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Battlefield 4

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Probably HTML5 based... no plugin / addons needed !!


A tonne of unified communications and VDI solutions are leveraging HTML5 to deliver to "any" browser.

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That city combat looks fantastic, ridiculously keen for 64 (or more) players running around a city like that blowing it up etc.

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Came in expecting kim jong il pointing at things photoshopped over top of video

left both suprised and impressed


Also this:


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Battlefield 4 Remote-Controlled Mortar Confirmed For Support Class


Battlefield posted a new screenshot today (full screen here) and revealed on their tumblr that the support class will have a redesigned gadget: remote-controlled mortar, in addition to the already revealed XM25 airburst launcher.


Unfortunately, no further information was revealed regarding the redesigned mortar, beyond it being remote-controlled, allowing support players “to give indirect fire support while staying with the squad.” This sounds like a potentially exciting improvement for the mortar over what we had in Battlefield 3, which required the support to plant themselves somewhere far from the action. Because so little was revealed, there are still a number of ways in which this could be implemented. Will the support still have a deploy-able (and destroy-able) piece of equipment to place and then control from afar, like we see with the SOFLAM and EOD bot in Battlefield 3? Will it be a simple aiming system like the mortar in Battlefield 3, or will they implement something more challenging? Will it instead be a designator like we saw in the Bad Company series? There are a number of questions to be answered about the new mortar. One can only hope we will see it in action in the playable version of Battlefield 4 streaming from the Gamescom show floor.


http://www.bf4blog.com/battlefield-4-re ... ort-class/


Good Site for BF4 news ^

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Oh yeah, imagine if they kept it like bf3 except u didn't have to be on it and walk around the map.........F*%K that LOL


Side note: BF4 must have TV missiles and defibrillator kill other wise i'll rage quite.

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Did the boat shoot a TV missile? Interesting.


I said i would rage quite if they didn't have TV missiles but never said had to be in a helicopter.... Dammit!! Guess i have to play bf4 now also... footage of the dam blowing up, lights getting shut off, closing the door after grenading a train lol, 50 cal. sniper, info on jets and other shit. Also they stole my idea of doing the opposite to Bambi for SS and hunting down a high value player.


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Battlefield 4 Open Beta to start in first week of October, Premium players get in first.


EA and DICE have confirmed the timing on the Battlefield 4 beta, with premium players to get in at least a week before regular players.


A closed, “Exclusive Beta” is expected in the first week of October, with the public expected to be granted access in the second or third week.


Access to the “Exclusive Beta” comes by pre-ordering the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin, or by being a Battlefield 3 Premium member, or by owning a copy of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.


The open beta will feature Conquest mode on the Siege of Shanghai map.

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