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Welcome Pritchard

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Congratulations Pritchard


Congratulations Pritchard on making it to our recruitment period. We would like to welcome you as a Recruit to Roll The Dice and look forward to gaming with you over the next couple of weeks.


For your information you may wish to look at the following threads which you now have access too. These will tell you a bit more about the clan and it's important you have a read if you haven't already:

  • Clan Code of Conduct - now more than ever it is vital that you know our Code of Conduct. In representing RtD> as a recruit it is expected you will follow this at all times without exception. We need to know that you're the right stuff for RtD>.
  • Application Process - the application process, including a link to the criteria you need to meet, is mentioned there.
  • Clan Training - you can find information about clan trainings here when they are scheduled. However, it is best to just be on XFire and TeamSpeak whenever possible so if scrims or trainings come up you can be included.
  • Clan History - you may find it interesting to read up on our clan history as well, to see where we have come from and some of the events we have held.
  • vWar Tutorial - this will instruct you on how to sign in to vWar. You should have received an email with your username and temporary password. We expected all Recruits to use vWar to sign up to Clan Trainings and Scrims.


Again, congratulations on your trial period and best of luck meeting the requirements to gain full membership.



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Well how the hell did this happen?


... look what this place has become...


Welcome Sir W. Pritchard the Eleventh


P.S. Congrats!!

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Hey Pritch,

I'll be your DI for the duration of your Recruit period (maybe forever if you're unlucky enough).


If you've got any questions about anything, feel free to hit me up on Steam or xFire (both: Anarkist93).

I'll be around to remind you about anything you need to do, ask anyone, I'm good at bugging people :P


You can check out the clan recruitment process HERE if you haven't already.

And make sure you're familiar with our Code of Conduct, HERE.


Anyway, I'll be about if you need me,


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Congrats on the recruit tags wpritchard11 (were you surprised when you discovered there were already 10 other 'wpritchards'? :P ), look forward to catching you for another game soon.

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