way anyone could guess it right? Wrong. A good twist is a twist where all the clues where there for you to see the whole time (even if you miss them and only notice them on a second viewing) and come together at the end. This movie withholds information from the audience and then has scenes which contradict its twist. While i commend the move for what it wanted to do, it just didn't nail it.


However, the issues i have with the movie did not diminish the amount of fun i had watching it, and this movie is really just a bunch of fun to watch. I think if you go in expecting a fun ride you will thoroughly enjoy yourself.


Movie club rating- 7


Blue scale - 4

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well, Neil Blomkamp's probably delivered us the sci-fi movie of the year.

the director who bought you the mocumentray/action District Nine, returns with a dystopian action shooter.

set late in the 21st century the rich and powerful have skived off to Elysium to pursue happier lives while the proletariat and poor are left on the wasted remains of earth.


drawing from a lot of district nine foundations, Blomkamp focuses in on L.A as the launchpad for the movie Spanish is the main language and the slums range from the high rises to the low lands and surrounds making for one impoverished city.


sparing and restrained use of special effects make this one stand out.

just some super photography moments in the action scenes and gunfights just make you even more on edge.


those of you familiar with D9 will be pleased to know Vickus is back as the ex-military protagonist. along with some other unsavory characters from the rainbow nation, it makes me very happy to know so many people will be exposed the acquired acoustic delight that is the Safa read Afrikaans accent. heh heh... He does very well in this role.


Good times were had by no one, except me, a pretty formulaic and predictable out come, but damn smooth and well executed, making it a tough film to dislike or fault. all written and directed by Blomkamp so extra praise to him


Apart from that some top acting from Damon and Foster, on the diametric poles, i cant wait to see what others have to say.


easy 7 outta 10

if you're a sci-fi fan like me and enjoyed district 9 it's probably closer a 9


get into the cinema to see it if you can, if not stand by for the best sci-fi since Prometheus.


Pros: Top movie

Cons: No prawns :(

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Elysium is the new Sci-Fi/action flick from Neil Blokchamp of district 9 fame, and sweet titty-sprinkles does it deliver. It shares many similarities to District 9 being a action si-fi allegory movie. Like D9 the world created is incredibly immersive and fleshed out. The cool and interesting scfi-fi ideas and weapons used in the background of this movie are better thought out and more interesting then sci-fi premises of entire movies i have seen. The action is very well done and very realistic.


Another positive thing dragged over from D9 is actor Sharlto Copley. He played the main character from D9 and in Elysium he plays the antagonist, a character very far removed from his previous role that honestly steals every scene he is in. Not to say that the other performances where bad, in fact far from it. Every performance was believable, even small side characters however Copley's performance is head and shoulders above even Foster and Damon's.


While it shares D9's strength, it also shares a weakness of being very heavy handed with it's allegory. It is as unsubtle as could be when it telegraphs real life issues such as the 1% and america's immigration issues. Not to say this ruins the movie but it does stop it from being a flawless movie for me; along with probably a bit too much crammed into it. It sometimes felt like the movie was rushing along, but in retrospect i think it was because i was enjoying a scene so much that i wanted every scene to go longer.


This is a hands down must for all movie goers and was probably the best movie i have seen this "summer" season.


Movie club rating: 8


Blue rating: 4.5

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Elysium is the new Sci-Fi/action flick from Neil Blokchamp of district 9 fame, and sweet titty-sprinkles does it deliver.

I'm going to see it tomorrow night, and this is all I need to read right now :D

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Big let down. Stop making films where the action sequences are zooming from different angles non stop. ZOOM OUT FFS(this is the worst film to do it i've ever seen).


Whole movie went over my head, didn't feel as meaty as D9.


1/10 - 1, Just because they had Wikus in it with his accent.

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Stop making films where the action sequences are zooming from different angles non stop. ZOOM OUT FFS


One of my biggest pet peeves in new movies. Number one reason I have hated the last few James Bond movies.

Hollywood film makers need to go watch some Thai action movies like Ong-Bak or Raid Redemption(technically Indonesian) and watch how those fight scenes are choreographed and then filmed because its fantastic. Unrealistic but that's not the point is it.


There is a movie that does the whole zooming thing but in one continuous shot for the entire action scene. Cant remember what movie it is but it looks very "matrix"y and is pulled off beautifully. Gold star to anyone who can find the movie off such a vague description.

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Red 2

the more i think about it, the more i think some old people came out to act in a film for millions of dollars...

... except for that Korean guy, he was wooden.


less than 3 but not a 2... no definitely less than 1. No, definitely a 1 i feel the 1d movie has more going got it.


i am hoping the dude saves us all in ripd but with reynolds in im thinking its a cash grab before retirement.



red2 < 1d movie, whatever that is... i saw it in a cut out.


p.s i know you gotta eat John and Helen but srsly i hope those extra zeroes were worth it you whores.

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This isn't exactly new movies....

But i get bored at work and generally watch old movies etc. while i work.


This week i've watched mad max (all three)


I can't review these until.... someone explains to me why the hell the future is full of people in gimp outfits? What happened to the clothes? I mean, i get that theres not really an abundance of women, But that doesn't explain all the assless chapps, leather, chains and gags.

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dont mess with the "classics" it's unaust... im not even finishing that word. just say it's awesome or get out.


i think most post apocalyptic movies/premises have a kind of crazy deranged aspect of humanity don't they?

it just identifies them as the bad guys, and they are the bad guys and because they are, its okay to kill them.


as for TT i got no idea.

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Blackfish (2013)


Documentary about captive orcas (killer whales) and the 'accidents' they have been involved in where trainers have been injured or killed.


Gives a decent insight into the history of orcas at SeaWorld and also what you see/hear in the news regarding these sort of attacks and how they are covered up.


Give it a watch if you're a fan of documentaries. One of the better ones I have seen.

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Advice given to me about this movie which i will pass on is go into this knowing as little about it as possible. This short review will instead be a little insight into Blue. After watching this movie i discovered my main fear is going into space, or more the endless drifting in space. I do not mind learning about it but i am not planning to go up there any time at all.


A short opinion on this movie is that i am very glad i watched it but i am never watching it again. I was literally gripping my chair and felt uneasy nearly the whole time.


Movie club rating: 9 (must see at the movies)


Blue rating: NOPE!

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^Just saw it today Blue, with my sister (who was back from Greenland for a day trip). I was very, very sceptical going in and really wasn't expecting anything. But I really enjoyed it and found it very tense the whole time. Anyone who goes in to space really has balls. I thought it was very well shot (I had no idea where the special effects began for example) and the score was very well done too. Well worth seeing.


Did you see it in 3D or 2D, Blue? We had to go 2D due to the screening times but even then it was well worth it and I think it is a must on the big screen.

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saw it in 2d. Very minor spoiler.


, apparently the only scenes not cg are the scenes inside the space stations/shuttle.


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