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Making this for members to post recommendations, rate and comment on movies.


Thinking we have a general rating system out of 10 and going down as followed*


10 - No movie ever gets a ten


9 - Just in case a movie come out that is better than a 8.5


8 - Definitely go watch it at the movies (Highest jebus has ever given)


7 - Go and watch it at the movies


6 - Worth going to the cinemas to see


5 - Best to download it but will be okay to see at the movies


4 - Not worth going to the cinemas to see


3 - If you are desperate u can download it


2 - Seriously it got a 2 forget about it


1 - Just NO but [Add it to the RtD movie night list]


*Please feel free to recommend any changes that you see needed.

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Just to get it started -


The Lone Ranger (2013) - 4.5/10


Despicable Me 2 (2013) - 5/10, kids 6.5/10


This Is The End (2013) - 6/10 Movie had potential for a 7/10 if the didn't cast Jay Baruchel ( him playing main character lost a whole point )

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Ahh... one of those things people used to go to last century?


Just watched World War Z (yes... at a cinema). I'd give it a 7.2

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Pacific Rim - 8


Enjoyed it at lot. There was only 1 moment where i said no way would that be possible in a movie about huge mechs' fighting alien monsters from another planet.

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Pacific Rim - 8


Enjoyed it at lot. There was only 1 moment where i said no way would that be possible in a movie about huge mechs' fighting alien monsters from another planet.

Someone licked their elbow?

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I have wanted to do something liek this in a while.


I'll start off with the most recent movie i saw World War Z.


They did a very good job for a zombie movie that has little gore. Some very tense moments and not many people did the the horror movie thing where they just odd idiotic things. Ending was a a bit rushed and wrapped up.


If you enjoy zombie movies you will most likely like this. I does a very interesting "real" take on how society would react to a zombie outbreak.


I am not sure about which rating to give it as 8,7 and 6 seem to be the same rating to me worded differently but i think that it is a good movie to watch at the cinema with a bunch of friend or if you like zombie movies but i would't say it is a "must see" at the cinema.


I think it is worth a watch at home but.

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Man of Steel.

Not your typical back filled SM movie tripe a-la the 80's, occasional flashbacks fill this role intermittently making for a smoother story with more killer and less filler.

More or less consistent with the 2005 model, no A list leads, a couple of known supporting actors.

Notable involvements in the movie Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) and Chris Nolan (Batman) pay dividends i think. An unusual plot plays out, for a SM movie. Great use of special effects, sometimes over repeated effects for the action scenes which are a little drawn out but not unexpected given the director. More sci-fi action movie than what you'd expect.


Great change up and keeps the franchise alive,well and still relevant.


Cavill is less wooden than Reeves (former SM) which makes our hero a little more relateable. Louis however i found a little annoying Adams just doesn't cut it in the role, still with super humans busting out whoop ass all over the planet she's entirely forgettable.


The ending shouldn't come as a surprise.


Very much worth getting into the cinema if you can be bothered as some of the scenes are amazing on the big screen. To quote bprc 7.2

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Hangover 3:

5: I saw this at the movies in the US with the team i went over with. Admittedly i was quite medicated at the time(those Californians know how to medicate themselves), but i thought it was a pretty funny movie. It definitely had its moments, although other parts felt a bit too.... setup. I give it a 5 as i'd say its worth seeing, but only at the cinemas if you're going with a group. Not something i would of gone out of my way to see


This is the end:

5: I'm not quite sure where i stand on this one. I thought it was actually pretty funny, and definitely one of the better movies i've seen this year, but i wouldn't say its worth seeing at a cinema. It just didn't have anything that made it cinema worthy. Its more of a movie i'd rather sit down at home and laugh my ass off to late at night with nothing better to do. - it is worth seeing though.


Man of steel

7: I would of given this movie an 8 if it didn't drag on for so god-damned long(The only movies allowed to go longer 2 and a half hours better be some Tolkien level shit). That being said I liked it and thought it was a fresh take on the superman series. Some pretty epic fight scenes were included, and you could definitely see some snyder influences in the way each character fought.

Overall a good movie, worth seeing at the movies.

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Going to make an effort of putting in here every movie i see.


This is 40.

A "comedy" by Jud apatow who has amde movies i have liked but not this. has a run time of 135 minutes which was just far too long. Laughed very few times and found all the characters unlikable and unrelatable.


Pro's - Megan fox is really hot in this. Hotel seen was funny

Con's- plot (almost non exsistance) pacing, humor and characters.


Rating is a 3.

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This is the end


Just finished watching this and had a decent time. Had a few jokes that missed but had more jokes that resulted in a belly laugh. Probably the best comedy i have seen since 21 jump street, although I probably liked jump-street a little more.


