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Game of Thrones *Contains Spoilers*

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On 29/08/2017 at 10:29 AM, PistolKnight said:



On 29/08/2017 at 10:29 AM, PistolKnight said:

That last ep in one word for me was ... disappointing especially when you consider how epic the episode a few weeks back when we saw the dragons in action against the Lanister army.


Understand they were setting up next season but I felt that essentially the last 2 eps of season 7 were not much more than story setup - most other seasons have had this element but also a "big bang" as a part of the last ep. The dragon bringing down the wall was impressive but we already knew that was probably going to happen from e06 when they recovered the dragon from the lake.

You do realise Bud? The back and forth between characters, fucking ice bear, death an resurrection of a mother fucking dragon (dat javelin throw).

Next episode even more back and forth, characters meeting, reuintiting. That talk between cersie and Tyrion. Incest (dat booty). And mother fucking night long riding a mother fucking Wight Dragon Buring down the mother fucking wall and for the first time in the shows history we have white walkers southof the mother fucking all and you call it set up? Bruh. BRUH!? That's plot progression.


There are shows like big bang theory on TV and we not happy with the last 2 got episodes? Reminds me of that billionaires daughter who chucked a hissy because they got her a black Ferrari instead of a red one.

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10 hours ago, Blueberry said:

Evidentily, Some guy who shows up after months of silence just to take a shit on people.


10 hours ago, MasterShrive said:

I wouldn't expect anything else. But I do want to know if he'll do it in person at PAX?

well that image is going to take a lot of alcohol to remove

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5 hours ago, MasterShrive said:

This is the guy who wanted to swim in the Yarra. I'd say anything is possible.

I would prefer to be known as the guy who shit on someone rather than the only person to ever swim in the Yarra....

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Just finished watching the final episode and for me in a word ... underwhelming


Everyone can type forever in regards to story lines, and understand that there was a fair bit to tie up but yer underwhelming and even disappointing for me - who wants to bet on spin offs for John Snow and Arya?


WTF is with the seven kingdoms will now become six and the other rulers sit there like dog turds and don't say a thing ... really? Now everyone f*ck off back to where you came from and live happily ever after --> piss poor effort that.


TLDR: 5 fantastic episodes and a dog dragon turd.

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We've been talking about this show for six years, which isn't a bad achievement for a TV series. I'm not sure we'll ever see the likes again - a show that's released on a weekly basis that has people around the world hooked.


I know everyone isn't necessarily a fan of the last season... but I also wonder if there was anything the writers could do that would have satisfied the masses. Perhaps they needed more of this?


On 3/31/2013 at 1:54 PM, NevilleBartos said:

Oh yeah been waiting months for another glimpse of Daenerys supple dragons


Personally I've enjoyed the last season - although I certainly feel there was enough material for them to do a full eight episodes. They tried their best to wrap up everything.


Did anyone pick the ending and who would become King? I was surprised, but it was also the bittersweet ending we were told we were getting.


What else do we have coming in the GoT franchise? A prequel has been confirmed already? I'm kind of surprised they didn't release the prequel last year when there was a gap in the main show.

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Season 8 was a DICE game. Cinematic and sounds, top notch. Content, as deep as a puddle.


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So uh episode 5 hey? what a complete shit show that was.. Character arcs? Nah mate fuck that, just gonna turn this up to 11!! Than last nights episode... completely shit. shit ending. what a great way to shit on 10 years of work GG DnD

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The last season for me was the worst but thats not to say it was that bad.


I liked the actual last episode and how everyone ended up. I'm not sure what people wanted but it felt like a GOT ending. The heroes and characters we like get screwed over and the dark horses come up trumps. I mean what other series does a cripple and a dwarf end up ruling the (now) 6 kingdoms. 


The only thing that really cost the season was that it was too short and a few things needed a bit more time to play out. Ie the Night King Arc and the Cercei final showdown felt pretty rushed. Also with more time they could have had a few scenes with Bran and Tyrion so that hes speech at the end recommending Bran made more sense. They did have one scene where Tyrion has a quick chat with Bran but this needed to be fleshed out more.


Overall 10 eps and they would have nailed it but I'm no where near as disappointed as most people seem to be and happy with where the characters ended up.

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