Good comedy to watch with friend and if you want to go to the movies and laugh this will probably do the trick. If you love Seth Rogen, James Franco type of comedies then it is a 8, if you are just an average movie goer probably a 6 or 7

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Just got back from This is the End as well. I really liked it, same as Blue, most jokes hit the mark, some missed but overall it was a good movie to see with a couple of mates. 7.5/10


I saw Pacific Rim the other day as well (actually more like last week). I liked the theme and overall enjoyed the movie, I wasn't so keen on some of the jokes they attempted to pull like it was an Iron Man movie, but the action sequences seemed to out weigh that anyway. 7/10

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The Wolverine


Not a bad movie but not a great movie. The story is probably one of the stronger super hero stories although that is not saying much.


Acting is pretty standard with no real stand out performances apart from Jackman. Hugh jack man was very, very good in it and i feel like he really plays a good wolverine. Red headed Asian chick made me feel uneasy for a while as she resembles and alien but you get used to her.


Probably the best live action superhero movie realised this year (batman: dark knight returns part 2 is the best superhero movie i have seen this year) , better than man of steel and iron man 3 imo. Some action scenes were lacking but there are a few great ones and a particularly spectacular one which takes place on top of a bullet train, easily the best scene in the movie, shame it happens so early on as the action never reaches the heights of this scene.


If you enjoy superhero movies it is a 7.


if you just enjoy action movies in general but don't particularly follow super hero movies it is a 5-6ish.


P.S. stay for the after credits stinger, probably the best stinger from a superhero movie.

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The Place Beyond the Pines


Not a very well known movie so here is an imdb link.


First up this movie is not for everyone. If you can handle the slow, plodding drama then it is worth the watch.


My personal opinion, the movie is great. Every performance is great, stand outs for me are ryan gosling and Dane DeHaan (watch this guy, he is pretty unheard of but every time i see him he has a stand out performance and i think he will be a well known name soon.


The story takes part in 3 parts, each part following a different person who is linked to the other two parts in a overall story arch which you wonder how it will come together until the last part where ti all comes together. I was not sure where the movie was going for a large part which i liked.


Movie had some very intense scenes, not as tense as inglorious bastard but still very well done. It is a refreshingly new story and does not really follow too many cliché.


If you are into your dramas, it is a must watch. If slow dramas with mainly dialogue (there are a few action scenes but they probably add up to 10-15 minutes all together) are not your things that i don't think you will be able to get through it so give it a skip.

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Pacific Rim


This is what Transformers should have been in terms of the action sequences. You really do get to enjoy it rather than quick cutting to different angles. Overall, really does appeal to your 'inner child' of action.


Forgot to post this weeks ago when i saw it :(


Also, there's probably going to be a sequel!

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The World's End


Final part of the cornetto trilogy. This movie constantly put a smile on my face but did not necessarily have me laughing out loud a lot. Pegg and Wrights writing is still top notch, there was an almost a continuous stream of intelligent quips and constant word play. While i appreciated the humour i was not in stitches. I did laugh out loud a few times but they were mainly due to the action sequences, which were perfectly over the top but still choreographed well enough to be enjoyed as a action scenes.


Performances were all well done, stand out for me was Pegg, but that may just be because i think he is brilliant. You will definitely get more enjoyment out of this if you are familiar with the cornetto trilogy, and i loved the nods throughout the movie to the previous instalments.


I think the final instalment is the most niche of all 3, if you are only a casual fan of the cornetto trilogy i am not sure you will like this one. There are many inside jokes and the main humour comes from a very unique place. Where Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz had more of a variety of humour which appealed to a larger audience, The World's End is mostly fan service. Because of this i think it is the weakest of the 3, i still liked it but i can admit that.


I personally loved the movie because I appreciate the quick wordplay of Pegg and Wrights writing but if you are not a fan of there humour then I feel this movie will not be for you. If you loved the first 2 movies you will love this.


Gets an 8 from me, with a caution that the humour is not for everyone.

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Pain and Gain


Saw this "movie" last night. Its genre is noted as a "crime/comedy". Alarm bells first rang when it was a movie by Michael Bay that was not an action movie and was primarily a comedy. Just to get it out of the way, this movie is terrible.


Bay's sense of humour is that of a sexually insecure 15 year old boy and often his gags are just to have one of the characters look at a big dildo and have an expression on there face. I laughed once in this whole movie (because I remember thinking "oh, it actually made me laugh") but for the life of me I can not remember the part I laughed at.


Pacing is horrendous, and makes this 2 hour and 9 minute movie feel as long as Lord of the Rings. Almost all the characters are unlikable (apart from Ed Harris who easily has the best performance in the movie) as the main cast were actual criminals. Contains nothing that i would classify as an action scene.


Lastly, this movie was "based on a true story". From the research i did, it may be as loosely based on a story as i have ever seen, going as far as to combine real people from the "sun gym gang" so one character in the movie has attributes from multiple people in real life.


This movie is just utterly terrible and is in my bottom 3 movie going experiences of all time. I would say if your a Michael Bay fan download it but it all the worst parts of a Bay film, with none of the redeeming explosions and crazy action he normally includes.


It's only redeeming feature is it introduced me to Bar Paly.


This movie gets a 2

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